Borderlands 3 - How to Use DirectX 10


A easy information that can assist you change from both DirectX 11 or 12 to 10.

First Issues to Know.

First issues to know is that you will want to know a primary understanding of modifying information.

You’ll solely want to change one file, however I’ll present how DirectX 11 and 12 look earlier than I present methods to change to DirectX 10.

Movies on each DirectX 11 and 12

DirectX 11:

DirectX 12:

Steps For DirectX 10 in Borderlands 3

Now I’ll let you know methods to change from both DirectX 11 or 12 to 10.

Go to C:\Customers\[YourName]\Paperwork\My Video games\Borderlands 3

with [YourName] being your precise consumer identify used on your OS.

Now open the Saved folder and choose and open the Config folder.

Now open the WindowsNoEditor folder and choose GameUserSettings.ini

Now scroll down till you attain: PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX11 (or DX12)

and then you definately change it to DX10 as an alternative of DX11 (or DX12)

It’ll seem as DirectX 11 or 12 when in-game, however will nonetheless say DX10 within the .ini file.

Borderlands 3 DirectX 10 Gameplay

Information Finish

Thanks for staying and utilizing this information. Please let your pals and/ or household find out about this Steam Information if they’ve some framerate points, this may occasionally repair fairly a little bit of it.

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