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Emma: A Victorian Romance Episode List

1The GiftManga Canon2005-04-02
2Two WorldsManga Canon2005-04-09
3The ConfessionManga Canon2005-04-16
4Mudie’sManga Canon2005-04-23
5Dinner PartyManga Canon2005-04-30
6The VisitManga Canon2005-05-07
7Crystal PalaceManga Canon2005-05-14
8PocketwatchManga Canon2005-05-21
9AloneManga Canon2005-05-28
10Missing One AnotherManga Canon2005-06-04
11PastManga Canon2005-06-11
12Lily of the ValleyManga Canon2005-06-18
13A New HouseManga Canon2007-04-16
14MoonlightManga Canon2007-04-23
15Cool RainManga Canon2007-04-30
16CourtshipManga Canon2007-05-07
17EmbraceManga Canon2007-05-14
18Success and LossManga Canon2007-05-21
19Evening WavesManga Canon2007-05-28
20WhereaboutsManga Canon2007-06-04
21ResolutionManga Canon2007-06-11
22By the WindowManga Canon2007-06-18
23TimeManga Canon2007-06-25
24FlowerManga Canon2007-07-02

What Is Emma A Victorian Romance Filler List?

Emma filler list is a Kaoru Mori historical romance manga. Emma anime filler list tells the story of Emma. She is a maid who works for Kelly Stownar, a former governess.

One day, one of Kelly’s former students, William Jones comes to pay a friendly visit. He is the elder son of a rich businessman.

He gets a crush on the reserved maid Emma when he sees her. And soon, Emma also falls for the gentleman. However, the two of them should not be together because of their different classes.

Emma is Kaoru Mori’s Japanese historical romance manga. It was published in the magazine Comic Beam by Enterbrain and collected in 10 volumes of tankōbon.

The series, titled Emma-A Victorian Romance, has been adapted as an anime TV series. Emma’s main character is Mrs. Emma Jones. Before marrying William Jones, she served as a maid.

In the 20th century, England plays host to a beautiful and emotional tale of love. Between two people of completely different social statuses in the Victorian period.

Emma is a young woman who is kind, quiet, and soft-spoken. Originally from a poor Yorkshire seaside town.  Emma was kidnapped as a young girl to be sold to a whorehouse in London.

She managed to escape. But in London, she got lost and she managed to do some odd jobs. She did all this before she was taken as her maid under Kelly Stownar’s wing.

Emma was taught a number of subjects and special skills under Kelly’s guidance. She especially learned reading and writing, as well as caring for & maintaining a house.

Despite their allocated roles in life, working-class maid Emma and rich businessman William Jones find themselves falling for each other.

And it is their ongoing attempts to navigate the dangerous minefields of money, influence. And a staunch tradition that provides the gripping emotional drama of Emma’s Kaoru Mori. 

But despite their best efforts to avoid each other, the relationship between William and Emma is growing. And their feelings for each other are proving stronger than the toughest judgments.

This is an impassioned tour de force of two people. They aspire to never give up on their love. It comes from the author of the acclaimed series Otoyomegatari.

But will the relationship between William and Emma fall victim to the slew of unexpected ordeals that emerge to threaten it, or will they get their happy ending? Emma has a very beautiful story of romance. If you like romantic shows and want to know what happens next, you have to watch it.

Last Words

So now you have the Emma A Victorian Romance Filler List that has all Emma A Victorian Romance Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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