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All Cooking and Food Recipes in Potion Permit

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Dinner is Served!

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In Potion Permit, it’s not all about potion crafting! No matter how much of a potion crafting ace you are, everyone’s gotta eat! So, when the time comes to make food, what options do you have? That’s what we’re looking out for in this guide. What are the various recipes available to you in Potion Permit?

All Recipes in Potion Permit

In order to talk recipes, first we should discuss the individual items you’ll use in the recipes!

Food Items in Potion Permit

  • Mushroom (Meadow Range)
  • Corn (Farmhouse / Meadow Range)
  • Honey (Honeypaws drop)
  • Apple (Farmhouse)
  • Egg (Farmhouse)
  • Milk (Farmhouse)
  • Snow Berry (Glaze Iceberg)
  • Potato (Glaze Iceberg)
  • Garlic (Farmhouse / Barren Wasteland)
  • ???????? (N/A)
  • Coconut (Ottmar’s Cafe / Barren Wasteland)
  • Ginger (Meadow Range)
  • Ginseng (Barren Wasteland)
  • ???????? (N/A)
  • Truffle (Glaze Iceberg)
  • White Meat (Fishing Spot 1)
  • Pink Meat (Fishing Spot 1)
  • Tender Meat (Farmhouse)
  • Juicy Meat (Koblin General drop)
  • Premium Root Beer (Lazy Bowl Tavern)
  • Soy Glazed Corn (Ottmar’s Cafe)

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Recipes in Potion Permit

Now that we’ve taken a look at the various individual food items that you’ll be using in these recipes, let’s look at the recipes themselves.

  • Mushroom Soup
    • Unlock Requirements: ???
    • Ingredients: Mushroom (x2)
  • Grilled Fish
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “Special Treats” Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: White Meat (x4)
  • Roasted Corn
  • Milkshake
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “The Kind-Hearted Chemist” Task
    • Ingredients: Milk (x1), Honey (x1)
  • Meatball
    • Ingredients: Tender Meat (x2), Garlic (x1), Ginger (x1)
  • Ginger Cookie
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish Marielle’s first Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: Milk (x1), Egg (x1), Ginger (x1)
  • ????????
  • Apple Juice
  • Berry Pancakes
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “Family Matters,” Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: Egg (x1), Milk (x1), Honey (x1), Snow Berry (x1)
  • ????????
  • Meat Stew
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “A Thoughtful Mum.” Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: Tender Meat (x1), Mushroom (x1), Garlic (x1), Potato (x1)
  • ????????
  • Mixed Salad
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish a Task for Zeke
    • Ingredients: Snow Berry (x1), Corn (x1), Apple (x1), Truffle (x1)
  • Grilled Tenderloin
  • Fairy Biscuit
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “Fake News” Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: ? (x1), Egg (x1), Milk (x1)
  • Fruit Pie
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “A Creative Mum.” Friendship Task
    • Ingredients: Snow Berry (x1), Apple (x1), Egg (x1), Milk (x1)
  • Baby Back Ribs
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “A Promise to Keep” Task
    • Ingredients: Juicy Meat (x2), Potato (x1), Garlic (x1), Corn (x1)
  • ????????
  • Black Truffle Pasta
    • Unlock Requirements: Finish “A Joyful Tradition” Task
    • Ingredients: Mushroom (x1), Truffle (x1), Egg (x2)

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