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Nintendo’s Super Mario is among the most recognizable gaming mascots of all-time and the character’s video games routinely obtain excessive acclaim. The mainline Super Mario video games are nonetheless high performers, however the platforming protagonist has slowly advanced, invading a large number of various genres and distinctive kinds.

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The Paper Mario collection has change into an cute fan-favorite ever since its debut in 2000, cleverly combining cute aesthetics, entertaining gameplay, and a method that’s straightforward to develop. 2020’s Paper Mario: The Origami King was a satisfying return to type, however there’s nonetheless lots to find about this quirky franchise.

10 It Started As A Sequel To Super Mario RPG

The Paper Mario franchise emerged as its personal distinct Nintendo collection that’s distinctive from the mainline Super Mario video games. However, the primary Nintendo 64 entry within the franchise really began as a sequel to the Super Nintendo cult traditional, Super Mario RPG.

This sequel, which was nonetheless set to have the two-dimensional paper aesthetic, was first developed as a mission for the Japan-only Nintendo 64DD peripheral. After a number of shifts in growth, Super Mario RPG 2 would flip into the unique Paper Mario (or Mario Story in Japan).

9 Its RPG Elements Have Been Toned Down

It ought to come as no shock that the primary Paper Mario was a reasonably conventional RPG title because it was initially designed to succeed Super Mario RPG. Nintendo 64’s Paper Mario embraced a turn-based battle system that made use of badges as a means to make use of new abilities and skills.

This RPG mechanic obtained phased out over time, and the more moderen concentrate on stickers over badges supplied a way more simplistic battle expertise. Certain entries within the franchise, just like the Wii’s Super Paper Mario, match extra into the journey recreation style than RPG territory.

8 It’s Spanned 7 Games Across 6 Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo has among the best reputations within the gaming business in the case of first-party franchises. Since the times of the unique Nintendo Entertainment System, some continued to go robust, whereas others emerged after many years of dormancy.

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Paper Mario impressively produced seven video games in 20 years, spanning six Nintendo consoles from the Nintendo 64 all the best way to the fashionable Switch. The lengthiest absence for Paper Mario was the five-year window between the Wii’s Super Paper Mario and the Nintendo 3DS’ Sticker Star pivot.

7 The Series No Longer Alters Existing Mario Characters For Bosses

The Paper Mario video games have launched some creative villains that go far past the bounds of one other altercation with Bowser. While earlier titles altered Mario characters — that includes possessed or mutated variations of Peach, Bowser, and Luigi — each Paper Mario recreation since Sticker Star hasn’t been allowed to take action.

Now, new releases must create wholly authentic enemies, which additionally explains why Origami King leans into the stationery boss battle strategy. This displays an unlucky tightening of restrictions and safety of IP from Nintendo.

6 The First Three Games Are Presented As Novels

There are some actually artistic aesthetics to Super Mario titles that usually go unrecognized, like the concept that Super Mario Bros. 3 is meant to be considered as a stage play. The first three Paper Mario entries comply with this strategy and current their adventures as cherished storybooks.

To go one step additional, there are even characters throughout the Paper Mario video games who seem like within the technique of writing the “Paper Mario” novel. In an attention-grabbing twist, Herringway’s novel appears to crossover and present up in Luigi’s Mansion.

5 It’s Crossed Over With The Mario & Luigi RPG Series

The Paper Mario collection has steadily moved away from its RPG roots, leaving the hand-held Mario & Luigi collection to take over as the first Super Mario RPG franchise. The Mario & Luigi titles have been standouts since their Game Boy Advance origins, however they usually get missed since they’re largely handheld titles.

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Nintendo indulges in a artistic crossover between the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario collection with the Nintendo 3DS recreation, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. The recreation faithfully honors each collection and presents double the Mario and Luigi mayhem.

4 The Games Allow Players To Control Luigi, Princess Peach, And Bowser

Part of the enjoyable in most RPGs is that they comprise eclectic events the place the participant can management a number of distinctive people. Admittedly, the Paper Mario video games largely concentrate on Mario because the chief, however the video games have slowly gained extra confidence in the case of straying from this method.

Throughout the collection, players can play different beloved Super Mario characters like Princess Peach, Luigi, and even Bowser. It’s change into much less of a novelty to manage supporting characters in a Mario recreation, but it surely nonetheless helps combine up the collection’ method.

3 The Thousand-Year Door Features A “Live Audience” Battle Component

Many acknowledge the GameDice’s Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as a franchise spotlight and one of the crucial bold titles on the GameDice. Thousand-Year Door strays removed from the unique Paper Mario’s roots and turns every chapter into a distinct style of gameplay that ranges from a homicide thriller to a wrestling event.

On high of this, Thousand-Year Door features a “stay viewers” element to the battles whereby the gamer can play to the group and win them over to assist earn further gadgets. However, gamers can endure penalties after they poorly carry out.

2 The Game Foreshadows Luigi’s Mansion

The authentic Paper Mario was one of many final video games to return out for the Nintendo 64, and it was developed at a degree when Nintendo was already deep at work on their subsequent console, the GameDice. Included as a bonus ingredient in Paper Mario, the titular character might sneak some peeks at Luigi’s diary.

These entries singled out each Luigi’s concern of ghosts and his need to headline his personal recreation the place his “identify is within the title.” This all pointed in the direction of the GameDice’s launch title, Luigi’s Mansion, and it turned a enjoyable Easter Egg for Nintendo followers.

1 One Title Is Stuck As A Wii U Exclusive

Nintendo continues to push boundaries as a recreation designer, and ever since their Wii console, they’ve made a extra concentrated effort to rejuvenate how video video games are performed. The Wii and Switch have been colossal hits, however the interim Wii U console stays a low level for the corporate.

Many Wii U video games have been re-released on both the Switch or Nintendo 3DS. Now there are just a few dozen video games that remained restricted to the Wii U. Paper Mario completionists will lament the truth that Paper Mario: Color Splash stays one of many few Wii U unique titles.

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