The Sasaki and Miyano Movie
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The Sasaki and Miyano manga by Sho Harusono, which started publishing through pixiv Comic in 2016, has nine volumes so far, however, the series is still ongoing.

It gained popularity rapidly, inspiring Kotoko Hachijo to create an adaption that is a two-volume novel. In 2019, Harusono started writing a spin-off series called Hirano and Kagiura, which has three volumes so far. She did this because she realized how much people loved her characters.

Sasaki and Miyano’s anime adaptation, which included 12 episodes and an OVA, was released in 2022. North American audiences can watch the Studio Deen-produced show on Crunchyroll. The Sasaki and Miyano official Twitter account announced a continuation of the series as an animated film on June 10, 2022.

A bonus short film centered on the Hirano and Kagiura series will be released in addition to the main movie. The developing romance between two adolescent boys is the subject of Sasaki and Miyano.

 Yoshikazu Miyano helps Shuumei Sasaki break up a quarrel among classmates, and Shuumei Sasaki immediately falls head over heels for him. Sasaki inquires about borrowing some manga to get to know Miyano better, not realizing that Miyano appears to only read Boys’ Love (BL), a subgenre that concentrates on male-male interactions.

Following Sasaki’s brave confession of love, Miyano finds it difficult to comprehend his feelings and requires some time to conclude their relationship. The storytelling of Harusono acknowledges the various concerns of BL stories, such as how they could affect a young person’s perception of their own identity, while still praising the genre as a whole.

Fans adore how Miyano defies numerous BL tropes, and the series has received praise for its treatment of young love and sexuality. Sasaki and Miyano’s supporting cast includes Taiga Hirano and Akira Kagiura. Miyano’s senior classmate and fellow member of the Disciplinary Committee is Hirano.

He is Shuumei Sasaki’s primary connection to Miyano because they are both classmates and buddies. Hirano is initially dubious of Sasaki’s motivations, but as he observes how their connection progresses, he begins to relax.

Akira Kagiura is revealed to be Hirano’s roommate in the student residences and a player on the school’s basketball team, despite only being seen in Sasaki and Miyano for brief passages.

The cliches that Hirano and Kagiura seem to personify, such as the roommate trope and the underclassman and upperclassman stereotype, thrill Miyano frequently as a fan of BL. The first season of Sasaki and Miyano ends with Miyano finally telling Sasaki how he feels and the two boys deciding to stay together through the manga’s sixth volume.

In earlier chapters and episodes, Sasaki and Miyano discussed their plans to date with a select group of their friends while also preparing for Sasaki’s graduation and college admission examinations. Sasaki’s graduation and other characters finding out about the pair are probably going to be in the movie.

There will also be a short feature based on the Hirano and Kagiura manga, in addition to the Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation movie. The movies will be released in Japan on February 17, 2023, and there will be new goods, pop-up stores and cafés, key graphics, and other promotional materials.


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