Angry Angry Shark - Beginners Guide

By UncleBrotherSon

This information will train you the best way to climb ladders, some primary motion, and good class setups.

Climbing Ladders

To begin climbing a ladder soar on the base of the ladder, after a second you’ll begin to fall. While you do, look away from the ladder then look again. You must now be capable to climb ladders.

When climbing the towers on the defalt map you may get caught on the high, to get unstuck hit the crouch button. You must now be on the high of the tower.



Motion on this sport is easy. When sprinting you may press crouch to slip. In the event you press soar any time throughout a slide it provides you with extra momentum. You may soar about three time throughout one slide earlier than it is best to slide once more.

Un-crouching whereas sliding will cease your momentum immediately.

I like to recommend you modify the crouch button to a extra accessible key. (I exploit a mouse thumb button)

Additionally in PvP the button to re-spawn is identical because the melee button by default, this causes you to melee if you re-spawn and never in a position to shoot your spawn trapper.

Within the setting there may be egg roll and egg dive I don’t suggest you employ these as they don’t seem to be useful, they’re additionally certain to unusual keys and can’t be re-bound.

Class Setup

One of the best gun within the sport Is the MCX surely. With huge injury, huge fireplace price, and BIG ammo reserves. One of the best secondary is the Deagle which shares the MCX’s BIG ammo.

For optics the Holo or the reflex are the one actual choices as the opposite zoom too far or are too soiled to see out of.

For optic image I exploit the chevron as a result of its simple to seek out and takes up the least quantity of area.

I like to recommend the D groove because it will increase your magazine dimension from 62 to 87. (when you’re utilizing the MCX)


To have the ability to discuss in-game you will want to rebind the chat key.

Mine is ready to quote subsequent to the enter key.

Reviving Teammates, Merchandising Machines, and Shark Heads

There are two forms of merchandising machines; One enables you to change your class and the opposite enables you to revive your teammates.

It price $4,500 to alter your class

To revive a teammate you might want to accumulate their tag. Their tag will drop have been they died, convey this tag to the opposite merchandising machine and maintain R to revive them. It will take a while so be certain that the coast it clear.

Each merchandising machines look the identical. Earlier than you get to far in a run find all of the POIs on the map

Instance; Merchandising machines, Shark head upgrades, and gadgets you want to use.

Teammates will re-spawn at a default re-spawn level and never on the merchandising machine.

Teammates can even re-spawn when a spherical is over.

Each strategies re-spawn the participant with solely the category they picked, no upgrades or purchased gadgets.

It’s nearly at all times higher to complete a spherical than to attempt to revive somebody.

There are various forms of shark heads.

  • The random shark head. ($1,000) Offers you a random merchandise from the sport. Not price it, unles you wish to use the mp7 or RPG sence you may’t get them off the wall.
  • The Ice improve head. ($7,000) This head will infuse ice into your bullets, slowling and frezzing your targets.
  • The volt improve head. ($10,000) This head will elecrfiy your bullets, IDK what this one does for certain however in PvP it is vitally annoying because it impairs your imaginative and prescient.
  • The souls head. ($ Your soul) I’ve no clue rn //Will replace this later\\

The ice upgrde Is finest for PvE


That is what you could be pondering whereas enjoying this sport, and also you’re undoubtedly not alone.

This sport whereas foolish could be very enjoyable, particularly with buddies. So fill free to msgs me about something or touch upon this information with any quetions.

You can too be a part of the sport’s Discord sever Here[]

Even of you do not play for the sport it is self it may be a very good goal coach lol.

Some issues on this information are my possibility, simply use no matter you need.

This information could be very a lot a WIP so do not decide me so onerous.

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