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“General nutrition recommendations are to take anywhere from 300 to 600 milligrams of sodium per hour that we’re exercising,” Samuel says. “Some people are saltier sweaters—like if your sweat really burns your eyes, if you have a lot of white on your clothes after exercising, or if you can just feel a lot of salt crystals on your skin. Those people might need upwards of 1,200 milligrams of sodium per hour just to replace what they’re losing.”

Remember, sodium is a very powerful electrolyte for alternative in these circumstances. So give attention to that in your electrolyte drinks or packets—the opposite electrolytes they supply needs to be sufficient to exchange the electrolytes you lose in lesser quantities.

5. Re-fuel with a hydrating smoothie.

Another fast strategy to re-hydrate post-workout is with a smoothie. Smoothies are significantly a sensible choice if you happen to train for lower than an hour—that means changing bigger quantities of sodium (such as you’d want with an electrolyte packet or drink) possible gained’t be as a lot of a priority. They’re additionally nice for fueling up on different vitamins your physique wants post-workout, corresponding to protein and fats, particularly for many who may not have a giant urge for food after train.

To take advantage of your smoothie, add meals which might be naturally excessive in electrolytes, like watermelon, banana, and dates, Samuel says. You also can incorporate some leafy greens and coconut water, that are glorious sources of potassium.

“Putting fruit into a smoothie, like bananas or dates, that are high in potassium and adding some sea salt can help you rehydrate,” she says.

6. Eat meals excessive in water content material.

If you’ve got bother remembering to take frequent sips after your exercise, Pryor suggests consuming meals excessive in water content material, corresponding to cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, and watermelon, to assist replenish your fluids. Zucchini, cauliflower, strawberries, and celery are additionally very hydrating greens and fruits to munch on, in keeping with the Cleveland Clinic.

Add these meals to your salads, smoothies, or simply snack on them all through the day to extend your water and mineral consumption.

“Try putting some sea salt on your watermelon. That would help with replacing sodium and potassium because watermelon naturally has a lot of potassium,” Samuel says.

7. Pair salty snacks or meals with water.

Eating snack meals which might be slightly increased in sodium will help your physique retain water. Consider consuming some pretzels, salted nuts, cheese and crackers, and beef jerky, whereas additionally ingesting water, Samuel says. You also can take pleasure in saltier meals, like sushi with soy sauce or a tuna sandwich.

“Most people can replace electrolytes lost in sweat simply by eating a wide variety of healthy foods,” says Pryor.



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