Blue Lock Characters Naruhaya, Barou, and Reo Join New Teams
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In the latest episode of the popular anime series “Blue Lock,” fans were treated to an intense match between teams led by Isagi and Nagi, and Barou and Naruhaya. As the match came to a close, one candidate was eliminated, and a new three-man team was formed.

The episode, titled “Devour,” kicked off with Naruhaya attempting a shot at goal, but it was not successful. As Isagi and Nagi headed towards the ball for a counter-attack, Barou barged in, striking the ball with full power and bringing the score to 3-2.

As the match progressed, Isagi came to realize the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates, and how they contrasted with each other. He also saw that while he had the shooting ability, he lacked the means to get to the goal, while Naruhaya had the off-the-ball movement to get to the goal but was not skilled enough to score goals on his own.

With the score at 3-3, Barou became frustrated and decided to score directly, but Nagi was able to block the shot. As the match came to a close, Isagi and Nagi’s team emerged victorious, with the final score at 5-4.

The episode also saw the formation of a new three-man team consisting of Isagi, Nagi, and Barou, as they recognized their strengths and weaknesses and decided to work together to improve their chances of winning. Additionally, Kunigami and Chigiri finally found their third teammate after being snubbed by Isagi and Bachira earlier in the season.

Fans were also given a glimpse into Naruhaya’s backstory and how he wanted to become a professional footballer to support his family. However, despite his efforts, he was eliminated from the competition.

In other developments, Chigiri and Kunigami were on the lookout for a third teammate with good passing abilities and found Reo Mikage, Seishiro Nagi’s old teammate, who they asked to join their team.

Overall, “Blue Lock” episode 15 was a thrilling and action-packed episode, filled with intense competition and strategic decisions made by the players as they strive to become a part of the Blue Lock team.


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