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The Marvel Cinematic Universe first made the transition onto Disney+ with WandaVision in early 2021. The collection, led by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, adopted Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they tried to steer an strange life in a suburban city that one way or the other replicated basic sitcoms.

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At its core, WandaVision was a thriller, and far of its reputation was boosted by weekly fan theories and conversations because the viewers tried to unravel the reality about how the Westview Hex got here to be. The present’s plot is based on characters holding secrets and techniques from each other, creating an enthralling story the place nobody can actually be trusted.

10 Wanda Was Responsible For Creating The Hex

The present’s central thriller is how the Hex in Westview was created within the first place. It was pretty apparent to viewers from the beginning that Wanda has some management over the Hex, as she demonstrates her capacity to rewind the scene within the second episode. However, the reality was revealed within the penultimate episode, which is probably extra heartbreaking than anybody may have anticipated.

Wanda unintentionally created the Hex as she cried on the plot of the house that she and Vision had deliberate to develop previous in. Wanda’s desperation to hide the true nature of Westview in the end causes extra upheaval than anything.

9 Pietro Maximoff Was Actually Ralph Bohner

Marvel followers have been ecstatic on the finish of WandaVision’s fifth episode when Evan Peters arrived in Westview as Pietro Maximoff. The character’s look as Peters from Fox’s X-Men franchise somewhat than Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who portrayed the character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, led many to take a position that the X-Men could be crossing over into the MCU.

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However, a significant secret behind Pietro’s id ruined these probabilities. It is revealed within the finale that Pietro was truly a struggling actor named Ralph Bohner who was underneath Agatha Harkness’s management, serving as her eyes and ears round Wanda.

8 Wanda Hid Her Responsibility From Vision

“On a Very Special Episode” culminates in an intense argument between Wanda and Vision as Vision grows extra annoyed with Wanda’s secrecy. Wanda frequently denies and redirects Vision’s traces of questioning about Westview, however she is unable to fully management him as she does with the opposite residents.

Wanda repeatedly says that she doesn’t know the way the Hex was created, which is true. However, her insistence that Vision wouldn’t wish to know the reality behind her many secrets and techniques triggered a major rift between the pair, as Wanda is making assumptions for Vision that he doesn’t approve of.

7 Billy And Tommy Exist In The Multiverse

The collection finale of WandaVision ends with Wanda seemingly coming to phrases with Vision’s demise and eventually dismantling the Hex in Westview. She decides to isolate herself, devoted to studying extra about her powers and learn how to use them safely. In a post-credits scene, it appears as if Wanda has actually accepted the lack of Vision and their household throughout the Hex is known as into query.

As Wanda seems to drink tea exterior of her cabin, her astral projection is fervently studying the Darkhold when she hears Billy and Tommy calling for her. Though not made explicitly clear within the scene, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness confirms that this meant the youngsters have been alive elsewhere within the multiverse, which in the end drives Wanda to villainy within the movie.

6 The Westview Residents Had Wanda’s Dreams Every Night

Wanda’s accountability throughout the Westview Hex is without doubt one of the collection’ extra apparent secrets and techniques. However, the extent of her influence and management on the Westview residents involves mild towards the top of WandaVision, revealing painful secrets and techniques behind the Hex.

In the finale, the Westview residents crowd round Wanda, begging her to take down the Hex as a result of they’re struggling. Despite Wanda’s earlier insistence to Vision and “Pietro” that the townspeople are given good lives, the reality comes out when the residents reveal that they endure from Wanda’s nightmares when they’re sleeping.

5 Vision’s Body Was Reassembled As White Vision

For a lot of WandaVision’s run, followers assumed that the Vision dwelling in Westview is identical as his different MCU outings and that he had been reanimated by Wanda one way or the other. In a shocking twist, the present reveals that appearing S.W.O.R.D. director Tyler Hayward had taken Vision’s physique into their headquarters the place it was dismantled earlier than Wanda arrived.

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A post-credit scene hooked up to the eighth episode reveals simply how harmful this secret was. Hayward and his group had reassembled Vision to create White Vision, whose reminiscences have been altered and programmed to eradicate Wanda as a risk.

4 Geraldine Remembered Her Past

Monica Rambeau, performed by Teyonah Parris, enters the Westview Hex because the ever-bubbly Geraldine. Wanda and Geraldine shortly develop into associates, however this all falls aside when Geraldine reveals the key of her id by referencing Ultron to Wanda. Wanda reacts intensely to Geraldine’s revelation and makes use of her magic to push Geraldine violently out of the Hex.

Wanda continues to resent Monica for her interventions in Westview, regardless of Monica’s good intentions. Wanda in the end realizes the ache she triggered and vows to Monica that she is going to work to grasp and management her powers.

3 Vision Made A Failed Attempt A Secret Escape

WandaVision’s Halloween-themed sixth episode proves the hazard of a secret when Vision lies to Wanda about his true plans for the night. Vision leaves the household earlier than they go trick-or-treating, claiming that he’s going to patrol the streets for mischievous trick-or-treaters.

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Vision was truly planning on investigating the sting of the Hex. As he notices the sluggish and lifeless residents on the outermost border, Vision decides to aim an escape to let the skin world know what was happening. As Vision pushes by way of the boundary, he begins to disintegrate, and Wanda saves him simply in time due to Billy’s warning.

2 Hayward Had Ulterior Motives

Tyler Hayward is a suspicious determine in WandaVision from the beginning, however the many secrets and techniques he stored all through the collection show simply how villainous he actually is. Hayward framed Wanda for the supposed theft of Vision’s physique from the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters as a part of his covert mission to recommission Vision as his personal sentient weapon.

Hayward was keen to go to vicious lengths for his personal acquire, together with threatening Wanda and her youngsters’s lives. His secrets and techniques wreaked havoc inside S.W.O.R.D. and hindered the group’s capacity to intervene shortly in Westview.

1 It Was Agatha All Along

In a musical twist, next-door neighbor Agnes was revealed to be the witch Agatha Harkness in WandaVision’s seventh episode. This revelation got here with the tune “Agatha All Along.” Agatha, performed by Kathryn Hahn, had been conscious of her true id all through the present, and she or he had entered Westview in an try and harness Wanda’s chaos magic powers.

Agatha’s obsessive quest for energy involves a detailed when she is defeated by Wanda and trapped in Westview. There, she is going to proceed to play the position she selected because the nosy neighbor.

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