Top 10 Dance Anime you Must-Watch this Season
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“Dance” is the rhythmic movement of the body some accompanied by music. But it is not that you cannot dance without music. Dance is a way to express your feelings that cannot be told in words.

Over time dance as an art has evolved according to culture and the environment. This evolution has resulted in the formation of different dance forms all over the world.

The development of dance across all nations has made dance one of the most popular art forms of entertainment and expression. So, we made a list of the Top 10 Dance Anime you Must-Watch this Season!

10. Tribe Cool Crew

Tribe Cool Crew is a series showing that love and passion can take you miles.

Tribe Cool Crew
Tribe Cool Crew

Haneru Tobiatsu is a passionate dancer who practices every day in the hall outside his school. She has always fantasized about being like his idol Jey El.

Tobiatsu was discovered by Kanon Otosaki aka Rhythm of the online dancing world. He teams up with her and forms a team under the name “Tribe Cool Crew” with some other dancers. And this is the beginning of their street dancing journey.


The iDOLM@STER series shows the struggles of managing a personal and professional life simultaneously, special if you are an idol.


The production company in the series is 765 Production Studio. This studio manages 13 professional rising star idols. However, their path is not smooth because of their rival 961 Productions.

With the pressure of reaching the top, the girls start working twice hard on their performances, which eventually leads to their gradual detachment from their families.

Their struggle to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives is shown.

8. Wake Up, Girls!

This series shows the difficulties an infamous idol group has to face to make it to the top. After their first performance as an Idol group, their manager runs away with the money. Tragic, I know.

Wake Up, Girls!
Wake Up, Girls!

Further, being left with no money and future, the girls somehow get a business proposal but this is a shady one.

Without giving it much thought, the girls accepted the proposal and then began their struggle to become a popular Idol Group.


This series shows the journey of a girl trying to make it to the top by managing a rising idol group.


Tsumugi Takanashi joins her father’s production company and is somehow made the manager of the idol group of seven boys.

On the very first day as a manager, she was given the task to reduce the number of boys in the group to three because the most popular idol group has only three dancers.

However, after watching those boys perform, Tsumugi tell her dad that no one would be cut out and the group was them named IDOLiSH7.

6. Hanayamata

The series depicts the kind of dance that attracts others to join in and explore the world of dance.


The protagonist Naru Sekiya desires to be a princess but is just an average high school girl.

But of course, the reality was brutal on her. She was expecting a colorful high school life which turned out to be a dark one.

Further in the story, she meets a transfer student named Hana, and Naru’s life literally changes from that point on and she was also asked to be a member of the dancing club.

5. Princess Tutu

An extremely jolly and holistically entertaining dancing anime is Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu

The main character Ahiru was a duck that was transformed into a human girl. This transformation was done by Drosselmeyer. But soon she finds out that the only reason she exists is to make other people happy.

Ahiru wears an egg-shaped pendant that transfers her into a ballet dancer known as Princess Tutu. This Princess Tutu has the power to help people leave their sadness behind with her dance.

4. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project is a series that shows a girl’s efforts to save her school from shutting down.

Love Live! School Idol Project
Love Live! School Idol Project

The school Otonokizaka is shown to be on the brink of shutting down as the new admissions have hit a low point.

 In the spirit to save her school, a second-year girl named Honoka Kousaka decides to participate in the Love Live competition which will be a helpful platform to determine that her school is the best idol school in Japan.

Fighting against various obstacles, Honoka finally makes it to the competition and saves her school from shutting down.

3. Aikatsu Stars!

Aikatsu Stars is a series showing the importance of reinventing yourself at crucial moments in life.

Aikatsu Stars!
Aikatsu Stars!

The most popular idol group S4 belongs to the Four Stars Academy. Yume Nijino joins the academy feeling a step closer to her dream of being a member of the elite S4.

But it is not an easy way up to the top. She faints at her first years’ opening performance and furthermore struggles to survive in the academy. Later she crosses paths with her enemy Rola Sakuraba and finally gets something to ignite the passion to reach the top.

2. Brave Beats

This series is about a robot trying to repossess his power to dance.

Brave Beats
Brave Beats

The protagonist of the series is a robot name Bureikin who was kicked out of the dance world to the human world after losing the dance king’s challenge. This is not it, even the Dance Stone was snatched away from him.

The Dance Stone is a thing that gives its owner the power to dance. In the human world, all Bureikin wants to do is to find his dance back and somehow he becomes friends with Hibiki Kazaguruma- a sixth-standard student.

Bureikin sets out to find the Dance stone around the earth to regain his powers.

1. Welcome to the Ballroom

The best-animated dancing anime series ever made is Welcome to the Ballroom.

Welcome to the Ballroom
Welcome to the Ballroom

The protagonist of the series is Tatara Fujita. He is a middle schooler who has literally no idea what he wants to do in the future.

One day, Tatara was bullied by some students on his way home. But he was saved by Kaname Sengoku and dragged him to the dance studio. This was a mistake as Tatara was taken to be a dance trial candidate.

Eventually, Tatara gets fascinated by the whole dancing idea and his desire to become a dancer grows fond.


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