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The Harry Potter franchise is well one of many greatest on the market, spawning eight books and their subsequent film diversifications. Throughout the collection, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stay on the forefront, however they’re at all times accompanied by a powerful supporting ensemble of witches and wizards. One such wizard is Neville Longbottom.

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Neville is launched in The Philosopher’s Stone as a fellow Gryffindor and good friend to the heroes however is restricted to being comedian reduction and customarily incompetent. However, as the flicks progress, he comes into his personal and pulls off some severely spectacular feats. By the tip of Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Neville has grown far past what he was as soon as was in stature, braveness, and total energy.

10 He Stands Up To His Friends For The Sake Of Gryffindor House

Neville Longbottom is launched within the first Harry Potter film because the candy however incompetent youngster who seems to have the worst luck on the planet. So, when he stands as much as his mates Harry, Ron, and Hermione to cease them from getting Gryffindor into bother once more, it’s the first signal of any dormant braveness that he could possess.

While Neville seems nervous as he stands up for himself and will get frozen by Hermione’s Petrificus Totalus, this braveness earns him some respect. Neville could not have understood the true purpose for the trio wandering out, however he nonetheless will get rewarded by Dumbledore giving 10 factors to Gryffindor for his act of braveness.

9 Neville’s Love For Herbology Helps Harry Pass The Second Triwizard Trial

The Goblet of Fire is the continuation of Neville slowly maturing, even when he nonetheless has moments of weak spot and silliness. He proves himself helpful within the second trial when he tells Harry about Gillyweed, and the way it will help him breathe underwater.

This assistance is tarnished considerably by the later reveal that Barty Crouch, Jr., whereas disguised as Mad-Eye Moody, informed him to go to Harry with this handy data. However, it’s nonetheless an important likelihood for Neville to share his love of Herbology with a good friend whereas serving to Harry keep alive via the duty.

8 His Determination Helps Him To Eventually Succeed In The D.A. Sessions

Dolores Umbridge leaves her mark on Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Armed with the authority that Cornelius Fudge grants her, she modifies the college for the more severe. She forbids many issues, together with training magic and forming golf equipment.

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This prompts Harry to type Dumbledore’s Army. He teaches his fellow college students find out how to use the spells he is discovered within the Wizarding World. Neville struggles to grasp many of the spells in traditional Neville style, however he finally will get Expelliarmus proper. He turns into the unsung hero of Order of the Phoenix. Not solely does he discover the Room of Requirement for them to follow in, however he additionally travels to the Department of Mysteries with the group and holds his personal towards varied Death Eaters.

7 He Becomes A Leader During The Deathly Hallows

The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the fruits of Neville’s triumphant journey in confidence and braveness. In Harry’s absence, Neville turns into the unofficial chief of the scholars who need to combat again towards Snape and the Carrows.

Neville stands as much as Death Eaters in Part 1 when they’re looking the Hogwarts Express for Harry. He even serves because the messenger going between Hogwarts and Aberforth’s home, bringing again data, meals, and finally Harry Potter. Hogwarts college students now respect Neville totally, which by no means appeared seemingly within the first film.

6 He Eventually Becomes The Herbology Professor At Hogwarts

The books wrap up Neville’s story with him marrying Hufflepuff Hannah Abbott and changing into the Herbology Professor at Hogwarts. Herbology was at all times Neville’s favourite topic, and it makes excellent sense for this to be his future path. He bought on nicely with Professor Sprout and his love of Herbology was even exploited by Barty Crouch, Jr. when he was disguised as Mad-Eye Moody.

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Neville is rarely proven in his new function or together with his spouse however is talked about by Ginny within the closing Harry Potter guide. Neville does not seem in The Cursed Child both however remains to be referenced as a significant plot level.

5 He Lures A Large Portion Of Voldemort’s Army To Their Doom

At the beginning of the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville leads the protection of the Covered Bridge. When Voldemort destroys the defenses defending Hogwarts, Neville’s job is to lure Scabior and his fellow Snatchers onto the bridge. Neville manages to outrun the pursuing military, dueling Scabior at a frantic tempo, earlier than the bridge is destroyed.

Neville manages to outlive the bridge’s destruction, having witnessed the autumn of a big portion of Voldemort’s military. It is the primary of many occasions that Neville steps up through the Battle of Hogwarts, as he reveals off his braveness and dedication.

4 He Eventually Becomes Much More Than Just Comic Relief

By the tip of the flicks, Neville has achieved what initially appeared not possible. He manages to maneuver totally away from his previous self, who simply served as comedian reduction. It is likely one of the best circumstances of character improvement, with Neville changing into an lively participant within the good guys’ victory.

While there are a number of particular moments that Neville can look again on as his best achievements, this development deserves its personal recognition. Neville actually turns into one of many predominant heroes of your complete Harry Potter franchise.

3 He Honors His Parents’ Legacy

Neville’s dad and mom Frank and Alice Longbottom had been tortured to loss of life by Bellatrix and different Death Eaters utilizing the Cruciatus Curse. As such, seeing the curse in motion bothers him rather a lot. It is across the level of Bellatrix’s escape from Azkaban that he begins knuckling down to enhance his spellcasting.

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All Neville desires is to make his dad and mom proud, which is the catalyst for his change from the fifth film onwards. He is not the one to get the last word revenge on Bellatrix, as that honor goes to Molly Weasley, however Neville steps up in different methods.

2 Neville Stands Up To Voldemort

When Harry’s supposedly-dead physique is paraded on the Hogwarts entrance, Voldemort points an ultimatum for everyone: both pledge allegiance to him or undergo the implications. After Draco Malfoy walks over to affix his dad and mom, Neville seems to be following go well with.

However, Neville surprises everyone by delivering a speech that ends with him threatening Voldemort and issuing a rallying cry, which prompts Harry to disclose himself. Standing as much as Voldemort takes immense braveness, as only a few individuals achieve this in your complete film collection. Neville cements his development, and his defiant stand is one among many iconic Neville moments in Part 2.

1 He Kills Nagini And Leaves Voldemort Vulnerable For Harry To Finish Off

Neville’s best achievement is when arrives within the nick of time to avoid wasting Ron and Hermione from Nagini. The snake is poised and able to assault the pair, however Neville arrives out of nowhere to conquer the snake with a single swing of the Sword of Godric Gryffindor.

It is a pivotal second within the lengthy combat towards Voldemort, because it implies that he lastly has no extra Horcruxes remaining. This leaves it as a straight-up one-on-one between Harry and Voldemort. Neville’s triumphant closing blow was met with cheers and celebration in cinemas worldwide, and can at all times be considered Neville’s greatest second.

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