Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List

We are providing you with the last word and up to date Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Yu Yu Hakusho Filler Episodes.


Yu Yu Hakusho Episode List

1Surprised to be DeadManga Canon1992-10-10
2Koenma AppearsManga Canon1992-10-17
3Kuwabara: A Promise Between MenManga Canon1992-10-24
4Requirements for LoversManga Canon1992-10-31
5Yusuke’s BackManga Canon1992-11-07
6Three MonstersManga Canon1992-11-14
7Gouki and KuramaManga Canon1992-11-21
8The Three Eyes of HieiManga Canon1992-11-28
9The Search BeginsManga Canon1992-12-05
10Kuwabara’s Spirit SwordManga Canon1992-12-12
11Hard Fights for YusukeMixed Canon/Filler1992-12-19
12Rando Rises, Kuwabara FallsManga Canon1992-12-26
13Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 AttacksMixed Canon/Filler1993-01-09
14The Beasts of Maze CastleManga Canon1993-01-16
15Genbu, the Stone BeastManga Canon1993-01-23
16Byakko, the White TigerManga Canon1993-01-30
17Byakko’s LairManga Canon1993-02-06
18Seiryu, the Blue DragonManga Canon1993-02-13
19Suzaku, Leader of the BeastsManga Canon1993-02-20
20Seven Ways to DieManga Canon1993-02-27
21Yusuke’s SacrificeManga Canon1993-03-06
22Lamenting BeautyManga Canon1993-03-13
23The Toguro Brothers GangManga Canon1993-03-20
24The Deadly TriadManga Canon1993-03-27
25Kuwabara’s Fight of LoveManga Canon1993-04-10
26Toguro ReturnsManga Canon1993-04-17
27The Dark Tournament BeginsManga Canon1993-04-24
28First FightManga Canon1993-05-01
29Flowers of BloodManga Canon1993-05-08
30Dragon of the Darkness FlameManga Canon1993-05-15
31Stumbling WarriorManga Canon1993-05-22
32Knife Edge Death-MatchManga Canon1993-05-29
33A Day in WaitingManga Canon1993-06-05
34Percentage of VictoryManga Canon1993-06-12
35Glimpse Beneath the MaskManga Canon1993-06-19
36Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of LightManga Canon1993-06-26
37Master of DisguiseManga Canon1993-07-03
38Kurama’s StandManga Canon1993-07-10
39Crushing RevengeManga Canon1993-07-17
40Jin, the Wind MasterManga Canon1993-07-24
41Reverse DecisionsManga Canon1993-07-31
42A Master of Love and DeathManga Canon1993-08-07
43The Masked Fighter RevealedManga Canon1993-08-14
44Yusuke’s Final TestManga Canon1993-08-21
45Hiei Battles OnManga Canon1993-08-28
46Many Faces, Many FormsManga Canon1993-09-04
47Legendary Bandit: Yoko KuramaManga Canon1993-09-11
48The Cape of No ReturnManga Canon1993-09-18
49Genkai’s StrengthManga Canon1993-09-25
50Suzuka’s ChallengeManga Canon1993-10-02
51Arch-RivalsManga Canon1993-10-09
52The Death of GenkaiManga Canon1993-10-16
53Overcoming GriefManga Canon1993-10-23
54The Beginning of the EndManga Canon1993-10-30
55The Beast Within the DarkManga Canon1993-11-06
56Yoko’s MagicManga Canon1993-11-13
57Beneath Bui’s ArmorManga Canon1993-11-20
58Wielder of the DragonManga Canon1993-11-27
59The Shadow of Elder ToguroManga Canon1993-12-04
60Sakyo’s ProposalManga Canon1993-12-11
61Yusuke vs. ToguroManga Canon1993-12-18
62Toguro’s Full PowerManga Canon1993-12-25
63Yusuke’s DespairManga Canon1994-01-08
64Toguro’s DesireManga Canon1994-01-15
65Out With a BangManga Canon1994-01-22
66Toguro’s WishManga Canon1994-01-29
67Return to Living WorldManga Canon1994-02-05
68Setting the TrapManga Canon1994-02-12
69The Power of TabooManga Canon1994-02-19
70Genkai’s RuseManga Canon1994-02-26
71The TunnelManga Canon1994-03-05
72The ReaderManga Canon1994-03-12
73The Doctor’s DiseaseManga Canon1994-03-19
74Sleep, Doctor, SleepManga Canon1994-03-26
75Caught within the RainManga Canon1994-04-02
76Kuwabara: AwakeningManga Canon1994-04-09
77Sensui’s FallManga Canon1994-04-16
78Divide and ConquerManga Canon1994-04-23
79The Human RaceManga Canon1994-04-30
80Moving TargetManga Canon1994-05-07
81Let the Games BeginManga Canon1994-05-14
82If You Could Play ForeverManga Canon1994-05-21
83Game OverManga Canon1994-05-28
84Kurama’s Anger, Gourmet’s GuestManga Canon1994-06-04
85Spirit Detective ShowdownManga Canon1994-06-11
86The Difference MakerManga Canon1994-06-18
87Power Between the TeethManga Canon1994-06-25
88The True Face of SensuiManga Canon1994-07-02
89Death of a Spirit DetectiveManga Canon1994-07-09
90Attempting RevengeManga Canon1994-07-16
91Waking the LostManga Canon1994-07-23
92The ProofManga Canon1994-07-30
93Sensui’s EndManga Canon1994-08-06
94TopsideManga Canon1994-08-13
95Yusuke’s DestinyManga Canon1994-08-20
96Three Strangers, Three KingsManga Canon1994-08-27
97Departing Living WorldManga Canon1994-09-03
98Return to Demon WorldManga Canon1994-09-10
99Haunted by the PastManga Canon1994-09-17
100The Secret of the JaganManga Canon1994-09-24
101Reunion of the BanditsManga Canon1994-10-01
102Torn Between IdentitiesManga Canon1994-10-08
103InheritanceManga Canon1994-10-15
104Every Demon for HimselfManga Canon1994-10-22
105The PreliminariesManga Canon1994-10-29
106The Battle of Father and SonManga Canon1994-11-05
107The Demon World Tournament BeginsAnime Canon1994-11-12
108Farewell, KuramaAnime Canon1994-11-19
109Love and WarAnime Canon1994-11-26
110A Reason to FightManga Canon1994-12-03
111ClosureAnime Canon1994-12-10
112To the FutureManga Canon1994-12-17
113TWO SHOTSManga Canon2018-10-26
114All or NothingManga Canon2018-10-26

What Is Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List?

Yu Yu Hakusho filler record was an anime sequence that was broadcasted from 1992 to 2018. Do you realize {that a} whole of 114 Yu Yu Hakusho episodes have been broadcasted until now? Yu Yu Hakusho has a really low filler share of 4 % with such a complete of 5 reported filler episodes.

Yusuke Urameshi is a road-brawling felony with an method to something from a troublesome man. Only at age of 14, Atsuko Urameshi, an alcoholic, gave delivery to him and, rising her son, taking a backseat. In the steerage principal’s workplace, he has a reserved place, and lots of different offenders within the city are at all times making an attempt to take him on.

 Yusuke is pissed off along with his life, simply to chop it brief. On his aspect, although, nobody ever predicts a spontaneous act of bravery: he dies making an attempt to save lots of just a little youngster from a dashing automotive.

 He is advised as he reaches within the afterlife that the kid might need barely survived and that the kid would have one much less scratch on his proper arm if it weren’t for him. Therefore, his act of bravery was “a complete & absolute loss.” Yusuke’s early demise was sudden and undesirable, and his presence was not prepared for the long run.

Yusuke is lastly recovered after a number of checks to find out his worth and is requested to work for the non secular world as a detective fixing demon crimes on the planet of people. He comes into his supernatural talents and joins the help of varied Spirit World, Demon World, and Human World pals to help him in his investigations. They battle demons and people attempting to overcome all three worlds.

Togashi says throughout a interval round November 1990, he began engaged on YuYu Hakusho; Togashi mentioned that he forgot the precise time. Togashi didn’t have a transparent understanding of what he wished to call the sequence when he was first produced.

He used the provisional phrase “How to be a Ghost” whereas displaying early drafts to his editors.  He means that “Den (Legend)” in addition to “Monogatari (Story)” will are used and which “Hakusho (Report)” was the very very first thing that got here to his thoughts.

Last Words

So now you will have the Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List that has all Yu Yu Hakusho Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler record of another anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.

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