Death Note Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Death Note Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Death Note Filler List Episodes.


Death Note Episode List

1RebirthMixed Canon/Filler2006-10-03
2ConfrontationManga Canon2006-10-10
3DealingsManga Canon2006-10-17
4PursuitManga Canon2006-10-24
5TacticsManga Canon2006-10-31
6UnravelingManga Canon2006-11-07
7OvercastManga Canon2006-11-14
8GlareManga Canon2006-11-21
9EncounterManga Canon2006-11-28
10DoubtManga Canon2006-12-05
11AssaultManga Canon2006-12-12
12LoveManga Canon2006-12-26
13ConfessionManga Canon2007-01-09
14FriendManga Canon2007-01-16
15WagerManga Canon2007-01-23
16DecisionManga Canon2007-01-30
17ExecutionManga Canon2007-02-06
18AllyManga Canon2007-02-13
19MatsudaManga Canon2007-02-20
20MakeshiftManga Canon2007-02-27
21PerformanceManga Canon2007-03-06
22GuidanceManga Canon2007-03-13
23FrenzyManga Canon2007-03-20
24RevivalManga Canon2007-03-27
25SilenceMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-03
26RenewalMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-10
27AbductionManga Canon2007-04-17
28ImpatienceManga Canon2007-04-24
29FatherManga Canon2007-05-01
30JusticeManga Canon2007-05-08
31TransferManga Canon2007-05-15
32SelectionManga Canon2007-05-22
33ScornManga Canon2007-05-29
34VigilanceManga Canon2007-06-05
35MaliceManga Canon2008-06-12
361.28Manga Canon2007-06-19
37New WorldMixed Canon/Filler2007-06-26

What Is Death Note Filler List?

A trending Japanese anime TV series that aired from October 2006 till June 2007 is none other than Death Note Filler list.

It is an anime adaptation of a manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba. The Death Note Anime Filler List is created by Madhouse and supervised by Tetsuro Araki.


The story of this anime series centers around a 17-year-old boy ‘Light Yagami’ also known as Kira later. In total, 37 episodes were made live.

Death Note has no reported filler. This anime series aired from 2006 to 2007. The story starts with a 17-year-old genius from Japan.

His name is Light Yagami. He is tired of his life, his school, and the state of the world as he knows it. On the way back from class, Light stumbles on the dark notebook with “Death Note” written in front.

He was amazed by the appearance and so he reads the first few sentences. He finds out that anyone whose name will be written inside will die. Light continues its daily work by discarding it as a joke.

However, his human curiosity soon becomes more and encourages him to try the notebook. Now, with strength in his hands, Light is in search of transforming the universe and becoming the New World’s God.

The Death Note is discovered by brilliant high school senior Light Yagami. He is also bored with the world. He initially considers the book as a joke through experimentation.

Light soon learns that the book’s argument is true. One needs to imagine a person in mind as you write the name of the person in the Death Note, and that person dies of a heart attack 40 seconds later.

At first, he uses the book to eliminate the ones who do crimes. But later when he found that intelligence agencies like the FBI are also looking for him. He uses the book against them as well.

Due to its adventurous and thrilling story, the Death Note anime series has become renowned. This series is one of the best anime series and has been ranked number 1, many times. Wasn’t this anime series interesting? Keep reading Death Note Anime Filler and many more such Animes only on our website!

Last Words

So now you have the Death Note Filler List that has all Death Note Filler List Episodes. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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