Black Noir is a former member of The Seven, the silent murderer of the group who was feared by many. He is portrayed as a tragic character all through The Boys. He did not actually take pleasure in life as a hero, since he craved performing and fame. Vought made him conceal his face to be able to retain his reputation, however Black Noir needed to be on the large display.

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This would have confirmed that he might nonetheless be in style with out the masks. However, Soldier Boy cruelly destroyed his face and stored him from getting the function. Although Black Noir has gone by a lot, this does not excuse or erase any of his crimes. He nonetheless has blood on his arms, and no tragic story or hidden smooth aspect is sufficient to redeem him.

10 He Hurt Someone When He Was A Child

When Black Noir was within the Buster Beaver Restaurant, he hallucinated the looks of Buster and the opposite animated characters. They tried to consolation him, recounting occasions of his previous. Through a line of dialogue, Buster talked about that he hid in a ball pit after he paralyzed Lewis Frankel.

Although Buster mentioned that it was one thing he could not run away from, Black Noir would not be related to the occasion. The public does not know precisely who’s behind the masks. Rather than concluding that he should not harm another folks, he took his energy and used it towards many others.

9 He Slaughtered People In Naquib’s Hideout

Black Noir was despatched to kill Naquib and his followers in Al Zabadani, Siberia. He carried out his orders with a substantial amount of brutality. He lower open the throats of a lady and a guard, and ripped open a second guard’s jaw. He decapitated Naquib himself after taking a blast from the supe.

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These deaths have been unnecessarily violent, and most weren’t mercifully swift. Homelander would reward him for being so environment friendly and dependable, however that’s as a result of Black Noir is sweet at killing. This is hardly one thing praiseworthy.

8 Black Noir Comforted A Child After Killing His Father

After beheading Naquib, Black Noir walked by the constructing and encountered Naquib’s son. The youngster was so surprised that he could not say a phrase. Some followers praised Black Noir for having a smooth aspect in the direction of harmless life as a result of he picked up the boy’s bunny doll and waved it round to consolation and distract him.

However, there is no such thing as a telling how he would have reacted if the kid tried to scream for assist. Black Noir additionally does not trouble hiding his father’s head from him, turning and letting the boy get take a look at it proper after placing the doll down.

7 He Taught Homelander To Lie To The Masses

During Homelander’s early days as a hero, he and Black Noir have been tasked with caring for a hostage scenario at a chemical plant. Black Noir arrived after Homelander, to see that Homelander had killed each terrorists and hostages in a match of rage. Homelander went after Black Noir subsequent, assuming he would inform Vought.

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Black Noir tricked Homelander into lasering the final terrorist and a gas tank, and broke the neck of the final harmless hostage. To cowl up the error, he instructed Homelander to misinform the media. The two supposed heroes lied that the terrorists triggered the explosion, and Homelander tried to cowl up the bomb along with his physique.

6 He Ran Away When He Heard Soldier Boy Was Back

When Black Noir heard that Soldier Boy had returned to the United States, Black Noir flew right into a panic. He lower out his monitoring chip, gave it to a close-by worker, and fled. He did not wish to confront Soldier Boy once more, and feared such an encounter.

When he did return, he insisted that he and Homelander ought to kill Soldier Boy. He figured that it was the one strategy to cease Soldier Boy from being a menace. Even although he knew that Homelander was Soldier Boy’s son, he nonetheless insisted that Homelander ought to participate within the homicide.

5 Black Noir Left Kimiko For Dead

Black Noir was initially after Frenchie, however was knocked into the dumpster by Kimiko. This began a brutal battle between the 2. Noir slashed at Kimiko along with his knives and ended the combat rapidly, exhibiting that he was a way more skilled killer. He used one knife to pin her foot down, earlier than stabbing her within the abdomen.

After she was given supposedly mortal wounds, he simply left her there for another person to scrub up. This exhibits a substantial amount of disrespect to her, however this disrespect is the explanation why she was in a position to regenerate with out him realizing.

4 He Used His Silence To Intimidate Others

Black Noir is a particularly threatening determine in Vought. In order to get what he desires, all he has to do is stand subsequent to somebody. His silence is sufficient to intimidate anybody, particularly those that are acquainted with the issues that he has completed.

At a celebration, he sat subsequent to a pianist and continued to sit down there till the poor man fled. When trying to find Butcher, he went to Anika in Crime Analytics. He requested her to trace down his newest goal, however she hesitated. She rapidly caved in. His silence felt like some obscure, unstated menace.

3 He Is Extremely Loyal To Vought

Black Noir is extraordinarily loyal to Vought, to the purpose the place many individuals, together with Soldier Boy, have acknowledged that Black Noir would by no means do something that wasn’t within the firm’s greatest pursuits. He all the time efficiently follows any orders he’s given, irrespective of how bloody or ugly.

He is simply keen to again down if Stan Edgar or somebody of comparable affect within the firm tells him to. He additionally does not appear to query any orders that he’s given, because the one time he’s seen defying orders, he fails to put on the helmet that will have saved his face from Soldier Boy.

2 Black Noir Gave Soldier Boy To The Russians

Soldier Boy was extremely abusive in the direction of his crew. He instructed Black Noir that he was nugatory, ruined Noir’s possibilities to be in Beverly Hills Cop by mendacity about him, and he beat his teammates mindless on multiple event. Every member of Payback needed him gone.

They all agreed to Stan Edgar’s provide and betrayed Soldier Boy in Nicaragua. They succeeded, having no regret that Soldier Boy would quickly be subjected to many painful experiments that will check his endurance. Black Noir needed Soldier Boy to stay there perpetually.

1 He Attacked Maeve

When Homelander went to confront Maeve, he knew that she was planning his downfall with Butcher. After she admitted that she all the time pitied and hated him, Black Noir appeared out of nowhere to assault her. He assisted in her seize, though it isn’t sure if he knew that Homelander deliberate to reap her eggs towards her will.

Even if he knew what these plans have been, it’s uncertain that he would actually care, as he prioritized Homelander’s wants over the opposite members of The Seven.

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