Top 10 Commandments In Nanatsu No Taizai
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The Ten strongest warriors of the Demon Clan are called the Ten Commandments. Each member of the clan is gifted with a special power. This power is given by the Demon King, and this unique power is called a commandment.

Also, it is because of these powers that each of these warriors is the representative of the Demon Clan.

Nevertheless, none of these warriors stands a chance against the pacifier demon Chandler or the Napping Demon Cusack. There is a question that arises here – “Who is the most powerful amongst these ten commandments?”

We have made a list to answer this question. This list has been contemplated from the manga, so all the information is precise.

You can watch the show on Netflix.

10. Galand the Truth

Galand the Truth
Galand the Truth

According to age, Galand is the oldest member of the Ten Commandments. He is the most powerful demon in the Demon Clan. Galand’s physical strength is that made Diane, the Serpent’s Sin of Envy look tiny.

The Commandment of Truth is his special power. This power allows him to turn people into stone if they lie in front of him.

Ridiculously, he himself turned to stone the time he lied to Escanor. “Critical Over” gives him the ability to increase his physical strength to maximum limits. This strength stays until his magic is exhausted.

9. Fraudin the Selflessness

Fraudin the Selflessness
Fraudin the Selflessness

Fraudin is again a unique demon. He is using the Great Holy Knight Dreyfus’ body as a carrier and he possesses the commandment of Selflessness.

This commandment makes selfish people loose their greed and self-motivated desires and also forget their entire sense of self.

His “Full Size” ability gives him the power to grow to an enormous size which in turn increases his strength and endurance. His range of attacks also widens with this.

Fraudin also has another power called Soshin no Jutsu, which gives him the ability to enter into any person’s body and use it.

8. Melascula the Faith

Melascula the Faith
Melascula the Faith

Melascula is yet again an eminent member of the Ten Commandments. She holds great pride in her power and believes that there having faithlessness is possible. Everybody has if not a lot but a tiny sliver of faithlessness.

Her commandment is called the Commandment of Faith.

So, anyone who reflects faithlessness around her, their eyes will be set on fire.

However, when Ban shows prominent faith in Meliodas, her pride is broken into pieces.

7. Grayroad the Pacifism

Grayroad the Pacifism
Grayroad the Pacifism

A mutated Gray Demon, unique even in the Demon Clan, such is Grayroad. She is referred to as a female in the series by Fraudrin, but her confirm gender is still unknown.

Both she and her commandment is unique, the Commandment of Pacifism is her commandment.

Basically, whoever practices the act of killing in her presence that person’s time is snatched away from him/her and they will quickly age until death. “Curse” is the ability given to her by which she can impose various kinds of illness on her targets.

This way she can defeat her opponent without using the resort of violence.

6. Gloxinia the Repose

Gloxinia the Repose
Gloxinia the Repose

The first king of the Fairy King’s Forest is Gloxinia. He was unfortunately defected later and had to take Commandment of Repose. His ability “Disaster” is the natural powers he shares with the current Fairy King.

This gives him the power to manipulate life and death throughout nature and also take the power of Basquias.

5. Derieri the Purity

Derieri the Purity
Derieri the Purity

Another elite warrior from the Demon Clan is Derieri. She currently serves under the Demon King and her commandment is the commandment of Purity.

As she is a member of the Ten Commandments, she has also been in the ancient Holy War, fighting against the Goddess Clan and other races.

The ability she possesses is the coolest one – “Combo Star”. This ability increases the force of each of her attacks by 200,00 pounds if she keeps attacking continuously.

But if the chain of her attacks is broken, she will have to restart.

4. Monspeet the Reticence

Monspeet the Reticence
Monspeet the Reticence

The Demon King gave Monspeet the Commandment of Reticence. Anyone who would express their hidden feelings or emotions would be muted forever. His ability “Trick Star” is the natural power that allows him to switch two objects.

His levels of durability and endurance are excellent along with his incredible capability of homing attacks and high sensory reflexes.

3. Drole the Patience

Drole the Patience
Drole the Patience

To humans, he is known as Balor. Drole was the founder of the Giant Clan. However later he gets defected to be a warrior of the Demon Clan and serve directly under the Demon King. he was given the Commandment of Patience by the Demon King.

A variation of the giant’s power “Creation”, is Drole’s ability called “Ground”. This ability connects him strongly to the earth because of which he can dissolve the Creation of magic of any lesser giant.

2. Estarossa the Love

Estarossa the Love
Estarossa the Love

Estarossa is one of the strongest warriors and the second son of the Demon King. he was bestowed with the Commandment of Love.

If anyone in his presence possesses hatred in their heart, that person will be deprived of all his power.

His ability is “Full Counter”, which allows him to repel any kind of physical attack, however powerful the attack be. 

1. Zeldris the Piety

Zeldris the Piety
Zeldris the Piety

Zeldris is amongst the highest-ranking demons in the Demon Clan. His special ability is the Ominous Nebula and his power is literally Incalculable. He is the Demon King’s youngest son with the power to defeat Meliodas.

The owner of Commandment Pity and the leader of the Ten Commandments.

The power Zeldris hold extends to the level where if anyone goes against him, that person is treated like a criminal who has committed the most fatal felony.

As a punishment that person has to serve the Demon King. the ability Zeldris has- “Ominous Nebula” helps him create a vortex around him that attracts people towards it and then these people are sliced at an unimaginable speed.


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