Century: Age of Ashes GamePlay Tips and Tricks

Titbits and ideas to enhance your time enjoying centuary.

Dragon Pass Season 1

Important data

  • It prices 950 GEMS for the bottom dragon go.
  • You can get 1000 GEMS within the battle go
  • You can get 300 of these 1000 GEMS for Free. (Teirs 5, 6 &7)
  • You can get an extra 700 GEMS free of charge.

Free Gems 400/700

Go to settings, Insider program and a field ought to come up requesting an e mail. Enter then confirm stated Email to get to right here and there is 400/700

Free Gems 300/700

Image is self explanatory

  • Go to retailer web page
  • discover the DLC and click on set up
  • Game will likely be launched to put in and declare gadgets.


From right here you undergo the Dragon go attempting to get to tiers 5, 6 and seven. Each gem bundle prices 5 stars. Manage your stars and plan forward.

Hopefully this labored out and now you might have a bunch of gems and battle go rewards.

By Doskatoa

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