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The following incorporates spoilers for X-Force #31, now on sale from Marvel Comics

In the present period of X-Men comics, X-Force has been rebranded because the mutant nation’s CIA, working in direction of the safety and protection of the nation. But as they’ve turn into extra essential, they’ve additionally turn into extra ruthless and more and more problematic.

X-Force #31 (by Benjamin Percy, Robert Gill, GURU-eFX, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) highlights this, with a number of threads pulling at X-Force, making one in all Krakoa’s most essential branches additionally one in all its most harmful to the continued stability of the island.

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The Problem With Beast

Beast has turn into one thing of a lightning rod throughout the Krakoa period, with the previously genial and loquacious hero turning into more and more bitter and chilly. As the commander of X-Force, Beast has decided that is a given. But the impact has left him more and more remoted and X-Force #31 highlights simply how darkish he is turn into. Upon rescuing a ship filled with refugees, together with kids, Beast is generally aggravated on the lack of publicity it’s going to generate. In his private notes, he even clarifies that the mission was not one designed in goodwill, however for publicity, a chilly thought to hold concerning the rescue of endangered peoples.

Beast even appears to be brazenly discussing the failings with the Quiet Council. Considering their latest refusal to raise him to the empty seat vacated by Magneto, this implies it is extra their refusal to comply with his instructions (all within the title of nationwide safety) than precise coverage disagreement that annoys him. Beast has been on a darkish path, and Sage’s efforts to make him see in any other case failed. Beast is quietly one in all Krakoa’s most essential minds, with quite a lot of energy and sway, even when his change in angle has value him affect and friendships. If he continues down this path, he might very simply comply with Abigail Brand’s plans to “repair” Krakoa.

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Sage Might Need Help

Among X-Force, Sage has more and more turn into the voice of ethical motive. The sensible and skilled hero has turn into pissed off with Beast’s actions, even revealing his duplicity concerning Omega Red to the Quiet Council. She actively resists Beast’s makes an attempt to insurgent in opposition to the Quiet Council, arguing for the humanist method to the refugees they’ve allowed onto the island. Meanwhile, she’s additionally developed a sure fondness for Omega Red, working to rehabilitate him, and even providing entry to the Shadow Room as a method of working via his aggression.

Complicating this, nonetheless, is Sage’s growing reliance on alcohol. It’s been an undercurrent of Sage’s plot line in X-Force, which has seen more and more waking up on the Green Lagoon after nights of exhausting consuming. Her non-public notes have acknowledged the rise, however she spends a lot of X-Force #31 with a flask in hand — even utilizing it to strengthen the cocktail she will get from the mutant bar. As a serious ethical determine in one in all Krakoa’s most essential branches, her growing reliance on substances to get via the day might rapidly trigger issues for her and others, particularly if it results in her making a mistake on a doubtlessly worldwide scale.

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Omega Red’s Murderous Impulses

Since his resurrection following the occasions of X Lives of Wolverine, Omega Red has discovered himself provided a novel place among the many mutants he’d beforehand fought. Omega Red has been granted a conditional place inside X-Force, regardless of Beast’s protests on the contrary. However, issues are already going shaky for the previous villain. While he does efficiently save a ship filled with harmless individuals, he breaks a direct order within the course of — all whereas holding onto a prison for some “private” justice. Omega Red has loads of motive to be pissed off with Beast and X-Force, however his actions aren’t serving to anybody.

On prime of probably crossing some critical ethical strains that the remainder of Krakoa would balk at, Omega Red’s actions have left Krakoa uncovered and endangered. His murderous urge for food could also be briefly happy by the Shadow Room, however he implies it is solely a method of tiring him out as an alternative of curing him. His rebellious nature additionally noticed him depart Deadpool within the Antarctic, leading to Kraven dismembering him and utilizing him as a method to step via the Krakoa Gates. Omega Red’s selections have solely left Krakoa extra weak, at a harmful time whereas the Eternals stick with it their assaults in opposition to the mutant nation.



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