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All Collectibles and How to Find in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How much is there to collect?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a beautiful little life-sim title that really gives players a ton to do. Whether getting all of your veggies healthy through gardening or mining for gems, there’s quite a bit to do. But there are a lot of other items that you’ll come across during your time with the game that you’ll begin to collect. Today, we’ll explain what all of the collectibles are in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to find them.

All Collectibles and How to Find in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are quite a few items to find, hundreds in fact! Here’s all of the diffrent types you’ll find though and how you can get your hands on them.

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  • Memories – These can be found by progressing through the game’s story, as well as finding them via digging, fishing, gardening, cooking, removing Night Thorns, watering flowers, feeding critters, and mining. When found, these Memories are typically in the form of a colorful floating sphere that needs to be picked up.
  • Characters – You’ll meet characters by progressing through the game’s story.
  • Crafting – Crafting recipes can be found from within the Collection page but can be crafted at Crafting Stations when you have the right materials for it.
  • Critters – Each Critter has a specified location that it can be found at, with many variants that will rotate there. These too can be located by going to the Collection page and choosing the one you want to find and visit its location.
  • Fish – Each and every Fish has a specified region or Realm that it is native to. You’ll need to fish in a pond to try your chance at catching one.
  • Foraging – Whether Flowers or Crafting Materials, Foraging items can be found from around the world and need to be either mined, picked, or simply gathered. Like Fish or Critters, Foraging items also have specified areas that they can be found in. Locate your Collection page to check each one.
  • Ingredients – Though, like Fish and Critters, you’ll need to locate Ingredients at their native areas, most can actually be planted and farmed near your house once you inteially get them. These includes, Spices/Herbs, Seafood, Grains, Fruit, and Vegetables.
  • Meals – Meals are items cooked either at your stove in your house or at Chef Remy’s place. These meals also are made up of Ingredients but unlike Crafting items, you need to discover the recipe on your own, either by being given one or trying it yourself.
  • Gems – You can find Gems by mining black rocks that have shiny Gems sticking out of them. These can be found all over the game’s world.
  • Clothing – Clothing can be obtained several ways. You can purchase them, you can receive them as a reward/gift, you can find them via the randomly spawning chests, and you can even earn them through the Star Paths.
  • Furniture – Just like Clothing, Furniture can be bought, you can be given it for free, you can find some within chests, and you can obtain some through the Star Paths.

Those are everything you collact and how to find them! Hopefully this gives you a better insight onto how things work when it comes to collectibles. There is always something fun to collect in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so there’s never a dull moment.



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