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Have you ever wanted to be born elsewhere? It can be rough, knowing you were meant for … other pastures, but the current socio-economic situation has made it nigh impossible to relocate. What if you could be reborn in a land where the sun is always shining; where the temperature is, as of writing this, about 40° lower than where you currently hang your hat?

In BitLife, your desires could be answered. It might not be the exact same thing as being reborn in the Constitution State, but it’s the closest we can get without playing the role of an eldritch god. In BitLife, you’re able to experience the ideal — albeit randomized — life. If you’re interested in being reborn in what could be called the Birthplace of American Independence, Connecticut, read on!

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How to Be Born in Connecticut

I have some good news! It turns out, while much of the BitLife experience is randomized, your birthplace is not! But, despite that, it can still be tricky to spawn in Connecticut. Case in point: when you start a new life and select United States, you will see a list of cities — not states. But, true Connecticut-heads will know that the capital of the state is Hartford, so that’s the city you’ll want to select.

If you were hoping beyond hope to be born in New Haven or Fairfield, I regret to inform you that it’s not possible. For those who insist on being born in Connecticut, Hartford is the only available city. Being born in Hartford was one requirement in the Gilmore Girls Challenge, held from April 23 to April 27. Other requirements included studying journalism and then cheating with, and getting pregnant with, an ex.

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