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Moon Knight is Marvel’s latest Bronze Age hero to grace the small display. Actor Oscar Isaac efficiently launched one among comics’ most legendary but complicated protagonists to a brand new era of comedian ebook readers and Marvel lovers.

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Following the huge success of the a lot anticipated, extremely watched Disney+ sequence Moon Knight, extra questions than solutions have emerged concerning the moon-themed vigilante. While most of Moon Knight’s powers are archetypical, he has some spectacular supernatural talents he seldom makes use of that set him other than his modern crime fighters.

10 Moon Knight Wield’s The Power Of Hypnosis

Moon Knight has a strong means just like street-level hero Iron Fist. By utilizing the “voice of Khonshu,” Marc Spector can hypnotize associates and foes. He has solely used this extremely helpful means a handful of occasions, nevertheless it’s confirmed a strong instrument for getting him out of some tough conditions.

Moon Knight first used this means within the pages of Moon Knight #1 by Jed Mackay and Corey Petit, explaining that Khonshu’s voice will be channeled by means of different folks to convey a message. Additionally, the “voice of Khonshu” served as a self-hypnosis or psychological barrier for Moon Knight.

9 Moon Knight Can Manipulate Lunar Material

One of Moon Knight’s best talents, followers noticed him wield lunakinesis in the course of the Disney+ sequence. Through using this magical energy, Marc Spector can management elements of the moon’s features, and he can management objects fabricated from moon materials.

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In the pages of Avengers #33 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and Cory Petit, Moon Knight schooled Thor on the origin of his legendary hammer Mjnolir. Explaining Mjnolir was composed of Uru, or moon rock, Moon Knight manipulated Mjnolir and handed the demigod a brutal beat-down.

8 Moon Knight Displays Self-Sustenance And Environmental Adaptation

Marc Spector has the uncanny means to outlive in locations with out an Earth-like ambiance for prolonged intervals whereas sporting any of the Moon Knight garbs. This has afforded Marc the power to outlive in locations such because the desert, with its excessive temperatures, or to battle within the huge vacuum of house.

In the pages of Avengers #33 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and Cory Petit, Moon Knight stole Ghost Rider’s 1969 Dodge Charger to journey to house to combat Thor. Moon Knight may survive the chilly inhospitable setting of house with out using any tools.

7 Moon Knight Has Enhanced Cognitive Function & Abilities

Moon Knight does not obtain lots of credit score for his psychological prowess when in comparison with the heroes, comparable to Batman, Reed Richards, and Black Panther. However, his deity-imbued powers grant him talents that assist form his psychological acuity and tactical technique.

Marc Spector’s battle prowess and navy technique are amplified by means of his reference to Khonshu. This grants Marc the power to discern the right way to bodily face off in opposition to stronger opponents or execute a plan of assault throughout huge brawls. Moon Knight’s means to transition between his alters with absolute fluidity additionally permits him to vary fight methods on the fly, throwing his opponents off guard.

One of Moon Knight’s least talked about supernatural feats is the power to speak with the spirit world. The Marvel Universe has an especially complicated afterlife. However, Marc Spector navigates the metaphysical terrain with ease, due to his energy of necromancy. Moon Knight shares a particular reference to Black Panther as Egyptian deities energy each heroes.

In Moon Knight #12 — by Jed Mackay, Alessandro Cappuccio, and Rachelle Rosenberg, Vc Cory Petit — Marc travels to the Wakandan ancestral airplane to information Black Panther again from the afterlife. This supernatural feat is not an remoted incident; Marc has demonstrated this means a number of occasions all through the years.

5 Moon Knight Can Mimic The Attributes Of Fellow Heroes

In the comics, Moon Knight has a fictionalized model of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and his alters possess distinctive traits and talents. One of Moon Knight’s alters, Buck Lime, can recreate gear and weapons from iconic heroes comparable to Wolverine, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

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Buck Lime has efficiently copied Spider-Man’s web-shooters, Captain America’s defend, and Wolverine’s claws. The means’s solely draw back is that Moon Knight can solely recreate inorganic gear, weapons, and tools from mortal human beings.

4 Moon Knight Can Drain & Absorb Life Energies

Power Absorption is one among Moon Knight’s extra attention-grabbing powers and has been used a number of occasions to seize talents from different heroes. In Avengers #33 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and Vc Cory Petit, Moon Knight takes the cosmic and mystical powers of Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange.

Marc has achieved this spectacular feat with the assistance of an Ankh granted to him by Khonshu. Moon Knight has even absorbed the power of the Phoenix, effortlessly wielding its immense energy.

3 Moon Knight Has Resistance To Telepathic Attacks

Moon Knight’s alters have acted as a line of protection in opposition to a few of Marvel’s foremost telepaths, making it tough for them to learn his thoughts and stopping him from being thoughts managed. He has additionally confirmed that he is cognitively resilient and fortuitous in any scenario.

Moon Knight takes nice offense to those that would attempt to probe his ideas and invade his thoughts with out permission. Moon Knight’s defenses are so highly effective {that a} telepath named Hawley was left in a catatonic state after making an attempt to psionically enter the vigilante’s thoughts in Moon Knight, Vol 9 #2 by Jed Mackay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cory Petit.

2 Moon Knight Is Capable of Phase Transformation

Phase Transformation is one among Moon Knight’s extra complicated powers. The means is not all the time constant and infrequently adjustments relying on the story. The means permits Marc to stroll by means of stable objects, remodel into his Moon Knight outfit, or amplify his talents based mostly on lunar cycles.

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In Conan: Serpent War #4 — Jim Zub, Ig Guara, Vanesa Del Rey, Frank D’Armata, Jean-François Beaulieu, Travis Lanhamby, and Carlos Pacheco — Moon Knight walked by means of a glass pane with out harm and emerged absolutely costumed. Marc’s moon-connected energy enhance

even allowed him to defeat and steal energy from three mystically powered heroes throughout a full moon.

1 Moon Knight Has Prophetic Dreams And Visions

Moon Knight can obtain prophetic visions separate from his self-hypnotic state. The visions are often utterly supernatural in origin and are sometimes derived straight from Khonshu.

This means was first explored within the pages of Moon Knight Volume 5 #6 by Charlie Huston, David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna. Khonshu appeared as a slain foe, Bushman, and prodded Marc into working at a peak superhuman stage as Moon Knight. This connection additionally allowed Moon Knight to see into his enemies’ weaknesses.

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