The answer for Wordle 654 is out. Here we are going to list the Wordle of the Day for Wordle 654. This will help you to solve the Wordle 654 puzzle.

Wordle 654 Solution

Here we have got the solution for you for the latest Wordle puzzle. We will also tell you what Wordle of the day means.

Wordle 654 Answer

The answer for Wordle 654 on April 4, 2023 is RATIO! If you were trying to solve Wordle of The Day by yourself, there will be another Wordle tomorrow.

 You can also know more about the word RATIO at Merriam-Webster.

What Is Wordle?

All across the social media you can see the cryptic colored cubes. From Twitter celebrities and everyone else seems to be bragging about their scores playing a game called Wordle. The word puzzle game Wordle is a wonderful, engaging and intriguing game developed by a New York scientist named Josh Wardle.

He came up with the idea of the game for his partner. She loved playing word games that you see in the New York Times. On November 1st 2021, only 90 players were playing the game. As of now, more that three million players play the “Wordle of the Day”.

Wordle is a word puzzle game where you have to identify a 5-letter word. To do this you get 6 guesses. There are no clues in the game. If you get the word right, you can share your score on social media platforms.

Let us see how the game works.

How To Play Wordle and Win?

In order to play the game, visit the game site. Now you have to guess a 5-letter word in 6 tries or less. After each guess the tiles change color. Green means it is the right letter and in the right spot. Yellow means the letter is in the word but at wrong spot. Grey means the letter is not at all in the word. It is the same word every day for everybody. You can play Wordle only once a day.

Do I need to sign In or Register to Play Wordle?

No, you need not have to register to play the game. Also, there are no ads or other annoying stuff to distract.

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