Why Fyodor Wants to Use the Book with Supernatural Objects to Banish “Sin” in Bungou Stray Dogs?

The Armed Detective Agency, a team of “gifted” people who utilize their talents to solve crimes and defend Yokohama from the different gangs roaming the streets, is the subject of Bungou Stray Dogs.

However, the most recent Season 4 episode demonstrates that the agency is currently in trouble for no fault of its own. They were duped into believing they would be rescuing captives, only to instantly appear to be the criminals.

They swiftly exchanged places with the culprits just as the agency personnel was about to assault the room, leaving them unable to comprehend what had transpired. The Book, a paranormal artifact that transforms whatever is written inside into truth, was the cause of this.

The Decay of Angels, a terrorist group that appropriated a passage from the Book, wants to discredit the Armed Detective Agency by spreading rumors about it to the general public. Nonetheless, it appears that each individual wants the Book for a different purpose. Fyodor Dostoevsky has long been a source of contention for Yokohama.

Fyodor is still quite a mystery in Bungou Stray Dogs, with a lethal skill that permits him to murder someone with a single touch and an unsettlingly serene attitude at all times. Although Ranpo reasoned that it goes well beyond the skills of the typical “gifted,” Taneda suggested that the Book is an extension of an ability user’s power.

Fyodor has taken a special interest in finding the Book as the head of the Rats in the House of the Dead to eliminate all the ability users in Yokohama. He used the power of Alexander, A Feast in Time of Plague, to unleash a deadly virus and establish an endemic.

The “sins” of humanity, according to Fyodor, should be eradicated and purified by the Book. In this instance, Fyodor sees all talents as sins that the world has to be purified from. His power is rather ruthless, and he seems to have no problem exploiting other people’s abilities to further his ends; he just wants to get rid of them all.

It is strongly hinted that Fyodor feels uneasy about killing people on some level. As a result of his capacity to show the frailty of human life, Fyodor is presented with an intriguing moral quandary. Fyodor can instantly kill someone thanks to Crime and Punishment.

The ability is a perpetual punishment in and of itself because the word “Crime and Punishment” also suggests that everything Fyodor does is a crime. Fyodor refers to skills as “sins” and users as “sinners” who employ them. At this moment, not much is known about Fyodor’s skills, including whether or not he can control his killing propensities.

On the other hand, Fyodor might think of himself as a sinner on par with his adversaries. He would be rid of the “torture” that the ability has subjected him to by erasing everyone’s talents, including his own.

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