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The Harry Potter collection is understood for its many lovable, relatable, and entertaining characters, lots of whom have turn into popular culture icons over time. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are thought of to be among the finest in each literature and movie and can proceed to influence Wizarding World admirers for years to come back.

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Some Harry Potter characters, nonetheless, appear to have rubbed followers the mistaken approach for one motive or one other and often get listed because the saga’s most-hated characters. Whether it’s as a result of they’re significantly annoying, odd, or just horrible individuals with no redeeming qualities, some Harry Potter characters won’t ever handle to get on the followers’ good facet.

Updated By Alexandra Locke on August 26, 2022: The Harry Potter franchise has many lovable characters. However, there are handful of characters who followers despise. These characters are among the worst within the collection. This article has been up to date so as to add much more detestable Harry Potter characters.

13 Cormac McLaggen Was Insufferable

Cormac McLaggen was a 12 months older than the principle trio, but acted with a lot much less maturity. McLaggen was first launched when the heroes have been of their sixth 12 months. Cormac was part of Professor Slughorn’s Slug Club and tried out towards Ron for the open Keeper place on the Gryffindor Quidditch crew. Cormac’s cocky and useless perspective rubbed followers the mistaken approach.

Additionally, Cormac had it in his thoughts that Hermione could be his, and made quite a few undesirable advances towards her. His smarmy conduct unsettled many followers. Cormac was an altogether unlikable character who audiences wished to see much less of.

12 Lucius Malfoy Was An Opportunistic Coward With A Superiority Complex

Unlike his fan-beloved son, Draco, Lucius has usually obtained criticism for his cowardice, superiority complicated, and classism. His opportunistic conduct, which led him to ally with the Ministry or with Voldemort relying on who was in energy, made him one of the disliked characters inside the Harry Potter universe.

Despite working for Voldemort twice, Lucius managed to flee Azkaban and was pardoned for his many crimes, which included housing Voldemort, torturing and murdering individuals, and even endangering his son. Lucius continued residing free for a few years, however his valuable status had already been tarnished past restore.

11 Lockhart’s Arrogant & Self-Obsessed Behavior Made Him Insufferable

Gilderoy Lockhart grew to become Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Arts trainer throughout his second 12 months. A deceivingly completed wizard, Lockhart charmed many younger witches and consistently angered his male college students with excessive vainness and self-obsession. His Hogwarts pupils barely realized something throughout his one-year tenure.

When Lockhart’s heroic acts have been revealed to be a lie, he tried to erase Harry and Ron’s recollections with a allure that backfired and hit him as an alternative. An amnesiac, Lockhart was taken to the Wizarding hospital of St. Mungo’s the place he resided, persevering with to brag about his fame and exploits.

10 Percy Weasley Was A Pompous Stickler For The Rules

The third of Ron’s brothers, Percy is the least likable member of the massive Weasley household. He was an bold and pompous stickler for the principles, a trait that earned him a Prefect’s badge at Hogwarts and a job on the Ministry of Magic. While working beneath the Minister, Percy started to denounce Voldemort’s return as a lie, which created an enormous rift together with his household.

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After Voldemort’s rebirth was confirmed, Percy was too ashamed and cussed to supply an apology. He solely reconciled with the Weasleys throughout the Battle of Hogwarts, simply earlier than Fred’s dying.

9 Rita Skeeter Was A Nosy Sensationalist With No Journalistic Integrity

Rita Skeeter was hated since her first look in The Goblet of Fire when she visited Hogwarts as The Daily Prophet’s correspondent. Her fixed seek for the juiciest scoops irritated and misrepresented her articles’ topics, inflicting issues and ruining their reputations.

In The Order of the Phoenix, Hermione managed to get her to do an trustworthy interview with Harry by threatening to reveal her standing as an unregistered Animagus. She finally went again to her previous methods because the Second Wizarding War gained momentum, publishing a extremely biased biography on Dumbledore.

8 Bellatrix Lestrange Killed Sirius Black

Bellatrix Lestrange was a Death Eater and one of many closest allies to Voldemort. Her disregard for human life and her pleasure in others’ ache made her a lethal power. Bellatrix’s devotion to Voldemort additionally signifies that she would have performed something to please him – regardless of the fee.

However, what followers most despised her for is the homicide of her cousin, Sirius Black. At a standoff within the Ministry of Magic, she appeared to have the benefit of taking his life with out a second thought. Fans of the collection have been heartbroken over her lack of regret on the dying of one of many few individuals who believed in Harry.

7 Fenrir Greyback Wanted A Werewolf Army

Fenrir Greyback was the chief of a pack of werewolves whose mission was to contaminate as many individuals as he may with lycanthropy. In this manner, he may create a military of werewolves to overpower the wizards. Fenrir was the one who reworked Remus Lupin right into a werewolf.

Fenrir usually spoke about how his favourite targets have been kids, and he even killed college students throughout the Battle of Hogwarts – together with Lavender Brown. Fenrir was a soulless killer who used carnage for private acquire. Fenrir was a terrifying antagonist who followers despised.

6 Peter Pettigrew Betrayed His Best Friends & Showed No Remorse

Before being revealed because the Potters’ betrayer, Wormtail lived for twelve years in his rat Animagus kind because the Weasleys’ pet, Scabbers. After Sirius escaped from Azkaban, Wormtail was lastly uncovered for what he was—the weak, disloyal, and power-hungry coward that had given in to Voldemort and gotten Harry’s dad and mom murdered.

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Soon after rejoining his grasp, Wormtail participated in a ritual to carry Voldemort again to full energy, chopping off his hand and gaining a silver one as a reward. He by no means expressed true remorse for his position in Lily and James’ destiny, although his hesitation to choke Harry in Deathly Hallows finally prompted his dying.

5 Cornelius Fudge Ignored The Signs

Cornelius Fudge was the Minister of Magic for a lot of the Harry Potter collection. Fans grew more and more weary of this bumbling politician as he repeatedly ignored the indicators and warnings of Voldemort’s return. His willful ignorance led to ensuing chaos later within the story.

Had Fudge not tried to brush Voldemort’s return apart and believed Harry’s warnings, many individuals wouldn’t have misplaced their lives. Fudge’s utter neglect of his submit made him one of the hated characters within the collection.

4 The Dursleys Abused Their Orphaned Relative For No Reason

The most outstanding Muggle characters within the collection, the Dursleys consistently bullied and abused the orphaned Harry, who was usually mistreated for merely being a wizard. Aunt Petunia made Harry prepare dinner for them, Uncle Vernon trash-talked his dad and mom, and Dudley usually intimidated him and handled him like a burden.

While Harry’s aunt and uncle continued to point out their disdain for his or her nephew, Dudley managed to develop past his egocentric upbringing. He stayed on good phrases with Harry, particularly after their encounter with the Dementors.

3 Albus Dumbledore Used Harry Potter

While many followers initially felt heat for the aged Hogwarts Headmaster, they quickly got here to understand his many sins. Albus Dumbledore exploited Harry’s connection to Voldemort all through the collection – placing the younger boy into more and more harmful conditions. Although he did this beneath the pretense of saving the world, it didn’t make his actions any much less unconscionable.

Additionally, Dumbledore made Hogwarts – a faculty full of kids – the goal of many assaults together with his actions. Had he needed to confront the enemies himself, he ought to have despatched the kids away, or gone away himself. Dumbledore reminds followers that even the purest of intentions can have disastrous penalties when blinded by a singular purpose.

2 Voldemort Was The Root Cause

Voldemort was the overarching villain of the entire Harry Potter collection. His despicable plan to rid the Wizarding World of “Mudbloods” started a decades-long combat. Voldemort cared for nothing and nobody however himself. His biggest want was for individuals to concern him above all else.

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Furthermore, when an toddler Harry Potter inadvertently thwarted Voldemort’s tried homicide, Voldemort started a private marketing campaign to finish Harry’s life as soon as and for all. Voldemort was so evil and terrifying that solely two individuals within the Wizarding neighborhood even dared to say his title aloud. Voldemort was the rationale for therefore many misplaced lives – all for the sake of energy.

1 Umbridge’s Evil Tactics Made Her The Most Hated Character In The Franchise

Not many characters in Harry Potter are a hundred percent evil, however Umbridge is definitely considered one of them. After a horrible first impression throughout Harry’s trial in Order of the Phoenix, she grew to become Hogwarts’ most hated Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and later the varsity’s first High Inquisitor.

Despite her fanatical assist of the Ministry, Umbridge usually acted on her personal and used drastic measures to intimidate and subdue. She tortured Harry and despatched two Dementors after him, administered unlawful Veritaserum to the scholars, and consistently preached her beliefs for a totalitarian authorities. After the Second Wizarding War, she was imprisoned in Azkaban the place she served a life sentence for her crimes.

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