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For most anime heroes, luck is one thing that would get them out of even the direst conditions. After all, being the chosen one comes with the advantages of plot armor, which protects the hero from premature demise and directs them to the appropriate place on the proper time. However, not each anime character is blessed with numerous luck and excellent timing.

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Sometimes, much less lucky heroes can unintentionally stumble proper into the epicenter of grave risks they don’t seem to be outfitted sufficient to deal with. From plain unfortunate heroes who walked in on one thing they weren’t speculated to see to tragic people who met their demise by pure accident, the celebs did not align for these anime characters, who gravely remorse being on the unsuitable place on the unsuitable time.

10 Kaneki Became A Half-Ghoul After A Date That Went Horribly Wrong (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken Kaneki, the unlucky protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, by no means wished to be a hero or a villain. While he merely wished to take a cute woman, Rize Kamishiro, on a date, his associate had completely different plans. However, the string of unlucky occasions would not finish with Rize revealing herself as a ghoul and attempting to devour Kaneki.

After barely surviving this lethal encounter, the boy recovers to seek out out that the undesirable surgical procedure he underwent whereas being unconscious turned him right into a half-ghoul, erasing any likelihood of Kaneki returning to a traditional life.

9 Otonashi Met The Kids Of Afterlife War Front Due To A Horrible Train Accident (Angel Beats!)

The whole plot of Angel Beats! kicks off with Yuzuru Otonashi, an aspiring physician with a caring persona, ending up on the unsuitable place on the unsuitable time. On his option to the college to take his entrance exams, Otonashi will get right into a horrible practice crash, leaving everybody on board both useless or gravely injured.

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After surviving on restricted provides for per week and virtually dropping all hope to drag by, Otonashi dies mere seconds earlier than the rescue workforce lastly opens the tunnel. Nevertheless, his journey continues within the afterlife.

8 Eiji Could’ve Never Become Close With Ash If Not For An Unfortunate Kidnapping Incident (Banana Fish)

For Banana Fish’s Eiji Okumura, essentially the most trustworthy encounter of his life began with him ending up on the unsuitable place on the unsuitable time. After an harm makes Ejii quit his pole vaulting desires, a kindhearted photographer Shunichi Ibe hires him as an assistant and invitations the boy to New York to doc native avenue gangs​​​​​​.

However, upon arriving within the US and assembly with Ash Lynx, Eiji and a younger member of Ash’s gang, Skip, get kidnapped by a rival group, kickstarting Eiji’s wild journey by New York’s prison world.

7 Yuji Becoming A Vessel For Sukuna Could’ve Been Easily Avoided (Jujutsu Kaisen)

While the Jujutsu Kaisen sequence could not want for a greater protagonist than Yuji Itadori, his involvement on the earth of Curses and Sorcerers occurred by full accident. After Yuji’s pals from the Occult Club uncover Sukuna’s cursed finger and determine to unseal it on the faculty throughout the evening, he and Megumi rush to rescue the oblivious youngsters.

In an unlucky flip of occasions, Yuji finally ends up consuming Sukuna’s finger, changing into the vessel for essentially the most highly effective Curse and forfeiting his life as an everyday excessive schooler.

6 Haru’s Unfaithfulness To His Girlfriend Was Rightfully Exposed (Yosuga No Sora)

Yosuga no Sora is a controversial sequence that follows Haru and Sora Kasugano, a pair of orphaned twins whose taboo relationship goes past easy familial love. Despite Haru’s romantic involvement along with his twin sister, he tries to cover it from his girlfriend, Nao Yorihime.

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Unfortunately for everybody concerned, Haru and Sora aren’t nice at being discreet, and one poorly timed go to from Nao to the twins’ condominium shortly uncovers the pair’s relationship. While ending up on the unsuitable place on the unsuitable time was traumatic for Nao, it was higher than persevering with to indulge an untrue boyfriend.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Yuriy and Sara Rockbell’s good deeds ultimately price them their lives, subjected to Scar’s blinding rage. Winry’s mother and father served as docs on the entrance strains of the Ishvalan Civil War, disregarding the racial variations between Ishvalans and Amestrians.

Unfortunately, they did not understand that considered one of their sufferers would get up in a panic, killing his saviors simply because that they had the identical pores and skin coloration as those that slaughtered his brother. Anyone else may find yourself in Rockbells’ spot, however they had been the unfortunate ones.

4 Rock Transitioned From A Businessman To A Pirate After A Near-Death Encounter (Black Lagoon)

Rokuro “Rock” Okajima stumbles into the plot of Black Lagoon after encountering the Lagoon Trading Company whereas on a enterprise journey. An strange Japanese salaryman, Rock was touring the South China Sea for work when Dutch, Revy, and Benny hijack the ship he was on and take the poor man hostage.

From that time, Rock’s life turns into intervened with the destiny of the Lagoon Trading Company. Despite his involvement with the pirates being an accident, the person finds himself drawn to the crime-infused life-style and, ultimately, joins the crews of Black Lagoon on his personal account.

3 Araragi’s Encounter With Kiss-Shot Was A Cruel Trick Of Fate (Monogatari)

The story of the timid and delinquent protagonist of the Monogatari sequence, Araragi Koyomi, began when he was heading house after sneaking out of the home to purchase an erotic journal. While heading all the way down to the eerily empty subway, Koyomi was met with a grotesque sight.

He got here nose to nose with a limbless, bloody physique of Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, a monstrous but lethal lovely vampire. After begging the boy to surrender his life and save her, Kiss-Shot persuades Koyomi to provide her his blood, turning the boy into considered one of her variety.

2 Song Lan’s Good Intentions Resulted In Untimely Death (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

The devastating story of Xiao Xingchen, a blind cultivator who sacrificed his eyes to his pal, Song Lan, is without doubt one of the saddest tales in Mo Dao Zu Shi. Despite the chums’ paths parting, Song Lan seeks Xiao Xingchen out to apologize. Song Lan’s intentions may need been pure, but his timing could not be worse.

Instead of Xiao Xingchen, the cultivator encounters Xue Yang, his rival, who has been tricking the blind man into killing harmless folks for years. In a fierce battle, Xue Yang​​​​ wickedly douses Song Lan with corpse toxins, watching in glee as Xiao Xingchen unknowingly kills his finest pal, mistaking him for a demonic entity.

1 Hasegawa Taizou Always Finds Himself Caught Up In A Mess He Didn’t Cause (Gintama)

​​​​​​​If there’s an embodiment of the “unsuitable place, unsuitable time” trope in anime, it’s Hasegawa Taizou, Gintama’s unluckiest character and the butt of each joke. From getting arrested when he’s mistaken for a molester to being the primary one to get captured by Amanto troopers throughout his single spark of bravery, sick destiny appears to be following Hasegawa’s each step.

He all the time finally ends up unintentionally dragged into Yorozuya’s schemes, making his already depressing life much more tough and by no means catching a break from the fixed merciless twists of destiny.

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