Fans have been in constant contemplation about the release of a new season of Re:ZERO Season 1. Although, there is no stop to this series anytime soon.

Season two of Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World was released in the Summer of 2020 and all the fans were biting their nails to see their favorite characters and how would the character story turn out.

This being said, I have listed the 10 Strongest Characters in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World?

10. Priscilla Barielle

A competitor for the position of the 42nd King of Lugnica and the Matriarch of the Barielle House is Priscilla Barielle. She was born as the daughter of Vollachian Empire’s Emperor.

Priscilla Barielle

Powers and Potentials

Priscilla possesses the Divine Protection of the Sun because of which she is immensely strong during the day and the buffs’ effect also amplifies. With this, she also as the ability to use the Yang Magic.

While the Stars What Make History Arc in the battle against Wrath, we see that she has the potential to be unconstrained by Sirius. Along with this, she was proficient enough to protect other people.

9. Beatrice

A member of the Emilia Camp and Subaru’s contracted Artificial Spirit is Beatrice. Before the destruction of the library, Beatrice used to be its caretaker. Alike Puck, she was also made by Echidna 400 years ago.


Powers and Potentials

Beatrice is a master of Yin Magic and is capable of casting the long lost magic as well. She is much more powerful than Subaru’s own Yin Magic.

The magic she uses helps her create stakes of crystallized mana, which are enough strong to pierce through the defense.

Along with this, though she is able to only create physical wounds, she does possess the power to summon water mana for healing herself and the others.

8. Wilhelm Van Astrea

Member of the Crusch Camp and formerly married to Theresia van Astrea is Wilhelm van Astrea. Along with being Crusch’s servant he is also her swords instructor.

Powers and Potentials

Wilhelm Van Astrea

Despite being self-taught, Wilhelm is exceptionally skilled with the sword and has honed his swordsmanship to superhuman levels. In fact, he was able to barely defeat the previous Sword Saint in a duel.

Due to his appearance and godly skills, he was called the Sword Demon and considered a threat to the Demi-Humans during the Demi-Human War. As per his power and abilities, he is ranked in 8th place.

7. Regulus Corneas

Strongest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult is Regulus Corneas. Before being defeated by Reinhard van Astrea, Natsuki Subaru, and Emilia, he was the one who represented greed.

Powers and Potentials

Regulus Corneas

Regulus was in capacity to use the Authority of Greed only till the time Natsuki Subaru took his Witch Factors after his death. He is capable of stopping time, hence he can interfere anywhere from outside.

While using this ability, he could not be harmed externally, however on the other hand using this ability can be deadly for him because his heart would also stop with him.

6. Roswaal

The descendant of the original Roswaal and the lord of the Roswaal Mansion is Roswaal.

However, it is only later that we get to know that he is the one who has been possessing the bodies of his descendants and he is the original Roswaal.

Powers and Potentials


Roswaal possesses the Divine Protection of Sorcery which results in him being compatible with all the six magical elements. He is regarded as the best of the kingdom and is also said to be parallel to a whole army.

Over the years he has become stronger and earned the titles of “Red,” “Green,” and “Yellow”, as having reached the final stage of Fire, Wind, and Earth magic, respectively.

5. Puck

The Artificial Spirit created by Echidna is Puck. Seven years before the election started, he was the one who took Emilia out of the frozen state and became her friend and mentor.

Powers and Potentials


The Great Spirit directing the Fire Mana is Puck. Along with fire he can also use Yin, Water and other magics. Though we normally see him in a shorter form, his true self is a monstrous one with a height of 20 meters resembling a golden-eyed cat-like beast called “the Beast of the End”.

However, he requires a colossal amount of mana to be in that form. In order to do so, he drains the mana out of his surroundings and subsequently they freeze or pause.

Puck possess an amazing ability of reading the surface intentions and thoughts of any individual that comes close to him and also the power to communicate telepathically.

4. Sekhmet

The Witch of Slot who has once killed her entire clan is Sekhmet. She did this because they ruthlessly abandoned her.

Though she had no idea what she was feeling at that moment of abandonment because she was a child, whereas later on she understood that it was hatred and the strong feeling for seeking revenge.


Powers and Potentials

She has the ability to use the Authority of Sloth and also has the potential to to use an upgraded version of the Unseen Hand. this is evident from the scene where she hits things with an incontrollable force without moving.

3. Pandora

Witch of Vainglory and a related member to the Witch Cult worshiping Satella is Pandora. She was the one who attacked the Elven village 100 years ago in company with Regulus. She was also the one who launched an attack on Garkla 30 years ago.


Powers and Potentials

Pandora is the user of Authority of Vainglory. With this she gets the ability to rewrite any phenomenon in her favor and nullify her own death.

This is why she is almost invincible. She also has the power bury people, teleport people and change their memories. The only reason she doesn’t ran higher in the list is the fact that she does not possess any direct offensive ability.

2. Emilia / Satella

The Witch of Envy is Satella. Though Satella and The Witch of Envy are two different personalities. This was formed when she absorbed the incompatible Witch Factors. Both these personalities are in an habit to fight with each other.

Emilia / Satella

Powers and Potentials

Satella employees the Authority of Envy and the Authority of Sloth. Using these she has the ability to cause physical interference by making invisible force field in a hand shape.

In the present moment, anytime Subaru mentions his Return by Death, Satella uses the Unseen Hand to grab his heart as a warning. She also has the power to manipulate shadows, though we still don’t know if this power comes from her Authority of Envy.

1. Reinhard van Astrea

The son of Heinkel Astrea and Louanna Astrea and the strongest character in Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World is Reinhard van Astrea. He is currently a member of the Royal Guard and the Sword Saint. Reinhard is also called “knight among knights”.

Reinhard van Astrea

Powers and Potentials

Reinhard is the possessor of Divine Protection of the Sword Saint. He inherited this sword when he was 5. His power is so extraordinary that even if a small part of this power is awakened it can cause great destruction.

Subaru anyways regards him as a monster. The major reason of Reinhard being so powerful and nearly invincible is that he has the power to wish for any Divine Protection.

This ability has no connection with the fact that he is the Sword Saint. Being the Sword Saint means he has a mastery over swordsmanship and wields the Dragon Sword Reid.


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