Top 10 Kaiju Anime List
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People who have been watching anime or the people who are new to anime “Kaiju” means strange beasts.

So basically, monsters like King Kong and Godzilla are called Kaijus in Japanese. Although Kaijus are different, the most loved type is the giant ones.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Must Watch Kaiju Anime!

10. Blood-C

If you want to create a whole show filled with blood and slaughter Blood C is your go-to.


The story is about a girl named Saya Kisaragi who seems to be a regular innocent girl but actually by the night she is a vicious monster slayer.

Saya has a ceremonial sword that was given to her by her father and with this sword, she is an unforgiving and bloodthirsty monster slayer.

The main issue in the series with the protagonist is that she gets weird flashbacks from which are unknown to her and her only mission is to find the meaning of those flashbacks.

9. Dai-Guard

Dai-Guard is someone who plays around with the fact of normal workers taking giant robots to protect the world from strange alien species.


The earth is no safe because a weird alien species called the Heterodyne have come back after 13 years.

For now, there is no fighting force available to fight against extraterrestrial invaders. So, there are three office workers who have decided to battle with a giant but loosely maintained robot called Dai-Guard.

8. Fafner of the Blue Sky

The series shows a robot that is the epitome of peace for mankind.

Fafner of the Blue Sky
Fafner of the Blue Sky

Tatsumiyajima is the most peaceful and serene island in Japan and all the inhabitants live a calm life.

Only until they find that their existence is in danger and a giant robot known as Fafner fights to save the people from disasters.

7. God Eater

God Eater is a series that shows one of the coolest and deadliest weapons in the world.

God Eater Kaiju anime
God Eater Kaiju anime

We see humanity on the edge of extinction because of “Aragami”. Aragami is a man-eating monster and the only way to kill the monster is by “God Eater”.

God Eaters are special humans with Oracle cells given to them by God Arc. There is an organization named Fenrir for the God Eaters.

Furthermore, what we see is battles lead by God Eaters to save the world.

6. Digimon Adventure (1999)

For people who love anything monster, Digimon Adventure (1999) is perfect for you.

Digimon Adventure (1999)
Digimon Adventure (1999)

During a Summer Camp, a group of kids who are unaware of their future is transported to a completely new world.

The kids only have their partners and a strange device called the “Digivice”. The world they are transported to is called the Digi world which is saturated with Digital Monsters called “Digimon”.

The group of kids is led by Taichi Yagami and they are all set on the journey to somehow go back home.


 For all those people looking for Mechs and Monsters together in one anime, SSSS.GRIDMAN is your destination.


The protagonist Yuuta Hibiki has no recollection of his past and discovers himself in the room of Rikka Takarada. In that room, he hears a mysterious voice calling his name and later he finds out that the voice was of a robot.

The robot is Gridman who is a hyper agent nobody can hear except Yuuta.

Furthermore, there are monsters who invade the city, and Yuuta and Gridman join hands to fight against these monsters.

4. Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the FranXX is a series about the innocent romance of teens in the world of crisis.

Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX

The series is set in a fortress city named Plantations that is established to save humans from the dangerous Klaxosaurs- giant beasts who are on the hunt to kill humans.

The story is that if the humans want to survive their only rescue is FranXX which is a large human-piloted mecha. The protagonist Hiro, is shown as an aspiring FranXX pilot who is forced to join the force of pilot back after the attack on Plantation.

3. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Rage of Bahamut shows a world living in the fear of being destroyed by a dragon.

This world is called Mistarcia, where both gods and demons live together. In this land, there is an ancient dragon named Bahamut who was sealed by both gods and demons as it had caused havoc in the whole world.

Rage of Bahamut- Genesis
Rage of Bahamut- Genesis

The key of the sealed place was split between both the deities. We see Favaro Leone, a bounty hunter who is lively and carefree. Another character is Amira, who has one of the key and the power to break disaster over the world.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion

This series is about the existence of human conscience and emotions in the world of hard human survival.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Humankind is on the verge of extinction and the special agency Nerv of the United Nations is set out to save humanity from Angels. This force uses huge machines called Evangelions to fight.

One of the main characters, Gendou Ikari is the head of the organization with her comrade. They are searching for the best pilot to operate the Evangelion.

1. Attack on Titan

The series revolves around the idea of humans surviving against the Titans. Many centuries ago, humans were forced to reside inside defensive barriers to protect themselves from the Titans. Titans are ferocious human-eating monsters.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

The humans have peacefully survived in those barriers for centuries, but this time one huge Titan is able to trespass the barriers.

This is the time survival against man-eating obscenity begins.

The protagonist is Eren Yeager whose mother died and he surrendered himself to the Survey Corps group to fight against the titans by eliminating each one of them.


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