Strongest Characters In Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun
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We are bringing something back from the fall collection of 2019. “Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun” or “Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun”  is a Japanese manga series.

The writer of this series is Osamu Nishi. The series started airing in March 2017 in Akita Shoten’s shōnen magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion.

The manga currently has fifteen volumes and the format of these volumes is tankōbon. 

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the strongest character in Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun or “Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun”.

You can watch this anime series on Netflix.

10. Behemolt


Behemolt, also known as the Lord of the Gluttony, is a demon. He belongs to the 13 Crowns. The 13 Crowns is a powerful and nobility class of demons in the society.

9. Paimon


Paimon or the Lord of Principal Spirit is a demon hero of the 13 Crowns. She possesses a different and elite accent and also has access to the Babel Tower.

There is no information on her particular rank, but we know that she is a powerful and renowned demon in society.

8. Baal


Thunder Lord or Baal is again a demon hero of the 13 Crowns. He has the ability to produce and control electricity.

Magical Tools Research at Babirus Demon School is founded by Baal and just like his other friends he also holds an ace rank.

7. Amaymon


Amaymon is also known as the Lord of the Four Corners and is one of the 13 Crowns.

His appearance is something like an anthropomorphic wolf.

6. Astaroh


Astaroh, also known as the Lord of All Seer is a demon hero and a part of the 13 Crowns.

The rank he holds is unknown but it is supposed that the rank given to him is quite high among 13 Crown.

5. Belzebuth


Second in Command to the Three Greats/Three Great Heroes is Belzebuth. His is ranked among the 5 most powerful demon in the society.

The rank isn’t officially known but it has to probably be second or third. Belzabeth is another one from the 13 Crown who has access to the Babel Tower.

4. Beliard


Beliard against has access to the Babel Tower and ranks Teth (the second-highest rank) in the system.

The more important fact to know is that he is a part of the Three Greats. Three Greats are three elite individuals who have the chance to be the next Demon King.

3. Lady Levi

Lady Levi
Lady Levi

Lady Levi is in the running for becoming the Demon King and is also one of the 13 Crowns.

Being in the consideration of the next Demon King means she is also one of the Three Greats. She is ranked Teth in the demon ranking system.

2. Lord Sullivan

Lord Sullivan

Sullivan is Iruma’s ditzy and doting adoptive grandparent. However, he is one of the most powerful and prominent demons in society. He is someone who actually deserves to be the Demon King.

Sullivan is shown at the ace of Teth rank and later he scores the Yodh rank. He has incredible powers of manipulation time.

1. Demon King Derkila

Lord Sullivan
Demon King Derkila

The Demon King of the demon world, Derkila who is undoubtedly the strongest and most powerful character in the series.

Somehow, Derkila is out of action due to unknown reasons. He has been the Demon King over 13 Crowns. These 13 Crowns are some of the strongest demons.

His orders in the society are final. The magic he possesses is inherited and unknown but is surely extremely powerful.


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