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Destiny 2 (D2) is one among Bungie’s most recognizable titles. After the blossoming success of the unique recreation, D2 was launched in 2017. Since then, the sport has seen the loss of life of beloved Vanguard, Cayde-6, battle with the Cabal, and two of Destiny’s largest expansions, Forsaken and The Witch Queen.

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What makes D2 stand out from different MMO video games is the spectacular continuation of the Guardians’ story and the lore that builds the world. D2 could be performed casually, or if a Guardian chooses, they will dive into the wealthy and interesting underbelly of what makes this world come to life by way of lore books and grimoires.

10 The Darkness Has Plans For The Guardians

The Guardians have at all times drawn their energy from the Traveler. After loss of life, if the Traveler chooses them, a Ghost will discover the deceased’s corpse and reanimate it. Reborn, this particular person now enjoys immortality as long as their Ghost stays alive, however additionally they take pleasure in unbelievable skills. Originally restricted to skills granted by the Traveler (the Light), Guardians might solely harness the facility of arc, photo voltaic, and void.

When the Beyond Light growth hit D2, it modified the whole lot. Guardians had been capable of commune with the Darkness, one thing that ought to go in opposition to their nature. This manifested within the Stasis tremendous, permitting Guardians to harness the Darkness. The Darkness has manifested itself to appear to be a strategy to obtain peace, however multiple lore entries suggest this can be a facade to realize belief. It desires extra from the Guardians.

9 Osiris & Saint-14’s Relationship

Osiris, one of many oldest warlocks in Destiny and Ikora Ray’s mentor, forces the Guardian to assist save Saint-14. Saint-14 was a titan that the Guardians held in excessive regard on account of his energy and sacrifice. The gamers had by no means met him as a result of he died earlier than the start of the unique recreation.

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Being pressured again in time to avoid wasting somebody that the group collectively accepted the loss of life of appeared unusual. Players acquired the sensation that Saint meant extra to Osiris than he was letting on, and it turned out to be true. D2 formally made them an overtly homosexual couple. It made Savathun’s possession of Osiris way more uncomfortable when the reveal occurred.

8 How & Why Clovis Bray Created The Exos

Exos had been created by the Clovis Bray Corp. throughout the Golden Age as a shell for human consciousness (an exomind) to be uploaded into. The thought was easy. Importing a human consciousness right into a sturdy shell that could possibly be modified and maintained would create artificial immortality.

Early renditions of this system weren’t profitable, although. After importing an exomind, many degenerated over time. Their minds could possibly be “reuploaded,” however the identical degeneration would inevitably occur. This finally claimed Clovis Bray II. Clovis I solved this downside with mysterious assist from Clarity Control and used Vex radiolarian fluid to stabilize the exomind. Altering the fluid with Clarity solved the difficulty.

7 What Sword Logic Means To The Hive

Sword Logic is an idea recognized to most who are available in contact with the Hive, although the reality behind it could be unclear. Sword Logic is faith for the Hive that guides how the Hive behaves and what grants the Hive their energy. Similar to the philosophies of the Darkness, it’s believed to be the Hive’s interpretation of one thing larger, very similar to people decoding God.

“Existence is the struggle to exist.” This is the widespread theme of Sword Logic. If one can not defend oneself and survive, it should not exist in any respect. Ultimately, this philosophy ought to result in a self-sustaining society that won’t crumble as a result of the highly effective will at all times endure.

6 Oryx Becomes The Taken King

Oryx, the Taken King, was the unique recreation’s largest adversary. Developing the power to take creatures in opposition to their will and switch them into his taken military, Oryx appeared just like the worst the Guardians would ever need to face, however he was solely one among three siblings. Savathun, recognized for her crafty and mind, shortly surpassed her brother as essentially the most spectacular creature the Guardians face in D2.

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However, the Witch Queen and the God of War, Xivu Arath, had been slaughtered by Oryx. In order to change into the Taken King and acquire the facility to defeat Ecumeme, he wanted to result in his sisters’ closing deaths. He then introduced them again by utilizing their respective traits in opposition to their enemy. Oryx’s crafty rebirthed Savathun, and his act of battle did the identical for Xivu Arath.

5 The Drifter Doesn’t Trust The Light

The Drifter was launched in D2 as a rogue lightbearer who distrusts the Light. He hosts a PVP mode referred to as Gambit that permits you to summon Taken and drop them in your opponents in a show that the Vanguard would by no means approve of. At one level, the Guardian has to decide on to facet with Drifter or rat him out to the Vanguard, however whatever the selection, he sticks round.

He even finally ends up working with Eris Morn throughout The Witch Queen. His relationship with the Traveler is fascinating, although. Believing his Light has taken away his humanity, the Drifter does not truly like his Ghost. His skills are additionally obscure and unknown, as he does not conform to the lifetime of a Guardian.

4 Emperor Calus: Herald Of The Witness

Calus initially led the Cabal earlier than Ghaul (the primary antagonist of D2’s first marketing campaign, The Red War) overthrew him. For a very long time, gamers had been enchanted by the thriller of Calus. As Guardians boarded his Leviathan to take part in a number of raids, he was at all times current within the shadows.

Only lately has it been uncovered that Calus, throughout his exile, communed with the Witness. Integrating with the Darkness, Calus became the Witness’ Herald. He has at all times acted as a warning for what’s to return. He tried to manage the Lunar Pyramids of Beyond Light, however the Guardians stopped him because of an alliance along with his daughter, Empress Caiatl.

3 Cayde Remembers The Darkness

This bit of data is troublesome to get ahold of, even for thorough lore hunters. That’s as a result of it was hidden within the Collector’s Edition of The Taken King. While this sources again to the unique recreation, given how necessary the Darkness is, it is price mentioning.

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Cayde-6 leaves a single journey entry behind describing the collapse of the Golden Age and the Darkness that burst by way of the world. Popular lore YouTuber MyNameIsByf included the journal in one of his videos. It describes the sky torn open and tendrils engulfing him because the Darkness “consumes” him.

2 Before He Was The Crow, He Was Uldren Sov

Prince of the Awoken, Mara Sov’s brother, and the primary antagonist of Forsaken. Since the Guardian’s first encounter with Uldren Sov in Destiny, followers of the franchise hated the prince. Finding him impolite and insupportable, they usually neglected the intricacies of Uldren’s story. Still, after Forsaken and his resurrection because the Guardian Crow, his story is extra necessary now than ever.

Book: The Forsaken Prince covers Uldren’s story. From his discovery of the Black Garden to his management over the elite Crow power to his unhealthy ties to Mara, Uldren was doomed from the start. When sacrificed to an Ahamkara by his personal sister, he has little hope of resisting its affect, turning him into the sophisticated man who fathered the Scorn and killed Cayde-6.

1 Darkness Reveals Itself As The Witness

For years, the Darkness has been a catchall time period for the forces that oppose the Light. The power that introduced the Golden Age to its knees. Guardians have at all times been conscious of its presence. Over the years, they’ve even developed a sophisticated relationship with it. But, harnessing the Darkness and manifesting it into the Stasis tremendous, gamers have change into extra entwined with it than ever earlier than.

Whether the Witness is the Darkness itself or just a toddler of the Darkness (as Savathun describes it) is but to be seen, however the Witness is extremely highly effective. Master of the Black Fleet, even Savathun appears to worry the Witness.

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