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One Piece is usually thought-about optimistic and upbeat. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates as they courageously pursue Roger’s treasure, assembly all kinds of colourful characters alongside the way in which. However, issues will not be as blissful and carefree because the intros and chapter covers might recommend.

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There are many extraordinarily darkish connotations that the sequence merely glosses over, with issues that require extra complicated options than having Luffy punch them. By figuring out the story’s morbid subtext, it turns into simpler to grasp the world’s harshest realities and the way they might resurface as critical issues.

10 No One Cares That The Celestial Dragons Practice Slavery

Despite slavery being typically thought-about unlawful, nobody cares that the Celestial Dragons follow it in broad daylight. This is even worse since they’re considered as gods by common peasants, as seen by Saint Jalmack’s arrival in Sabo’s hometown.

There are situations the place the Celestial Dragons have been attacked, akin to when Donquixote Homing and his household have been strung up and practically lynched. However, most territories below the World Government’s management are utterly oblivious or apathetic towards their disregard for human life.

9 Many Fish-Men Still Hate Humans

Although Hody Jones and Arlong have each been defeated, it is unlikely that the unfairness between people and fish-men are going to vanish any time quickly. In a stunningly temporary period of time, Hody recruited 100,000 pirates to wage warfare on the floor world.

While given the possibility for clemency, it is extraordinarily unlikely that each final member of Hody’s former military goes to vanish quietly or abandon his rules. To the opposite, they might grow to be much more radicalized now {that a} human forcibly suppressed their rise up.

8 There Are Massive Power Discrepancies In The Series

Unlike the actual world the place even an extremely robust fighter could be defeated by 5 or 6 common individuals, there are obscene energy discrepancies in One Piece. This was seen as early as Syrup Village, the place Kuro threatened to kill each his whole crew and Usopp’s neighborhood.

Considering that Kuro did not have armament haki or perhaps a Devil Fruit on the time, it is chilling to think about how a lot worse a raid by credible pirates is likely to be. Characters simply attempting to reside their lives can be powerless to cease anybody who is far stronger than they’re, particularly given how poorly the World Government manages its territories.

7 Shirahoshi Was Robbed Of Her Childhood

Princess Shirahoshi shortly attracted Vander Decken’s consideration at the same time as a toddler. When his advances went unrequited, he took rejection sorely and used his Mark-Mark fruit to throw lethal weapons at her. Since he lived on the outskirts of the area, Neptune could not discover him.

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As a end result, Shirahoshi shortly turned so fearful that she was unable to depart the home. It took years earlier than Luffy lastly arrived, defeated Decken, and helped Shirahoshi reside like an individual worthy of respect. Regardless, she’s going to by no means get again the time spent residing in worry of Decken’s obsessive grudge.

6 Big Mom Has Dozens Of Exes

When contemplating Big Mom’s life, there may be nearly nothing nice to consider. Since her whole crew consists of little children, she will need to have had over fifty earlier husbands. Some have been at the same time as small as fairies, creating disturbing anatomical implications.

Worse but, Big Mom is totally apathetic to her earlier husbands after utilizing them for his or her our bodies. If crucial, she’s going to even flip her personal youngsters in opposition to their father to be able to make him go away, as seen by Pound.

5 The World Government Got Away With Genocide

In order to staunch all chance of exposing the Void Century, the marines have been despatched to destroy Ohara in a devastating Buster Call. Akainu ensured that not even refugees escaped, as he personally diminished their boat right into a pile of smoldering wooden.

This has two darkish implications. Not solely does it recommend that the international locations inside the World Government condone genocide, it additionally signifies that no matter Im was attempting to cowl up is probably going way more morbid than the preliminary assault. Should Robin not have escaped, the suppression of historical past may need succeeded.

4 Luffy Freed Many Bad People During Impel Down

When in search of to flee from Impel Down, Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino spared no expense. One prisoner launch led to the subsequent, and earlier than lengthy, each prison that the World Government put away was now on the unfastened. This was not solely a great factor.

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Many pirates like Crocodile and Daz Bonez had rightfully been imprisoned for the hazard they posed to different individuals. Now set again into the wild, Luffy enabled them to hurt and spoil 1000’s of harmless lives. He is immediately liable for what occurs to them.

3 Life Was A Nightmare For The People Of Wano

Since Orochi felt scorned by the individuals of Wano, he made it his deliberate mission to make their lives as depressing as doable. After aligning with Kaido, he remodeled a lot of the nation right into a desolate wasteland. The rivers have been choked with chemical compounds, and far of the populace have been deliberately starved of meals.

To make issues worse, Orochi’s non-public enforcers ensured that dissenters have been captured and generally executed. The individuals of Wano needed to take care of this inequity for twenty years earlier than Luffy arrived and couldn’t sail away by themselves.

2 It’s Impossible For Most People To Find The One Piece

When Roger first declared that his treasure was up for grabs, everybody from the East to South blue was . From veterans to novice pirates, desires about treasure and notoriety proliferated. However, Roger’s problem was notably merciless when contemplating its problem.

Not solely wouldn’t it take unbelievable energy to gather all poneglyphs, there was nearly nobody left alive able to translating them. As a end result, there are solely a handful of potential crews which might be truly able to find the One Piece, with the remaining doomed from the beginning.

1 Evil Is Rewarded In The Series

Although villains are often defeated, they’ve virtually at all times been profitable of their evil beforehand. Doflamingo is a wonderful instance of this, having clawed his means out of poverty on the expense of Dressrosa and the World Government.

Blackbeard was additionally in a position to rise from a no one into a world superpower by viciously betraying Whitebeard and the warlord group. Unlike Doflamingo, he has not answered for his crimes and continues to terrorize the ocean. Worse but, his villainous enterprise has been outsourced in order that lesser pirates raid unprotected villages.

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