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Today, we take a look at just how Morpheus from The Sandman stunned Ambush Bug by really having a funny bone.

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With The Sandman current as a result of the hit Netflix collection, I assumed it would certainly be enjoyable to head back thirty years to see just how Morpheus made an entertaining cameo in the web pages of the Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1 by Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming, Al Gordon, Anthony Tollin and also John Costanza.

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Ambush Bug was initially developed by Keith Giffen for a DC Comics Presents tale that he was attracting that Paul Kupperberg was composing. They were trying to find an unique bad guy, so Giffen created Ambush Bug, that was generally like what happens if Bugs Bunny was a supervillain. The editor of DC Comics Presents, Julius Schwartz, suched as the personality and also asked Giffen to do a brand-new tale with the bad guy, this time around composed and also attracted by Giffen (with Paul Levitz, Giffen’s Legion of Super-Heroes partner, doing the manuscript, as the problem saw Superman partner with the Legion of Substitute Super-Heroes to quit the Bug). The personality was currently prominent sufficient that Giffen determined to make him a superhero, and also after a variety of visitor looks in Superman’s titles, Ambush Bug got his very own miniseries.

The initially Ambush Bug collection (by Giffen and also scripter Robert Loren Fleming) was a hit, and also it securely developed among the major jokes entailing Ambush Bug, which is that he realized that he was a DC comics personality. That was especially considerable in 1985, when the miniseries appeared, as DC remained in the center of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, along with the matching maxi-series, Who’s Who in the DC Universe. You see, the suggestion was to reboot DC’s connection in Crisis at the exact same time that DC’s background was being described in Who’s Who (also as individuals’s backgrounds were being changed). So Ambush Bug experimented with the suggestion that not every personality would certainly be continuing to be in connection after Crisis, therefore Ambush Bug determined to demonstrate how those personalities were taking care of being basically removed from presence. It’s a truly smart, sharp discourse on the really idea of comics connection.

Well, 7 years later on, after DC’s connection had actually been securely restarted, an additional fascinating point was beginning to appear pertaining to connection. You see, gradually yet undoubtedly, DC was drawing the line in the sand in between its fully grown viewers titles and also its normal superhero comics. The principle of Vertigo had actually not yet been presented, yet also prior to those titles were formally made component of its very own imprint, called Vertigo, those various other comics were essentially in their very own little globe. For circumstances, John Constantine was practically off-limits for publications beyond Swamp Thing and also Hellblazer. Amusingly, Grant Morrison after that needed to present a for John Constantine in the web pages of Doom Patrol, yet after that Doom Patrol likewise ended up being a fully grown viewers just comics, and also hence, the that Morrison had actually developed was currently likewise out-of-bounds when Phil Foglio figured he would certainly make use of the for a miniseries, understanding he could not make use of Constantine himself (I described the amusement in an old Comic Book Legends Revealed)

In any type of occasion, with these publications currently being sort of kind of “out-of-bounds,” continuity-wise, obviously Giffen needed to jab some enjoyable at that suggestion, which he performed in the 1992 Summer Special, Ambush Bug: Nothing Special.


Ambush Bug runs out job, so he browses the sides of the DC Universe to locate a work, consisting of checking out “out-of-bounds” personalities like Swamp Thing and also the Doom Patrol, and also, obviously, Morpheus, that he attempts to interest by putting on the superhero outfit used by the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby Sandman in the 1970s…

Ambush Bug recommends that Morpheus’ comics is also major, which he remains in aching demand of a crazy partner.

However, Morpheus takes umbrage to Ambush Bug’s pointer that he has no funny bone. Therefore, to confirm him incorrect, he after that utilizes his powers to cover Ambush Bug in plumes and also send him to a “tweeze your very own chicken” ranch…

Ambush Bug needed to confess that Morpheus revealed him.

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After some even more ill fortunes, Ambush Bug located himself in generally comics limbo, which was simply nothingness. He after that encountered Morpheus’ sis, Death, that was active due to the fact that many individuals were passing away in DC’s Summer crossover at the time, Eclipso: The Darkness Within. She assumed that this WAS a Summer Annual, yet it was simply a one-shot unique…

Ambush Bug is surprised to find out that he was neither on the listing of individuals to life in the DC Universe OR individuals that were passing away that Death needed to accumulate. He was genuinely in limbo – not also a component of the yearly crossover occasion!!

Luckily, Robert Loren Fleming, the scripter of the tale, was arranging the Eclipso crossover (with Giffen co-plotting the occasion), therefore Ambush Bug avoided to see his very own scripter to see if he can locate a method right into the crossover (he can not).

This was as truly enjoyable one-shot, and also it was really great to see DC’s “out of bounds” personalities reach contribute in among these Ambush Bug specials. It was awesome of editor Michael Eury to establish that up.

If any person has an idea for a future I Love Ya But You’re Strange, please drop me a line at [email protected]! Happy birthday celebration, once again, Albert!



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