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The following comprises main spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 363, “Those Who Defend, Those Who Violate” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, out there now in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 363 of My Hero Academia reintroduced Skeptic, a former high-ranking member of the Meta-Liberation Army and present Lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front. His unusual devotion to All For One elicited some confusion because the villain was by no means one to respect Meta-Liberation ideology, however the computing genius lastly revealed why he chooses to make use of his appreciable mind in service to the sequence’ massive unhealthy.

As a part of the Meta-Liberation Army, Skeptic leveraged his place at Feel Good Inc. to make sure the terrorist group by no means needed for assist gadgets. His experience was distant surveillance, which paired properly along with his Anthromorph Quirk; a capability that allowed him to vary the type of human-sized objects into humanoid puppets he had full management over. Skeptic’s standard assault technique is to manage his puppets from a protected distance whereas monitoring his opponent by his laptop.

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Skeptic has remained with All For One because the Paranormal Liberation War’s conclusion, and evidently had ample time to formulate plans to invade the heroes’ strongholds. His battlefield was the identical because it’s at all times been, furiously tapping away at a management heart. He spoke to himself as he labored, disparaging his previous colleagues at Feel Good Inc. for kicking him out the corporate and laughing on the ease with which he regained management of the underground transport system connecting the civilian protected homes.

Apparently, Skeptic designed the transport system presently linking all these homes collectively earlier than he was ousted from Feel Good Inc. He took a lot pleasure in hacking again into the system and appears to be planning on transporting villains instantly into these protected homes. All of this he does for All For One’s sake, with no intention of ever receiving a reward — a complicated hill to die on. All For One’s penchant for stealing Quirks appears at odds with Liberation ideology, however Skeptic follows the villain devotedly.

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In a nutshell, Skeptic sees All For One as a being dwelling in true concord with the Meta-Liberation Ideology. AFO’s single-minded purpose of world domination utilizing his Quirk is strictly the form of freedom the Liberation Army wished for each Quirk wielder.

In accordance to their logic, All For One infringing on the rights of different Quirk wielders within the course of was only a matter of “survival of the fittest.” Skeptic’s loyalty was at all times to the Liberation Army first, and never its chief Re-Destro. Now that All For One is nearer than ever to overthrowing My Hero Academia‘s established order, loyalty to the Liberation agenda calls for Skeptic assist him wholeheartedly.

It’s unlucky that Skeptic’s brilliance is devoted solely to Meta-Liberation as a result of his fanaticism is not restricted to eradicating heroes. Every single individual, together with civilians, who would like a world the place the usage of Quirks are regulated is a goal. He known as these sorts of individuals “pointless within the new world to come back” and, judging by the glee with which he transported harmful villains to civilian shelters, has no qualms about facilitating their deaths himself.



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