Narratives pushed by household are nothing new on the earth of gaming. From brothers Mario and Luigi to Zagreus’ godly household in Hades, there are many online game households gamers would like to be part of. One household few gamers wish to be part of is the Mishima household of Tekken.

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Heihachi Mishima and the opposite members of the Mishima household tree are on the heart of the long-running Tekken collection. The Tekken narrative is stuffed with relations tossed into volcanos and harmful transformations because of the Devil Gene. Each playable member of the Mishima household tree has a point of significance within the better Mishima energy battle. Between their story relevance, their designs, and their recognition, which member of Heihachi’s household belongs on the head of the dinner desk?

9 Kazumi Mishima Was The Beloved Wife Of Heihachi

Kazumi Mishima was Heihachi’s loving and caring spouse, and the mom of Kazuya Mishima. Kazumi solely has one playable look in Tekken 7. In battle, Kazumi is accompanied by her unnamed pet tiger.

Kazumi comes from the Hachijō Clan. The Hachijō Clan is the supply of the Devil Gene, which has been handed down for generations. The Devil Gene is a genetic mutation that permits the provider to remodel right into a devilish kind. This kind is troublesome to manage, and the shortcoming to handle her personal satan state led to her demise by the hands of her husband. Kazumi additionally as soon as saved the lifetime of Street Fighter’s Akuma, main him to vow to repay that debt by ending the Mishima bloodline.

8 Jinpachi Mishima Was Once An Honorable Man

Jinpachi Mishima is the daddy of Heihachi, and was the founding father of the Mishima Zaibatsu, the group conglomerate that closely influences the occasions of the Tekken collection. Jinpachi was the first antagonist of Tekken 5, however he wasn’t himself playable till Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection after which Tekken Tag Tournament 2 after that.

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Unlike his son and grandson, Jinpachi was initially a kind-hearted man. After Heihachi overthrew Jinpachi, Jinpachi was left to die. He was later resurrected via a demonic energy and staged his revenge via one more King of the Iron Fist Tournament. While Jinpachi’s present standing is lifeless, his honorability may proper the ship of the Mishima Zaibatsu if he have been ever resurrected once more via non-demonic means.

7 Jun Kazama Is The Loving Mother Of Jin

Jun Kazama is the lover of Kazuya and mom of Jin Kazama. Jun is playable in Tekken 2, each Tekken Tag Tournament video games, and the now-defunct free-to-play Tekken Revolution. Jun is, nonetheless, the first antagonist for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as she takes on the mysterious kind often called “Unknown.”

Jun skilled her son, Jin, within the artwork of Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts. Jun seeks to free her husband and son from the clutches of the satan and Devil Gene. Jun is presumed lifeless by the hands of Ancient Ogre on the onset of Tekken 3, however her official standing is unknown. May Jun return in a future Tekken sport? If the lately introduced Tekken sport focuses on the battle between her husband and son, it is solely doable.

6 Asuka Kazama Keeps Her Distance From The Mishima Conflict

Asuka Kazama is the cousin of Jin, on his mom’s facet. Her father is presumably the brother of Jun. However, her official ties to Jin and the Mishima household have not been absolutely explored. Asuka made her Tekken debut in Tekken 5 and has appeared in each Tekken sport since.

Asuka is a pupil who doubles as a vigilante. Unlike different relations, Asuka has little affect within the better Mishima story to date. Much of Asuka’s story includes her rivalry with Lili De Rochefort. Despite this, Asuka is an especially well-liked character throughout the Tekken fanbase for her design and tomboy persona. Because of this, it is unlikely she’ll be killed off anytime quickly, which implies she could rise to the highest of the Mishima meals chain whether or not she seeks it or not.

5 Lars Alexandersson Is The Newest Member Of The Mishima Family

Lars Alexandersson is the beforehand unknown son of Heihachi from a relationship with an unnamed Swedish lady. Lars made his debut in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion because the lead character, alongside Alisa Bosconovich, and later appeared in Tekken 7. Lars makes use of comparable electrical skills to the remainder of the Mishima household.

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Lars leads a insurgent military referred to as “Yggdrasil” that was formally part of the Tekken Force, the personal military of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Yggdrasil seeks to finish worldwide wars and conflicts. Lars is a well-intentioned man who pursues justice for all, which makes him an ideal chief. However, his reception throughout the Tekken fanbase has been blended, as some really feel he signified the shift to a extra anime-like story and character design.

Unlike different members of Heihachi’s household, Lee Chaolan isn’t associated by blood. However, as a baby, Heihachi adopted Lee to supply Kazuya with an acceptable coaching rival. Lee has appeared in each Tekken sport outdoors of Tekken 3, and his recognition throughout the Tekken fanbase will guarantee he’ll proceed to.

Lee has a secret alter ego named “Violet” to keep away from detection by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lee has since been capable of construct an enormous robotics firm in Violet System. That stage of experience in each robotics and administration makes Lee greater than certified to take over the day-to-day enterprise operations of the Mishima Zaibatsu if the chance presents itself.

3 Heihachi Mishima Is The Twisted Heart And Soul Of Tekken

Heihachi is certainly one of Tekken’s, in addition to the preventing style’s, most iconic and recognizable characters. Heihachi has appeared in each Tekken sport since, serving as each a protagonist and antagonist. Heihachi is a posh, if not evil, character that may definitely not be profitable any Father of the Year awards.

Heihachi’s present standing positively leaves a serious query mark about his means to steer the Mishima Zaibatsu sooner or later. That’s as a result of Heihachi is presumed lifeless after the occasions of Tekken 7 left him defeated and plunging right into a volcano by the hands of Kazuya. Granted, if Tekken and preventing video games have taught gamers something, it is that demise means little. Heihachi will seemingly return, alive and nicely, in a future Tekken sport. It simply would not be Tekken with out Heihachi.

2 Kazuya Mishima Is The Current Head Of The Mishima Zaibatsu

Kazuya is the son of Heihachi and Kazumi, the grandson of Jinpachi, the half-brother of Lars, Jun’s lover, and Jin’s father. After Heihachi, Kazuya could possibly be thought-about essentially the most iconic Tekken character. Kazuya was the Tekken consultant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As for Tekken, Kazuya has appeared in each Tekken sport besides Tekken 3.

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As of the top of Tekken 7, which noticed him defeat his father presumably as soon as and for all, Kazuya is the present head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya has embraced his Devil Gene and seeks to completely management it like he needs management of all the things else. However, with the assumption that Heihachi is gone, few are able to standing in Kazuya’s manner.

1 Jin Kazama Wants To Put A Stop To His Evil Bloodlines

Jin Kazama is the grandson of Heihachi and the son of Kazuya and Jun. Jin made his debut in Tekken 3 and has been a fixture of the Tekken narrative ever since, serving as the first protagonist of the overarching Tekken narrative.

Unlike his father, Jin is extra conflicted morally. Jin continuously struggles along with his Devil Gene, and sometimes seeks isolation to guard these he cares about from it. Jin not solely needs to rid the world of the Devil Gene, but in addition the Mishima bloodline as an entire. With Heihachi seemingly out of the image, the subsequent part of the nice Mishima battle could heart on Jin and his father. This battle could culminate with Jin lastly getting the peaceable and comfortable ending he deserves.

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