Cookie Clicker - How to Get Shadow Achievement True Neverclick

By Maw_03

Christmas is the optimum time to simply get the shadow achievement “True Neverclick”

True Neverclick

This shadow achievement can take some time to get usually and as such could be a ache.

At christmas, nevertheless, reindeer fly throughout the display fairly typically and when clicked, offer you an quantity of cookies. They appear to provide precisely 25 cookies when you have a really low quantity within the financial institution, so clicking on only a single reindeer in the beginning of an ascension will get you adequate to purchase a cursor.

With that cursor you’ll be able to play usually (with out clicking the cookie) and get to one million to unlock each neverclick and true neverclick achievements.

I am unsure how lengthy this seasonal occasion lasts, so save your self some ache and get True Neverclick now!

Merry christmas 🙂


AtypicalChuck and Petrucius have identified that you could be want to choose “born once more” mode to ensure that it to work.

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