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Last Updated: 6 months ago

The Comic-Com Experience event included several unexpected disclosures and announcements. One of them is set to be a romantic comedy anime that will stream on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll announced the release window and a new “Astro Note” preview video on X, previously Twitter, on Friday, 1st December.

The science-fiction, romance, and humor combination of “Astro Note,” an original anime, is sure to enthrall viewers everywhere.

The original anime will be available on the massive streaming service Crunchyroll in April 2024.

The original anime’s precise release date will be disclosed as the year goes on. Additionally, the voice actors for the two primary characters were also disclosed in the teaser video.

Streaming details of “Astro Note” anime

“Astro Note” is all set to stream on Crunchyroll. It is significant to remember that not all regions will have access to the streaming platform. Viewers will have to access the original anime in the following territories:

  1. The CIS
  2. The Middle East
  3. Oceania
  4. Africa
  5. Europe
  6. South America
  7. Central America
  8. North America

Free access to the episodes won’t be offered. To view the most recent stream when it becomes live, fans will need to subscribe to Crunchyroll’s premium services.

About “Astro Note” Anime’s Cast and Staff

Haruki Kasugamori is the series’ director, while Shinji Takamatsu is the chief director of the original animation. These two will lead Telecom Animation Film’s project.

The following are included in other staff members:

  • Art Director – Reiji Kasuga
  • Character Design – Maho Aoki
  • Original Character Design – Eisaku Kubonouchi
  • Music – Kohei Munemoto
  • Series Composition – Kimiko Ueno

The cast members of the two major characters were revealed by the official team. Maaya Uchida will portray Mira Gotokuji. Furthermore, Saito Soma will portray Takumi Miyasaki.

The plot of “Astro Note” Anime

Unfortunately, Takumi Miyasaki lost his job. Being a gifted cook, he takes a position at Astro-sou boarding home. His occupation is breakfast preparation, and he seems uninterested here.

But when he meets a stunning landlady, things for him start to look up. Although Takumi doesn’t seem to understand that the lady he adores, Mira, is not of this world, the two appear to become fond of one another.


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