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Monks in Dungeons & Dragons sometimes garner two reactions. At early ranges, it is common to listen to one thing like, “Wow, monks are damaged,” which shortly turns into “Wow, monks are underpowered” at later ranges. This is a good response, as early-game monks are very robust, however that energy curve evens out at later ranges.

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It’s slightly troublesome to search out appropriate magic gadgets for monks. Unlike most of the different courses, they don’t have magic gadgets designed particularly for them. While there are not any monk-specific magic gadgets, there are a number of gadgets that synergize fairly properly with a monk’s skills.

Updated August 24, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Monks do not have the identical type of devoted magic gadgets that different D&D courses do, however that does not imply they cannot profit immensely from an enchanted weapon or merchandise. We’ve up to date this listing with additional details about the good magic gadgets any and each monk needs to be reaching for.

10 Medallion Of Thoughts

Uncommon, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 181

Monks are sometimes seen because the serene and observant members of a D&D occasion. Similar to how a druid’s excessive Wisdom makes them effectively suited to analyzing an individual with Insight checks, monks are additionally good for filling that very same position. For any monk trying to actually get into peoples’ heads, a Medallion of Thoughts is the right adornment.

  • Gives the monk entry to some spells
  • Enhances a monk’s means to perform in social conditions

When attuned, the wearer can spend one in all three prices to solid Detect Thoughts. With a Medallion of Thoughts in hand, a monk can shortly grow to be a grasp interrogator, or on the very least have a extra dependable manner of discovering if somebody’s mendacity to them or not.

9 Ring Of Free Action

Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 191

There’s no different solution to say it, monks are quick. By the time a monk reaches most degree, they may have double their beginning motion velocity, permitting them to maneuver no less than 60 ft per flip. This spectacular motion velocity is not simply undermined, however when it’s it could really feel like a significant a part of a monk’s skillset is lacking. This is the place the Ring of Free Action comes into play.

  • Ensures a monk at all times has entry to their velocity
  • Prevents the delicate monk from being pinned down in fight

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When worn the Ring of Free Action permits whoever has it geared up to disregard troublesome terrain and makes them proof against magic that reduces velocity, paralyzes, or restrains them. Wearing a Ring of Free Action ensures that monks keep cellular and quick on the battlefield, permitting them to remain robust with one in all their biggest benefits.

8 Cloak of Displacement

Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 158

A monk’s Unarmored Defense can grow to be a strong class characteristic. The increased a monk’s Dexterity and Wisdom scores, the upper their AC (or Armor Class) will get. This does take time, nonetheless, and a monk with decrease stats early on goes to take extra time to get their AC to a excessive degree.

  • Keeps a monk secure from assaults
  • Stacks with the monk’s inherently excessive AC

A Cloak of Displacement is a good addition to a monk’s arsenal whereas they work on their Dexterity and Wisdom, because it imposes drawback on assault rolls in opposition to the wearer. While a monk’s pure AC will ultimately outclass the drawback imposed by the cloak, there is not any denying that the cloak is a really helpful merchandise for a monk with decrease AC.

7 Weapon Of Warning

Uncommon, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 213

Perception is a crucial ability for any adventurer. It permits them to see threats and spot different secrets and techniques earlier than these secrets and techniques can ambush the D&D occasion. A monk’s excessive Wisdom rating sometimes signifies that even with out proficiency in Perception they’re going to nonetheless be one of many extra perceptive members of the occasion.

  • Lets a monk take care of enemies proof against non-magical injury
  • Ensures a monk and their occasion are by no means stunned

A Weapon of Warning serves two functions for a monk: appearing as a helpful weapon whereas additionally guaranteeing the monk and their companions cannot be stunned. A Weapon of Warning is an easy merchandise, however its means is extraordinarily helpful. Even although monks do not use many weapons, the Weapon of Warning might be utilized to any weapon kind, from a employees to a sword to a dagger.

6 Bracers Of Defense

Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 156

A monk does not fairly match the normal position of a tank in a D&D occasion, however they will develop a surprisingly excessive AC all through their profession. Any participant trying to enhance their AC even increased ought to spend money on Bracers of Defense. While the wearer has no armor or defend, they acquire a +2 bonus to AC.

  • Helps make up for a monk’s lack of armor
  • Keeps the delicate monk secure as they cost into melee

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Bracers of Defense are an extremely helpful merchandise for a lot of courses, monks amongst them. There’s nothing extra satisfying than unleashing a flurry of assaults on an enemy just for them to completely fail to hit again.

5 Eldritch Claw Tattoo

Uncommon, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 126

Monks are usually not inherently ranged combatants. While they do begin with a handful of darts, and a few subclasses impart ranged assaults, the vast majority of monks are getting up near punch and kick their enemies into submission. When a combat turns into ranged, although, a monk can keep within the motion with an Eldritch Claw Tattoo.

  • Lets a monk’s unarmed assaults perform as magical
  • Allows a monk to extend their general effectiveness in battle

When attuned, it makes unarmed strikes magical for overcoming resistances, gives a +1 bonus to assault and injury rolls for unarmed strikes, and might enhance the vary of unarmed strikes to 15ft. for one minute. Having even slightly additional vary for a monk’s unarmed strikes is a big blessing for such a melee-oriented class. There’s nothing worse for a monk than watching a battle from the sidelines as their teammates get pummeled.

4 Ring Of Shooting Stars

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 192

Although an Eldritch Claw Tattoo is helpful in some ranged eventualities, a Ring of Shooting Stars gives a really highly effective and really long-ranged choice for monks who need it. Aside from offering some light-based spells, the ring can be utilized to summon small balls of lightning that the wearer can transfer as a bonus motion.

  • Makes up for a monks regular lack of ranged assaults
  • Gives a monk space of impact assaults, one thing the category nearly at all times lacks

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These balls of lightning electrocute a creature inside 5 ft of them for an honest quantity of harm. Aside from that, the ring can conjure different robust projectiles that hit 15-foot areas. While not each monk may wish to attune to this ring, those that do will discover themselves with a strong new ranged choice for fight.

3 Manual Of Quickness Of Action

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 181

Even although it is a bit of a time sink, any monk keen to spend 48 hours in-game finding out A Manual of Quickness of Action will discover themselves with a really helpful enhance. After studying this e-book for the allotted time, the reader’s Dexterity rating will increase by 2, and their Dexterity rating most additionally will increase by 2 as effectively.

  • Increases a monk’s major assault stat
  • Can increase a monk’s Dexterity above the conventional restrict

With this e-book, a monk can enhance their Dexterity to a most of twenty-two reasonably than 20, and for a category that does not get many different methods to maximise their skills, this generally is a highly effective boon. Everything a monk does relies on Dexterity, so growing the stat is vital to creating a monk tick.

2 Tome Of Understanding

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 209

Similar to the Manual of Quickness of Action, the Tome of Understanding wants the reader to spend 48 hours studying it. Once they do, their Wisdom rating will increase by 2 together with their Wisdom rating most.

  • Enhances a monk’s secondary means rating
  • Makes up for a monks low variety of Ability Score Improvements

As Wisdom governs the ki save DC (or Difficulty Class) of a monk, having an merchandise that can enhance their ki save DC is extraordinarily helpful, particularly when contemplating most different courses have specifically designed gadgets that do the identical factor. The many ki powers of a monk are the bread and butter of the category, so having a solution to make them simpler will be certain that the monk can also be simpler.

1 Staff Of Striking

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 203

While most of the magic staffs in D&D are designed for spellcasters, a Staff of Striking can be used as a magic quarterstaff. If used as a quarterstaff, it provides a +3 bonus to assault and injury rolls made with it. In addition, the employees has ten prices, which might be spent to deal additional pressure injury with every strike.

  • Lets a monk hit enemies proof against non-magical injury
  • Greatly will increase a monk’s injury output

Monks do not get very many magic gadgets designed particularly for them, however the Staff of Striking is a wonderful selection for a monk. The additional injury a Staff of Striking offers is tailored to make sure monks keep lethal in a combat.

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