X Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated X Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all X Filler Episodes.


X Episode List

1A ReunionManga Canon2001-10-03
2A NightmareManga Canon2001-10-10
3A PledgeManga Canon2001-10-17
4A SacrificeManga Canon2001-10-24
5A DestinyManga Canon2001-10-31
6KouyaManga Canon2001-11-07
7CyberManga Canon2001-11-14
8GeminiManga Canon2001-11-21
9OnmyouManga Canon2001-11-28
10InukiManga Canon2001-12-05
11BorderManga Canon2001-12-12
12AlternativeManga Canon2001-12-19
13ReturnManga Canon2002-01-09
14GatheringManga Canon2002-01-16
15GuardianManga Canon2002-01-23
16SlaughterManga Canon2002-01-30
17WishManga Canon2002-02-06
18NewbornManga Canon2002-02-13
19InfernoManga Canon2002-02-20
20RippleManga Canon2002-02-27
21CurrentManga Canon2002-03-06
22BetrayalManga Canon2002-03-13
23EarthManga Canon2002-03-20
24LegendManga Canon2002-03-27

What Is X Filler List?

X was a series of anime which ran from 2001 to 2002. A total of 24 episodes of X anime filler list have been aired. X anime filler list doesn’t have a confirmed filler and it is a journey into horror fiction; it incorporates elements with its myths from different end-of-the-world visions,  both scientific and religious.

In 1999, after a six-year break, a young teen named Kamui Shirō returned to Tokyo. He arrives to secure those dear friends to him, Kotori and Fūma Monou, and to fulfill the dying desire of his mom for a change of destiny.

As superhuman persons assemble and take sides in Tokyo, Armageddon’s battle site, the end of the world is quickly reaching. After the arrival of Kamui, the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, in the showdown for the future of mankind, the two factors fight for the loyalty of the young person, persuaded that his strength would ensure their win.

The first one to touch Kamui is the Dragons of Heaven. Hinoto, a dream gazer for the Parliament of Japan, directs the Dragons of Heaven. They are the kekkai’s defenders, spiritual pillars that keep together all the structures of nature. Judgment Day is delayed as long as the kekkai lives.

The Dragons of the World are the equivalent of the Dragons of the Heavens. They aim to kill the kekkai and trigger earthquakes so that the World can be rid of humankind’s plague. Hinoto’s sister, Kanoe, assistant to the Governor of Tokyo, gathered them.

He decides that he only wants to defend Kotori and Fūma, and becomes a Dragon of Heaven, as Kamui is compelled to choose among two sides. Around the same moment, when he was supposed to be the reverse of Kamui, Fūma has a shift of character and becomes the ‘Kamui’ of the Dragons of Earth.

 Kotori is destroyed by Fūma and vows to kill Kamui. Kamui assists the Dragons of Heaven in their battle against Dragons of Earth by agreeing that he hopes to put Fūma back to normal. Because of the difficulties surrounding the serialization of the manga, Clamp has yet to finish the story of the book.

Kamui goes to face Fūma as Hinoto commits suicide to save her alternative self from harming the Dragons of Heaven. Kamui is murdered by Fūma as a result of the battle but uses his last powers to change his body into a kekkai that saves the world from shifting from the Earth’s Dragons and allows Fūma to recover to his former life.

Last Words

So now you have the X Filler List that has all X Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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