Top 10 Strongest Units in the World Trigger
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The analysis of power in the World Trigger is done by using a systematic scale. The Border agents are made to battle solo and in team against each other to be ranked accordingly. These rank battles give teams a chance to be on top.

But which unit is on top right now? Here is a list of the units of Top 10 Strongest Units in the World Trigger who have constantly maintained their rank through fighting various battles.

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10. Katagiri Unit

This unit hasn’t been seen in action from a log time because they were busy recruiting agents for the other units. Katagiri units stands 8th in the Border A level team rank.

Katagiri Unit
Katagiri Unit

These individuals are a part of the HQ branch and were taken from Room 303 a one-shot. In this unit Toichiro Momozono is the snipper, Amakura Asumi is the single Spotter in Border. Not much is known about this unit, but it is said that their retreat and stealth abilities are superior to anyone else.

9. Fuyushima Unit

This unit has only two active fighters and somehow they have managed to maintain a good rank. The leader of this unit is Shinji Fuyushima who is from the Trapper and is able to help his other team mates with his excellent engineering skills.

Fuyushima Unit
Fuyushima Unit

Just like one of the Neighbors Mira, he can also create Wrap from Switchbox. Isami Toma is another member of the unit and is the No.1 ranked Sniper. His battle experience and techniques are very useful.

8. Kako Unit

This unit’s leader is Kako and has two other members. Each individual in the unit has some special skill or power. Kako is a calm person and respects her job, she is also a candidate for Fujin. We actually appreciate her analytical skill when she criticizes Ninomiya.

Kako Unit
Kako Unit

Another member, Futaba Kuroe is from the attacker class and has unimaginable combat skills. Kuroe is a 13-year-old prodigy possessing incredible physical capabilities. Mai Kitagawa is the third member of the unit and a trapper.

7. Tachikawa Unit

The top agent and the leader of this unit- Kei Tachikawa. This unit’s emblem has three Katana blades, two for Tachikawa and one showing Kohei Izumi.

Tachikawa unit
Tachikawa unit

Tachikawa is a free spirited individual who is a bit loose in some area. He makes sure to have his fun in any kind of situation. His powers are so extreme that he was able to defeat 11 rabbits alone and also self-destructive Illgars in only two moves.

Izumi is the Shooting expert of the group and we see Ninomiya begging Izumi to be his mentor.

I know shocking! Similar to Tachikawa, Izumi is also capable of string and intense attacks. The gunner in the unit is Takeru Yuiga who according to Izumi is the weakest link in the unit.

6. Arashiyama Unit

Arashiyama Unit is from the Shinoda faction. This unit was the first A rank team and are the face of Border. This makes it mandatory for them to maintain a good image.

Arashiyama Unit
Arashiyama Unit

This unit has a crazy synchronized coordination which is evident during the Black Trigger arc. The leader of this unit is Jun Arashiyama who possesses a major sibling complex. Still he a charming and optimum leader.

Arashiyama is also a candidate for Fujin. Another member of the unit is Kitora who is a close range All-Rounder. Kitora is a perfect combo- a tsundere and a narcissist.

Mitsuru Tokieda is another All-Rounder in the team who fighting style is freestyle. He is the poker face kid in the series but is the best supporter in Border. Ken Satori possesses the ability to use two rifles at the same time. This is a perfect unit.

5. Kasukabe Unit

Belonging to the HQ branch, Kasukabe Unit is another top ranking unit. Saki Kasukabe is the leader and the operator of the unit which means that this unit has its own ways of working. She is only one doing both these things.

Kasukabe Unit
Kasukabe Unit

 The attacker in the unit is Shun Midorikawa. This kid is literally the best opponent Yuma could ever have, because Yuma admits that without Konami’s training he wouldn’t have any chance to win a battle against Shun.

His fighting style is crazy and said to be animalistic. The All-Rounder of the unit and a Fujin candidate Ryuji Saeki. His trigger is a Defense type called Escudo. The gunner of the team is Kazuma Satomi who holds the No.1 position.

Hyato Uno is the sniper of the team and is extremely powerful.

4. Miwa Unit

This unit deserves a better rank in the series but anyways, it consists of  four individuals Shuji Miwa, Yoneya Yosuke, Toru Narasaka, and Shohei Kodera. All there four agents belong to the Kido Faction.

Miwa Unit
Miwa Unit

The leader Shuji Miwa, is a good guy intentionally pretending to be one of the bad ones. He has a deep rooted hatred for the Neighbors because of his trauma. Miwa also possesses the immense ability to fight against the Aftokrator’s black trigger users.

Another unforgettable member of the unit is Yosuke. We all remember the scene where he stabbed Lamvanein with his spear. His trion levels are low but his analytical battle techniques are incredible.

Narasaka is the No.2 Snipper in Border and rightly deserves the position. He has quick moves and can hit on moving targets as well. On the other hand Kodera depends upon Naraska for commands. They both are prominently supportive of each other.

3. Kazama Unit

The unit with an eye emblem and a top rank holder. Kazama Unit is a master of camouflage and the eye is a symbol of this power. Currently this unit is on a mission which makes the competition easy on the other units.

Kazama Unit
Kazama Unit

This unit possesses the abilities to beat even the black trigger.

The leader of the unit is Soya Kazama. He is one of Border’s most talented agents and a potential candidate for Fujin. He is respected by his team member and is No.2 Attacker. Another member of the unit is Ryo Utagawa- an All-Rounder.

He is the boy next door in the series. Shiro Kikuchihara is the energy booster of the team. His enhanced hearing is a cheat trick for the team.

2. Ninomiya Unit

This is the unit which was restricted from participating in the Aftokrator’s invasion battles. Ninomiya Unit includes individuals who were former A rankers but are now demoted to the B rank.

Ninomiya Unit
Ninomiya Unit

This unit is a bizarre one because of their clothes and appearances.

As the name suggests, Ninomiya is the leader of the unit and is the No.1 Shooter. But for now he is angry and malicious about the demotion. His trion capacity is so incredible that he can make Asteroid without any hand movement.

Tsuji is an another unit member who is an amazing attacker who also possesses the ability to be calm and composed during unsettled situations.

Last but not the least, Inukai is the professionally and immensely experienced gunner in the unit. He hold proficiency over Hound and Asteroid.

1. Tamakoma First ( Kizaki Unit)

The strongest team in the Border – Tamakoma First ( Kizaki Unit). This unit uses triggers that have never been seen before, it is almost impossible to stand against them.

Tamakoma First
Tamakoma First

Jin, the agent who currently ranks second in solo battle was once a part of this unit. Kizaki, Konami, and Karasuma are the member of this unit and are highly accomplished individuals and mentors of other A rank agents.

Kizaki is an All-Rounder and is the example of a perfect agent. He could have been the No, 1 Sniper only if her were still in Border. One of the oldest member of Border and the one who possesses the strength to keep two Neighbors away at a time.

A versatile combatant using Escudo – Karasuma. During the Large Second Invasion he was able to defeat the Rabbits alone. The extremely powerful and No.3 Attacker- Konami. She uses a personalized trigger called the Connector.


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