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Death Note took the anime world by storm in 2006 with its polarizing story of excellent versus evil and the sluggish descent of collection protagonist, Light Yagami, into the insanity of changing into an egotistical “god”. By 2007, Death Note concluded, leaving followers of the anime collection saddened by its finish however glad with the end result of the characters concerned in the primary plot. Exactly one 12 months later, Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad hit tv screens all over the place and, in a short while, grew to become top-of-the-line tv collection of all time.

The similarities are placing when one compares Walter White’s Heisenberg to Light Yagami’s Kira and the way they had been rapidly overtaken by their alter egos, unable to separate one facet from the opposite. From an ever-growing ego and a superiority advanced primarily based on gaining extra energy by the day to their ideologies changing into extra corrupt the additional they spend money on them, Kira and Heisenberg are very a lot alike.

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Power Hungry Vs. God Complex

Light’s Kira and Walter’s Heisenberg share an analogous starting with the potential for energy and the drive to acquire it. Light is a scholar who aspires for a greater world and turns into tired of the mundane lifetime of being the perfect at all the pieces everybody round him appears to pale as compared. When the Death Note falls into his possession, the lust for energy grows ever so rapidly, and the belief of his means to alter the world drives that motivation to excessive ranges virtually instantaneously. Heisenberg begins comparatively the identical after studying of the status of the drug-selling business, particularly meth. Putting his good thoughts to work, and with the assistance of a former scholar who has ample expertise, Walter’s want for money rapidly evolves into an countless urge for food for operating the business.

Where the 2 drift aside is how far Light takes his thirst over what Walter achieves. While Walter understands his strategies are unlawful and unsuitable, his selfish ideologies take over to the purpose that being profitable is not sufficient. Walter’s lack of management over his life is what units him aside from Light, and the sudden urge to take possession over the enterprise and the world he operates inside in the end blinds him and finally ends up costing him his life.

Meanwhile, Light’s mentality is immediately obstructed by his drive to make the world a greater place. He makes it apparent that he believes his methods are appropriate and that he is doing the world a favor by ridding it of evil folks. In taking the lives of criminals, Light totally assumes the place of a God amongst males, and the choose, jury, and executioner of anybody who will get in his means.

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Social Impact Vs. Global Impact

Walter’s affect solely really results the world he lives, with the opportunity of surrounding areas feeling an affect in consequence. As Heisenberg, he operates in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a recognized scorching spot for drug trafficking. It’s secure to imagine that by introducing his product to the market, Heisenberg was including to an already-existing downside at a small scale inside an space already riddled with drug use. By taking up because the lead kingpin of his space, Heisenberg might management the standard of the product being distributed whereas conserving surrounding rivals off the grid, even via homicide.

While Light’s strategies of homicide had been throughout the confines of Japan through the first half of Death Note, one mustn’t neglect concerning the malice and cruelty utilized in sure conditions. While Raye Penber’s dying was a circumstance of getting away from the specter of potential seize, Light’s toying together with his fiancée, Naomi Misora, demonstrated the primary true separation between Light’s good on the world’s legal historical past and Kira’s evil methods.

In half two, the viewer grows to grasp that Kira’s attain has hit worldwide, going from a complete of 1,273 to an astounding 134,139. Receiving help from his girlfriend, Misa Amane, Light’s sickening lust for energy affected the globe, main a number of highly-established international locations to deploy secret process forces to take him down.

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Light Yagami’s Lack of a Redemption Arc

Heisenberg’s stamp on his neighborhood was lengthy felt, possible previous the time of his dying, however the try to redeem himself must be considered. Realizing his shortcomings and the way far Heisenberg had strayed from his identification of Walter White, he rapidly went to work to patch issues up on all fronts. First, deal with his household and guaranteeing the capital he earned would fall into their possession. Then, he saves his former accomplice Jesse in a sacrificial act, taking down the neo-Nazis he briefly aligned with. While his redemption arc fell brief, Walter showcased indicators of remorse and self-awareness and eventually admitted to Skylar White, giving her the correct goodbye she deserved.

Light went down swinging and by no means tried to atone for his sins. From ending the lives of people that surrounded him to utilizing Misa’s feelings to his benefit, Light by no means as soon as believed his actions had been unsuitable, or that he must be punished for his actions. Instead, he laughed when the reality was revealed, trying to take down those that opposed him in his closing moments. As he dragged himself away shortly earlier than Ryuk wrote Light’s identify in his Death Note, Light died considering he was the hero of his story. For these causes, Light Yagami and Kira will all the time function the higher evil when in comparison with Walter White and Heisenberg.



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