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Marvel Reveals the Truth About Jessica Jones and Daredevil’s Newfound Romance

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Marvel’s The Variants #3 reveals the key purpose why Jessica Jones shocked Daredevil with a kiss within the collection’ earlier problem.

The following article incorporates spoilers from The Variants #3, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s The Variants #3 reveals the Jessica Jones who kissed Daredevil/Matt Murdock within the earlier problem was truly a variant of the character.

The Variants #3 comes from author Gail Simone, artist Phil Noto and letterer VC’s Cory Petit. Throughout the collection, Jessica Jones has discovered herself starring at varied variants of herself. These totally different variations embrace a Captain America variant, a Jewel (Jessica’s former superhero alter-ego) variant and a variant with an identical look to Jessica Jones Prime who turns into dubbed as “Omega.”

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In The Variants #2, Jessia met Daredevil on a rooftop after receiving an ominous message suggesting Zebediah Killgrave could also be returning. Despite being married to Luke Cage, Jessia surprises Matt with a kiss. Taken aback, Matt cuts off the kiss and tells his former love curiosity their “not doing this.”

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The Variants #3 reveals the one who kissed Matt seems to be Omega. Jessica learns in regards to the kiss when she calls Matt to ask for assist monitoring down her variants, which will get a “I’m shocked you’d name me after what occurred,” response from Daredevil. Matt explains the state of affairs and Jessica places two and two collectively earlier than she then calls Danny Rand/Iron Fist for extra assist. Later, Omega is strolling via New York City and notices Daredevil is trailing behind her. “You’re not my Matt, are you?” she asks him, which Matt then confirms. “And I — I do not belong right here, do I?”

A Room Full of Jessica Joneses

When Jessica and her three variants meet up at a espresso store, the difficulty reveals Omega was married to Matt in her actuality. Jessica tells Omega she’s “sorry for her loss,” implying her imaginative and prescient of Matt is lifeless. Omega responds, “It was Stilt-Woman. Can you imagine it? Fricking Stilt-Woman.” The different variants take part, too, with the Captain America variant naming Ultron and Jewel citing Condorman because the individuals accountable for their ache, main Jessica to imagine she may very well be the luckiest variant sitting on the desk. While she’s solely encountered three to date all through The Variants, Jessica notes she receives a headache each time a brand new model of herself reveals up — which is alarming solely as a result of she’s had a complete of 4 complications.

The Variants #3 options cowl artwork by Noto and variant cowl artwork by Betsy Cola. The problem is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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