Trek to Yomi Trophy Guide & Achievements Guide
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In Trek to Yomi you will play the role of a Samurai warrior who must protect his town and people. Here we have all the list of trophies and achievements.

Trek to Yomi Trophy Guide & Achievements Guide

Below are all the trophies & achievements:

  • A Trek to Remember: Collect all other trophies
  • End of kindergarten: Finish Chapter 1
  • After the storm: Finish Chapter 2
  • Dust and ashes: Finish Chapter 3
  • Fleeting destiny: Finish Chapter 4
  • Afterlife traveler: Finish Chapter 5
  • Trek’s end?: Finish Chapter 6
  • Samurai dies twice: Complete the game
  • This will come in handy: Collect first Upgrade (All Collectibles & Upgrades)
  • Dedicated Collector: Collect all Upgrades (All Collectibles & Upgrades)
  • Leave no stone unturned: Find all lore collectibles (All Collectibles & Upgrades)
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: Complete the game in Ronin mode
  • Follow your heart: Complete the game with the path of love (Choose Yuki at the end of chapter 6)
  • Men-Kaeshi-Dou: Execute 50 successful counters
  • Follow your blade: Complete the game with the path of fury (Choose Revenge at the end of chapter 6)
  • Follow your mind: Complete the game with the path of duty (Choose Duty at the end of chapter 6)
  • Bloodlust: Perform 50 finishers (staple on Ronin difficultly.)
  • Big Bertha: Kill 3 enemy at once with ozutsu (Chapter 4 > enemies all in a line)
  • Early End: For killing the boss in chapter 3
  • Young blood: Kill 1st enemy
  • I’ll put this spear into…: Kill Sadatame without getting hit
  • No, that’s not possible…: Kill Kagerou Shogun without getting hit
  • That woman is a demon!: Kill Aiko Demon without getting hit
  • Forgive me, sensei: Kill Sanjuro Demon without getting hit
  • Clash in a mirror: Kill Hiroki Demon without getting hit
  • Demon’s dread: Kill Kagerou Demon without getting hit
  • Unstoppable: Complete the game on Kensei mode
  • Untouchable: Complete a whole chapter without dying and using a shrine (Chapter 2 > Easiest difficulty)
  • Malicious mischief: Kill 10 enemies without using any weapon


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