Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Best Heroes

Dynasty Scrolls is a strategy based role playing game. In Dynasty Scrolls you will be summoning war heroes to fight for you. There are many heroes that are ready to fight for you. However you must choose the best. This is why we have made the list of best heroes in Dynasty Scrolls in form of tier list. All the heroes are ranked from best to worst depending on their skills and fighting capabilities. I hope that this Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Best Heroes will get you the best heroes in the game.

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Tier S

Tier S has the best heroes that you can go for in the game.

Tier S+

This heroes will be great for your team.

  • Liu Bei – Shu: Front Row DMG, Rage Reduction
  • Lu Xun – Wu: All Damage, Burn
  • Guo Jia – Wei: All Damage, Rage Reduction

Tier S

Heroes in this list will win battles for you.

  • Jia Xu – Warlord: AoE Poison
  • Zhang Fei – Shu: Column DMG, Burst
  • Yu Ji – Warlord: All DMG, Poison
  • Jiang Wei – Shu: DPS (Single Target)
  • Xiahou Dun – Wei: Column DMG, Control
  • Dank Stash – Warlord: Front Row Damage, ATK Boost

Tier S-

  • Zhen Ji – Wei: Heal, ATK Boost
  • Zhang He – Wei: AoE DPS
  • Hua Tuo – Warlord: Heal Crit
  • Lu Meng – Wu: DPS, Finisher
  • Wei Yan – Shu: Front Row DMG, Control
  • Big Qiao – Wu: Heal, DMG Reduction
  • Sun Jian – Wu: Column DMG, Rage Reduction

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Tier A

Tier A heroes are a good choice to go with in battle.

  • Huang Zhong – Shu: All DMG, Rage Reduction
  • Lu Su – Wu: Back Row DMG, Rage Reduction
  • Xu Chu – Wei: Burst (Single Target)
  • Sun Quan – Wu: Control (Single Target)
  • Pang Tong – Shu: Heal, Rage Recovery
  • Hua Xiong – Warlord: Front Row DMG, Burst
  • Taishi Ci – Wu: Back Row DMG, Burn
  • Gongsun Zan – Warlord: Column DMG
  • Xiahou Yuan – Wei: Back Row DMG, Rage Reduction
  • Dong Zhuo – Warlord: AoE Rage Reduction
  • Zhao Yun – Shu: Column DMG

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Tier B

Tier B heroes are ok.

  • Pang De – Wei: Front Row DMG
  • Cao Pi – Wei: Random DMG, Control
  • Liao Zhang – Wei: Front Row DMG, Rage Reduction
  • Fa Zheng – Shu: Random DMG, Rage Recovery
  • Savory – Wu: Front Row DMG, Support
  • Bu Lianshi – Wu: Column DMG, Heal
  • Zhou tai – Wu: Tank (Single Target)
  • Cheng Pu – Wu: Column, Tank

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Tier C

Tier C heroes are not that good.

  • Xu Sheng – Wu: Single Target DPS
  • Huang Gai – Wu: Front Row DMG
  • Yan Liang – Warlord: DPS (Single Target)
  • Yue Jin – Wei: Column DMG, Tank
  • Cheng Gong – Warlord: Back Row DMG
  • Wen Chou – Warlord: Front Row DMG, Heal
  • Yu Jin – Wei: Single Target DPS

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Tier D

Tier D are the worst.

  • Sonya – Shu: Back Row Damage
  • Meng Huo – Shu: AoE Tank

I hope that you liked our Dynasty Scrolls Tier List.

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