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The X-Men coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be a long-held fan dream lastly coming to fruition, however it additionally implies that sure revelations and retcons may be with the intention to match them into the established continuity of the interconnected movies. But there’s one new hero who may very well be a helpful gateway to introduce some fairly highly effective and historical mutants. One of Black Knight’s ancestors was linked to the X-Men wildcard Exodus — and that connection might simply function a very good blueprint for fleshing out mutant historical past inside the MCU.

One of the central gimmicks of the Black Knight identification is that it has been handed down for hundreds of years — that means there have been quite a few bearers of the title through the years. In the twelfth century, that was Eobar Garrington, a distant ancestor of Dane Whitman, who appeared on the coronary heart of Black Knight: Exodus (by Ben Raab, Jimmy Cheung, Andy Lanning, Richard Starkings, and Tom Zuiko).

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Eobar discovered himself engaged within the Crusades of the period, combating in a holy warfare that ravageg Euripe and the Middle East. In his travels, he ended up befriending an unlikely fellow soldier — Bennet du Paris. An smug younger man with deep purple pores and skin, the 2 journeyed collectively and took half within the siege of Jerusalem. But their friendship was truly jeopardized by Whitman, whose consciousness was shifted again in time and compelled him to take over Eobar’s physique. When they met with Sersi, the pair disputed over utilizing her powers of their holy warfare — resulting in a falling out that despatched them on separate paths.

Bennet’s journey ultimately led him to the traditional and highly effective mutant Apocalypse — who in flip was in a position to assist activate Bennet’s personal mutant skills. Taking on the title Exodus, Bennet turned a servant of Apocalypse and reveled in his newfound Omega-Level powers. As a check, he was compelled to battle his pal, the Black Knight — and Exodus finally rebelled, turning towards Apocalypse somewhat than be his slave. Apocalypse positioned Exodus right into a deep coma, and the knights who’d fought alongside Eobar had been tasked by Whitman to observe over him and defend him for hundreds of years to return.

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This finally allowed Exodus to be revived within the trendy period, the place he is change into a comparatively easy and deceptively advanced wildcard inside the X-Men nook of the universe. He even at present serves as a member of the Quiet Council, counting himself among the many Council’s extra morally-flexible Winter Seat. He’s change into a agency believer in Hope, with Immortal X-Men delving into his motivations and historical past. His age and connection to Apocalypse make him a novel fixture of the universe, somebody who solely exists if mutants have been a chunk (seen or unseen) of the universe for hundreds of years. The MCU is quietly approaching mutants, with Ms. Marvel even retconning her skills to be linked to the mutants somewhat than the Inhumans on this continuity. But in a fashion just like how Apocalypses’ early ties to Kang might assist set up a deeper throughline of mutants throughout historical past, Exodus being tied to Black Knight’s legacy might carry a mutant firmly into the universe.

The MCU has teased their very own model of the Black Knight legacy, with Eternals’ post-credits sequence teasing Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman ascension to the function. This can be a straightforward technique to flesh out totally different eras of the universe, which in flip might assist set up different characters and ideas. A flashback to Black Knight’s ancestors might simply introduce Paris de Bennet, and even arrange the ascension of his skills and the concept he is sealed away for hundreds of years by Apocalypse. On prime of establishing a mutant villain who might simply change into an MCU massive dangerous on the size of Thanos or Kang, it might additionally flesh out the connections mutants share with the in any other case established universe and assist make mutants a agency reality inside the MCU.



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