Out of all of the courses current in video video games, reminiscent of assassins and fighters, thieves have maybe among the most various characters of all of them. After all, there are such a lot of issues to steal in so many alternative worlds, that it is no shock gamers are handled to a variety of sticky-fingered thieves.

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Some thieves usually are not solely higher at their jobs than others, but in addition higher at leaving a long-lasting impression within the minds of the gamers that encounter them. Whether that be people who seem as solely aspect characters, there to encourage the protagonist’s progress, or people who seem as thrilling protagonists themselves, thieves are most positively a category of their very own.

10 Mélie Fought Against Hardship (A Plague Tale: Innocence)

Working alongside her brother, Arthur, Mélie is a younger thief with a selected penchant for lock-picking in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Desperate to flee their abusive father, Mélie and Arthur ran away collectively however quickly discovered themselves in over their heads, which was the second they determined to show to their pure skills to turn into profitable thieves.

Sadly, Mélie loses her brother in the course of the sport, which solely steels her resolve to assist protagonist Amicia in defeating the Inquisition. Mélie was by no means the identical after Arthur’s loss of life, nonetheless, and regardless of the plague ending and the world seemingly returning to relative peace, she selected to depart the group to as a substitute dwell a lifetime of solitude.

9 Styx Is One Of A Kind, (The Styx Series)

The online game collection Styx follows the adventures of the titular character, a goblin who has entry to arcane talents that assist him reach his objectives of looting, plundering, and stealing. Styx’s story is laid out throughout three adventures; two prequels which can be centered on stealth and one, the unique within the collection, being a role-playing sport referred to as Of Orcs and Men.

Across the video games, gamers can study that Styx is an distinctive goblin who possesses a a lot greater intelligence than his brethren. Because of this, Styx is not a fan of different goblins and will get work by being a thief and murderer for rent.

8 Brynjolf Is The Introduction To The Thieves Guild (Skyrim)

After the traitorous guild grasp Mercer Frey, Brynjolf is likely one of the most essential thief characters the protagonist will meet in Skyrim. Unlike Frey, Brynjolf stays loyal to his guild and even accompanies the Dragonborn on their quest to changing into a Nightingale, changing into one himself and becoming a member of the protagonist in defending Nocturnal.

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While there are various sensible characters within the Thieves Guild, Brynjolf is solely a pleasant man regardless of his career. He’s very supportive of the protagonist and advocates for them a number of instances, with Brynjolf being the one to appoint them for the place of guild grasp on the finish of the hunt line. Sometimes, in thievery, it feels good to come across a stand-up character.

7 Yuna Saves Jin Sakai’s Life (Ghost Of Tsushima)

The girl solely chargeable for Jin Sakai dwelling to see the occasions of Ghost Of Tsushima, Yuna is a talented thief, a loyal sister, and, as confirmed by the occasions of the sport, an impossibly invaluable ally. Not solely does she save Jin at the beginning of the sport, however she additionally does so once more firstly of the third act, cementing the pair’s reliance on one another.

Yuna is impartial and indomitable and does not hesitate to hold on the work she and Jin had been doing collectively earlier than he was captured. Despite not being eager on having ties to something, Yuna places her belief in Jin early on and the 2 develop a really significant bond, one which elevates the already emotional story.

6 Joker Leads A Merry Band Of Thieves (Persona 5)

Despite the Phantom Thieves heists not technically being actual, that does not imply protagonist Joker does not exhibit some notably neat thieving expertise throughout the course of the sport. An knowledgeable at not solely fight however parkour as nicely, the enemies do not stand an opportunity with regards to their palaces being infiltrated by Joker and his merry band of thieves.

Although he is unvoiced, Joker, very similar to the opposite Persona protagonists, nonetheless manages to keep up a reasonably humorous persona by way of his interactions with the opposite Phantom Thieves and his varied social hyperlinks, which is what makes him nonetheless likable regardless of his silence.

5 Kasumi Goto Has A Tragic Past (Mass Effect 2)

Kasumi is recruited in Mass Effect 2 after Shepard agrees to steal a graybox from a person referred to as Donovan Hock. In her quarters, most of Kasumi’s belongings could be interacted with to realize some extra perception into her character, and mixed together with her private mission, Kasumi reveals she has way more depth to her than her sharp quips and nonchalant angle would possibly first counsel.

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By the time Kasumi results in Shepard’s firm, she’s misplaced the one individual on this planet that was really essential to her. Despite her playful angle and mysterious demeanor, Kasumi proves to the gamers and squad alike that she’s solely human too.

4 Garrett Is The Original Sneak (Thief)

As one of many unique stealth-game stars, Garrett has a standard thief’s upbringing, spending his time as a homeless youth on the streets pickpocketing and working messages to get by. That is, till in the future when he was caught by Artemus, who supplied him the chance to turn into a Keeper for town.

Garrett, unsurprisingly, did not see his time on the Keepers as notably worthwhile, which is the place his foray into thiefdom really begins. A dependable protagonist who’s uncomplicated while nonetheless remaining attention-grabbing, Garrett plucks on the nostalgia strings of many hearts because of his prevalence within the Thief franchise.

3 La Volpe Is A Cunning Master (Assassin’s Creed 2)

La Volpe was an nearly legendary determine throughout Ezio Auditore’s time as a younger murderer. As the chief of each the Florentine and Roman thieves guilds, La Volpe was such a superb thief that his fame brought on him to be seen as some type of boogeyman fairly than an actual individual. Never seen, by no means heard, and with no identify to hyperlink to him, La Volpe was a ghost.

La Volpe additionally wasn’t afraid to rescind any advantages he would possibly’ve given if his intuition informed him to. While satisfied in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood that there was a traitor within the Italian order, he refused to work with them, as a substitute ready till Ezio introduced him proof as to who the precise traitor was. La Volpe did not get by based mostly on his expertise alone, but in addition on his shrewd decision-making and highly effective intestine intuition.

2 Yuffie Kisaragi Makes A Bubbly Departure From Usual Thieves (Final Fantasy VII Intergrade)

Yuffie is the gung-ho ninja and thief that the occasion can encounter randomly within the forest within the unique Final Fantasy VII, or is launched to the participant by way of her infiltration of Shinra in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Both instances, Yuffie’s bubbly, loud, and optimistic persona shines by way of, particularly when in comparison with the remainder of the solid.

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A defiant resident of Wutai Village, Yuffie resents the truth that the village needed to turn into a resort after the struggle, changing into a caricature of its former, proud self and holding onto little of its former tradition. It’s this battle that pushes Yuffie into bonding with the remainder of the occasion, as they assist her reconcile together with her father and head off on her personal journey.

1 Sly Raccoon Was Destined For This (Sly Raccoon)

Sly comes from a protracted line of grasp thieves, being informed on the age of eight that he was destined to comply with of their footsteps. Despite being orphaned not lengthy after, Sly met his finest pals Bentley and Murray in his orphanage, who had been each very happy to assist Sly fulfill his legacy.

Sly is charming, charismatic, and quick-witted. Not solely is the dialogue within the Sly Cooper collection sensible, nevertheless it’s additionally wickedly humorous and at all times delivered nicely by Sly specifically. The raccoon exhibits depth to his character too, having quite a lot of regret over what occurred to Bentley, and taking part in a chronic and sophisticated relationship with Carmelita Fox.

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