Carnival Phantasm Filler List
Carnival Phantasm Filler List
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We are supplying you with the last word and up to date Carnival Phantasm Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Carnival Phantasm Filler Episodes.


Carnival Phantasm Episode List

1fifth Great Clash of the MagiciansManga Canon2011-08-12
2Badump! Melty Blood!Manga Canon2011-08-12
3It’s a Daydream EverywhereManga Canon2011-08-12
4Badump! Date Super Plan!Manga Canon2011-08-12
5Berserker’s First ErrandManga Canon2011-10-28
6Type-Moon Serial TV Novel SakuraManga Canon2011-10-28
7An Expert GiftManga Canon2011-10-28
8Saber at workManga Canon2011-10-28
9Holy Grail Grand PrixManga Canon2011-12-31
10Loli ReversionManga Canon2011-12-31
11Final Dead LancerManga Canon2011-12-31
12Badump! Date Super Plan Answer!Manga Canon2011-12-31

What Is Carnival Phantasm Filler List?

Looking for info on the Carnival Phantasm filler checklist? Well, Carnival Phantasm anime filler checklist is a good factor to look at. It is the very best collection to cheer your self up. 

Carnival Phantasm is a comedy OVA collection primarily based on Eri Takenashi. He is the writer of Kannagi: Insane Shrine Maidens, Take-Moon, the Type-Moon gag manga.

Carnival Phantasm takes a choice of characters from Type-Moon ‘s authentic works. It locations them in a wide range of light-hearted conditions that spoof their respective collection.

Watch the distress of Lancer due to his low luck standing on this collection. See the useless King of Heroes fortunately kneel to a King of Knights dominatrix. 

The collection focuses on amusing and odd issues that occur to be very completely different. There are Moon franchise characters, typically from Fate. The Ahnenerbe is a store/pub that seems in alternate worlds and disappears.

An expertise known as “The Carnival Moment” occurs as soon as each ten years. In this, the tales from different realms and universes cross paths, enabling characters from completely different tales.

Shirou is the principle hero of Fate/keep evening. He is proven to like spending time with the ladies in his life.

He at all times bends backward to maintain all women completely satisfied. Shirou additionally guarantees to go on 2-4 simultaneous dates. He does this in order that none of them will really feel lonely or ignored.

He seems in lots of segments of Carnival Phantasm. Shirou could be very naive. He thinks that each one of his women get alongside completely.

He normally appears unaware of a few of their extra underhanded efforts to carry him to themselves. The story is wonderful usually, filled with enjoyable, and absurd. You should give it a watch.

Last Words

So now you’ve got the Carnival Phantasm Filler List that has all Carnival Phantasm Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler checklist of another anime collection, do tell us within the remark part.


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