Cardcaptor Sakura Filler List
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We are providing you with the final word and up to date Cardcaptor Sakura Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Cardcaptor Sakura Filler Episodes.


Cardcaptor Sakura Episode List

1Sakura and the Strange Magical BookManga Canon1998-04-07
2Sakura’s Wonderful FriendManga Canon1998-04-14
3Sakura’s Breathtaking First DateManga Canon1998-04-21
4Sakura’s Exhausting SundayManga Canon1998-04-28
5Sakura, a Panda, and a Darling Little StoreManga Canon1998-05-05
6Sakura and Memories of Her MotherManga Canon1998-05-12
7Sakura’s First Attempt as a ThiefManga Canon1998-05-19
8Sakura’s Rival AppearsManga Canon1998-05-26
9Sakura and the Mysterious BroochManga Canon1998-06-02
10Sakura and the Sports Day of FlowersManga Canon1998-06-16
11Sakura, Tomoyo, and a MansionManga Canon1998-06-23
12Sakura’s Neverending DayFiller1998-06-30
13Sakura and the Elephant’s Test of StrengthFiller1998-07-07
14Sakura, Toya, and CinderellaFiller1998-07-14
15Sakura and Kero’s Big FightFiller1998-07-21
16Sakura and the Rainbow of MemoriesManga Canon1998-08-04
17Sakura’s Scary Test of CourageManga Canon1998-08-11
18Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer FestivalManga Canon1998-08-18
19Sakura and the Summer Holiday HomeworkFiller1998-09-01
20Transfer Student vs. SakuraFiller1998-09-08
21Sakura’s Long Marathon RaceFiller1998-09-15
22Sakura and Her Kind FatherFiller1998-09-22
23Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Wonderful SongFiller1998-09-29
24Sakura’s Little AdventureFiller1998-10-06
25Sakura and One More SakuraManga Canon1998-10-13
26Sakura and the Wonderful TeacherManga Canon1998-10-20
27Sakura and the Shrine of MemoriesFiller1998-10-27
28Sakura and the Enchanted CardsFiller1998-11-03
29Sakura’s Sweet CookingFiller1998-11-10
30Sakura and the Injured CardFiller1998-11-17
31Sakura and the Nameless BookFiller1998-11-24
32Sakura, Kero, and SyaoranFiller1998-12-01
33Sakura’s Freezing Ice SkatingFiller1998-12-15
34Sakura, Yukito, and the Midday MoonFiller1998-12-22
35Sakura’s Wonderful ChristmasManga Canon1998-12-29
36Sakura and the Snowy New School TermFiller1999-04-06
37Sakura and Tomoyo’s Lost VoiceFiller1999-04-13
38Sakura’s Fun Strawberry-Picking AdventureFiller1999-04-20
39Sakura’s Dizzy Fever DayManga Canon1999-04-27
40Sakura and the Sakura from the DreamFiller1999-05-11
41Sakura, Syaoran, and the Sea of SandManga Canon1999-05-18
42Sakura and the Blacked Out School FestivalManga Canon1999-05-25
43Sakura and Farewell to MeilinFiller1999-06-01
44Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious TeacherManga Canon1999-06-08
45Sakura and the Final Clow CardManga Canon1999-06-15
46Sakura and the Final JudgementManga Canon1999-06-22
47Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer StudentManga Canon1999-09-07
48Sakura and the Awakened Star KeyManga Canon1999-09-14
49Sakura and the Dangerous PianoManga Canon1999-09-21
50Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible ThreadManga Canon1999-09-28
51Sakura and the Big Teddy BearManga Canon1999-10-05
52Sakura’s Sheep WarningManga Canon1999-10-12
53Sakura and the Panicky BikeFiller1999-10-19
54Sakura and the Calendar of MemoriesManga Canon1999-10-26
55Sakura and Sakura from WonderlandFiller1999-11-02
56Sakura, Kero, and the Sweet MeetingFiller1999-11-09
57Sakura, Syaoran, and the ElevatorFiller1999-11-16
58Sakura and Double TroubleFiller1999-11-30
59Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball TrapManga Canon1999-12-07
60Sakura and the Precious FriendFiller1999-12-14
61Sakura, the Cards, and the PresentsFiller1999-12-21
62Sakura and the Mysterious FortuneFiller2000-01-04
63Sakura, the Pool, and the Huge WaveFiller2000-01-11
64Sakura and the Snowy Ski ClassFiller2000-01-18
65Sakura, Yukito, and the Vanishing PowerManga Canon2000-02-15
66The Person Sakura Likes the MostManga Canon2000-02-22
67Sakura, Syaoran, and the Tsukimine ShrineManga Canon2000-02-29
68Sakura, the Past, and Clow ReedManga Canon2000-03-07
69Sakura Meets Clow ReedManga Canon2000-03-14
70Sakura and Her True FeelingsManga Canon2000-03-21
71Sakura and the Two BearsManga Canon2017-09-13
72Sakura and the Clear CardsManga Canon2018-01-07
73Sakura and the Room with No ExitManga Canon2018-01-14
74Sakura’s Heavy Rain AlertManga Canon2018-01-21
75Sakura and the Lovely Transfer StudentManga Canon2018-01-28
76Sakura Feels a Pull on the Flower ViewingManga Canon2018-02-04
77Sakura, the Rabbit and the Song of the MoonManga Canon2018-02-11
78Sakura and a Game of Tag within the GardenManga Canon2018-02-18
79Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide-and-Seek GameManga Canon2018-02-25
80Sakura’s Thrilling Aquarium VisitManga Canon2018-03-04
81Sakura and the Sleep LabyrinthManga Canon2018-03-11
82Sakura and the Upside-Down PenguinManga Canon2018-03-18
83Sakura and the Ice Ball-Sports TournamentManga Canon2018-03-25
84Sakura and the “I’m Back” MeilingManga Canon2018-04-08
85Sakura, the Shrine and the Zoo?Manga Canon2018-04-15
86Sakura’s Nostalgic Viewing PartyManga Canon2018-04-22
87Sakura and Meiling’s FriendManga Canon2018-04-29
88Sakura and the Crazy SweetsManga Canon2018-05-06
89Sakura, the Fire and Water BirdManga Canon2018-05-13
90Sakura and Akiho’s LullabyManga Canon2018-05-20
91Sakura, Rainbows, and GrandpaManga Canon2018-05-27
92Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of MemoriesManga Canon2018-06-03
93Sakura’s Clear CardsManga Canon2018-06-10

What Is Cardcaptor Sakura Filler List?

Cardcaptor Sakura anime filler record is a tremendous anime collection. The anime has stunning graphics, good characters, and a pleasant story.

Cardcaptor Sakura anime filler record is a traditional. It is a kind of animations that anybody, no matter age and gender, will get pleasure from. The story is definitely full of a lot of humor and romance, regardless of being a conventional magical anime. 

There’s not a whole lot of drama and every character faces repeated difficulties. However, that’s the true magic of the Cardcaptor Sakura filler record.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a shōjo manga collection from Japan, a narrative written by the Clamp manga group. Originally, it was digitized from May 1996 to June 2000 in Nakayoshi.

The manga was launched in 12 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha between November 1996 and July 2000. There is a pattern of foreshadowing and visions because the collection continues.

All this results in an odd finish. Cardcaptor Sakura, like Magic Knight Rayearth, is sort of a new tackle an outdated style. Sakura Kinomoto is the feminine lead. She is a fictional character of Cardcaptor Sakura’s manga collection CLAMP.

Sakura is launched as a 10-year-old woman who lives in Japan’s city of Tomoeda. In this city, she attends Tomoeda Elementary School throughout the Clow Card Arc and Sakura Card Arc story-line.

Sakura comes upon the ebook Clow Cards from the library. Her finest buddies are Tomoyo and Kerberos. They are the protector of the playing cards. It is now as much as Sakura to catch each of them, by accident setting the magical playing cards free. 

The collection begins as a fundamental comedian for ladies within the style of magical women. A ten-year-old, 4th grader woman, Sakura Kinomoto, opens a mysterious ebook. 

She by accident releases the magical Clow Cards. This all occurs in her household’s basement.

Sakura discovers that she was born with magical powers by her capability to open the seal. Now, it turns into her obligation to recuperate the lacking playing cards. 

The job consists of discovering every card combating towards its magical personification, and sealing it away. 

She is helped by Cerberus, the Beast of the Seal assigned to safe the playing cards. He was asleep when Sakura opened the Clow Book.

Kero, for almost all of the collection is in his “borrowed” form, just like a delicate toy. He guides Sakura as she learns her Cardcaptor skills.

He gives her with the Key of the Seal within the first episode. This allows her to catch and seal the Clow Cards.

The present is a very pleasing one. It’s a really fast watch that manages to be entertaining.

Last Words

So now you have got the Cardcaptor Sakura Filler List that has all Cardcaptor Sakura Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler record of another anime collection, do tell us within the remark part.


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