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Bleach is an iconic shonen franchise that weaves many inspiring and interesting themes and life classes into its narrative. The energy of friendship, for instance, is repackaged as “the guts,” the intangible bond that connects two associates even after loss of life. Bleach additionally has themes of hope vs despair, which are sometimes explored in relation to the Arrancars and their boss, Sosuke Aizen.

While the Arrancars are creatures of empty futility and despair, their would-be savior, the traitorous schemer Sosuke Aizen, is one in every of Bleach‘s most optimistic characters. This does not absolve him of all of the horrible issues he did within the collection, but it surely does show that Aizen is a extra nuanced and complicated character than some token demon king for Ichigo to defeat.

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Sosuke Aizen’s Underlying Intentions In Bleach

Captain Sosuke Aizen was pretty clear about his villainous objectives from the beginning in Bleach. During the climax of the “Soul Society” arc and past, Aizen made it clear he aimed to say the empty throne of heaven itself and rule all of creation. This could sound like a typical “take over the world” scheme in the identical vein as Madara Uchiha’s and All For One’s personal plans, however there are some key variations.

Unlike My Hero Academia‘s All For One, Aizen had no intention of tearing down the heroic world order to create a society of villainy. In truth, the latter’s plan was a lot the alternative. Aizen feared the world was doomed with no robust, godly chief to observe over everyone, so he sought to grow to be that chief himself. He wasn’t benevolent sufficient to truly accomplish that, however not less than Aizen had noble intentions; in the proper palms, his grand plan may have been a terrific boon for all residents of the Soul Society and the mortal airplane. Arguably, this plan ought to have been carried out — simply not by Aizen himself.

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This implies that even when Aizen’s persona and strategies have been too villainous for him to grow to be a benevolent god-king, he optimistically sought to guard and keep the world order and forestall chaos. People want a robust chief to look as much as, and Aizen proactively sought to offer one. If Bleach fan theories come into play, Aizen’s place turns into even nobler within the face of the hidden Quincy empire, the Wandenreich.

According to some theories, Aizen sought to say the throne so he may unite everybody in opposition to the upcoming Quincy invasion, just like Star Wars‘ Darth Sidious changing into emperor so he may put together the galaxy for the upcoming Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Aizen optimistically thought the world may certainly be saved and everybody had the ability to defend their world. The solely lacking half was a robust chief to assist everybody notice their potential in opposition to the Quincy risk.

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Aizen’s Paradoxical But Optimistic View On Life & Death

Even if Aizen’s plan to grow to be the heavenly king failed, he didn’t lose religion within the energy of hope and braveness within the face of adversity. The Quincy king, the omnipotent Yhwach, sought to create a deathless world the place life and loss of life have been blended collectively into an everlasting grey state, and that meant destroying the world as Ichigo knew it. The Soul Reapers all resisted to defend their Soul Society residence as Ichigo slew the Quincy king in the long run. Yhwach was dismayed that his superb world would by no means come to go, and tried to attraction to the heroes concerning the concern of loss of life and the necessity for his deathless world to flee the shackles of mortality. Aizen had different concepts.

From the confines of his Muken jail cell, Aizen remarked on the philosophical failings of Yhwach’s plan. He famous the concern of loss of life and the hassle to keep away from it’s what offers life which means — and that’s the place hope is discovered. True happiness isn’t immortality, however the profitable avoidance of loss of life. Life means a lot extra when it is contrasted with its terrifying reverse, loss of life, even when all life ultimately ends anyway. Aizen is aware of this feels like a paradox but it surely is sensible to him, and it is actually an optimistic tackle the inevitability of loss of life. Aizen is telling everybody to take pleasure in their life whereas they have it, and to face their eventual loss of life with out regrets.

This echoes one other paradox discovered earlier in Bleach, when the eighth Espada Szayelaporro Grantz strove to grow to be an ideal, immortal being with Hollow-style science. But as Captain Kurotsuchi famous, perfection brings despair because the particular person can not develop or sit up for a greater future. It’s concerning the journey and never the vacation spot, a motivating and optimistic view espoused first by Kurotsuchi, then by Aizen himself. Those are some true shonen values, at all times working laborious to do higher and be higher whereas wanting ahead to a brighter future. In his personal twisted means, Sosuke Aizen was a shonen hero all alongside.



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