10 Strongest characters in Legend of Korra
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“Avatar: The Legend of Korra” is a series saturated with powerful and mighty characters and has set itself apart from the regular anime series, in the mainstream highlight.

With the kind of cast this series possesses, it is not surprising that it has captures the attention and interest of millions of people all over the world.

It has been eight years since Nickelodeon aired “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”, still fans continue to appreciate it over various subscription-based platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

Now, without wasting any more time, lets dive into a carefully analyzed list of the 10 Strongest characters in Legend of Korra!

You can watch the show on Netflix.

10. Kya

Kya Legend of Korra!
Kya Legend of Korra!

Kya is the second child of Aang and Katara. She is a sister, a healer and an amazing Air Nomad. When her father Aang died, she was drawn towards learning survival skills to protect her mother Katara.

Kya possesses an impressive and innate water bending power since childhood.

She is capable of surviving under heavy water pressures, and control the shape and form of water with her hydrokinesis powers.

Creating water rings, breaking ice blades, using progressive water techniques and many more techniques are used by her to fight against her enemies.

9. Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong is the courageous and faithful Chief of Police of the Republic City Police Department.

Not many people know this, but she is the first female to get her bending art removed. But she restores it during the show.

Lin Beifong Legend of Korra!
Lin Beifong Legend of Korra!

Lin has always preferred her metal bending art over her earth bending art.

The reason for choosing metal bending is that it is powerful as she can apply seismic sense techniques to lift large object, uncuff metal handcuffs, bend liquid mercury.

Along with this her quick reflexes, amazing detective skills and flexibility made her accomplish the title of the Chief of the Metal bending Police Force!

8. Kuvira

Kuvira the “Great Uniter” is the mightiest leader and has incredible physical abilities.

Her leadership is her identity as she always presents her strong side to save the nation.

Kuvira Beifong Legend of Korra!
Kuvira Beifong Legend of Korra!

She is a political leader manifests peace and with the same motive pursues many other world leader to form an army that will one day bring peace in the Earth Kingdom.

Even though this may seem like a selfless goal, she ends up forming her own dictatorship rule on the Earth Empire.

An iron lady belonging from the Metal Clan and is a master of earth branding. She can bend metal in any form, be it swords, bullets, knives, whips anything.

Further, she manipulates the earth and rocks under her feet, binds her enemy with metal straps and can also move fast across any kind of terrain. What else can anyone ask for?

7. Bolin

Bolin is famous because of his rare ability of lava bending and probably he is the only one left with this power.

He is also an earth bender belonging from a multicultural family and the Fire Nation ethnicity.

Bolin Legend of Korra!
Bolin Legend of Korra!

As stated before, Bolin possesses the ability to manipulate molten lava and stop in from reaching his feet.

With his earth bending powers, he is able to change the lava’s properties and turn it into stone and similar things like it.

His aims are accurate and sharp which he uses in throwing “earth discs” at his opponents like it is some kind of bullet.

Bolin is also a good swimmer because of his fire powers, he was superior over three water benders together. Along with all these abilities he is also quick on his feet and a pro wrestler.

6. Tarrlok

Tarrlok Legend of Korra!
Tarrlok Legend of Korra!

Tarrlok is a person you do not want to cross paths. He is the one who can manipulate a persons body, mainly through blood and parallel to it can control people from behind the curtain with his super manipulative skills.

The dreadful thing is that Tarralok does not kill his opponent completely, he leaves them half-dead after playing around with them using his levitational powers.

Being the son of the head of a crime syndicate (Yakone), Tarrlok also possess the water bending art and is member of the Northern Water Tribe.

Creating waterfall domes, blasting waterfall streams on the opponent are some of the techniques he uses while fighting.

He does this so quickly that his enemies are left with no time to gain enough strength to defend against the attack.

Apart from this, he can also blast several ice projectiles as lightning at his opponents.

5. Amon

Amon possess both the blood bending and water bending arts and is the leader of a group called the The Equalists.

This group believes in the fact that there should be no bending arts and everyone should live an equal life.

Amon Legend of Korra!
Amon Legend of Korra!

Amon is the son of Yakone and is also a part of the  Northern Water Tribe. He is a pro at getting himself out of large bodies.

The combination of his exceptional speed, bending arts, chi blocking and evasion techniques it is literally impossible to defeat Amon. this is also the reason his father calls him a prodigy.

He is also the elder brother of Tarrlok and in comparison is better than Tarrlok when it comes to controlling the opponent.

4. Zaheer

Zaheer is a powerful individual possessing the air bending art and strong conviction.

Though he has had this art only for a shot time but he is already a master of the technique. Justice for Basco and anarchy are his driving forces.

Zaheer Legend of Korra!
Zaheer Legend of Korra!

Being a believer of anarchy means he wants a world where there are no separate nations.

Meaning people who want to live in a government-free society should approach him. In this spirit he kills the the Queen and also causes havoc in the world.

Similar to his air bending powers, he is someone who is known for causing chaos.

He is quick with his moves because of the supporting force of the wind currents and his attacks are accelerated by the wind force.

Along with this he is also the leader of the Red Lotus group – a global anarchist group of militant, this means he is also proficient with martial art techniques.

3. Tenzin

Tenzin is the youngest child of Avatar Katara and Aang and is a master of air bending and spiritual arts. We expect him to be a calm and wise man, but no he is a blood lust. Tenzi displays no care or mercy for his opponent.

Tenzin Legend of Korra!
Tenzin Legend of Korra!

He has the ability to move faster than lighting or the missile projectile used to attack him. Tenzi has quick reflexes and in one word is a “Hermit”.

Even though he resides in the Northern Air Temple alongside the Air Acolytes monks and nuns, he still gives out a teacher vibe throughout the series. He uses a glider to manipulate the air currents.

2. Unalaq

Unalaq is a Dark Avatar and the chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. He is someone you do not want to mess with.

Unalaq Legend of Korra!
Unalaq Legend of Korra!

His features are very much similar to “Chief Powhatan” from Disney’s Pocahontas.

He does not just associate with dark spirits but can also open spirit portals.

We see in the series that he works hard to free Vaatu from the Spirit World jail, of course for his personal gain. If they merge successfully, Uanlaq will be able to declare himself as the Dark Avatar.

His impressive trait is his spirit bending abilities that makes his mark in the show.

1. Korra

The strongest character shown in the “Legend of Korra” is Korra. She is not the typical female protagonist who is shown on the sidelines of the plot.

The very first scene we see her, we know that she is here to make big moves.

korra Legend of Korra!
korra Legend of Korra!

Korra belongs to the Southern Water Tribe, this means she can manipulate water.

She possesses various bending arts energy bend, fire bending, earth bending, and water bending. Also, how can we forget her ability to surpass the “Avatar State”.

She is typical protagonist, who started a romantic connection with her best friend. For this instead of being demotivated the fans appreciated this soft touch to the series.

Her status and power is just so intimidating that it blows the mind of every fan.


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