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House of the Dragon is about earlier than and in the course of the Dance of the Dragons, one of the vicious and bloodiest wars within the historical past of Westeros. It follows its dad or mum sequence Game of Thrones on this manner, set throughout a serious battle in Westeros. However, the Dance of the Dragons and War of the Five Kings have been solely two wars of many.

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Violence is sort of omnipresent in Westeros and has been all through its hundreds of years of historical past. Many of those conflicts are smaller, going down inside a single kingdom or involving smaller numbers of combatants. Nonetheless, the continent has seen many epic wars, just like the size of the wars proven in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

16 The First Men Migration And Conflict With The Children Of The Forest

In the world of House of the Dragon, all people lived on the continent of Essos, whereas Westeros was house to fantastical beings like giants and the Children of the Forest. The earliest human societies have been these of the Fisher Queens or the precursors to the empires of Yi Ti, based whereas no people lived in Westeros.

However, a gaggle generally known as the First Men migrated to Westeros by way of its land bridge with Essos. There, they engaged in a continent-spanning battle with the Children of the Forest, probably the most superior of Westeros’ inhabitants. Eventually, the 2 got here to dwell in peace, with the First Men adopting their faith, however solely after the Children separated the 2 continents utterly.

15 The Long Night And The Battle For The Dawn

While the First Men and the Children of the Forest fought, one other risk got here to be much more important. The White Walkers got here out of the Land of Always Winter, created by the Children of the Forest to wipe out the First Men. However, the White Walkers scourged each races, making a winter that lasted a era generally known as the Long Night.

They appeared unstoppable, wiping out all life round them and resurrecting it as Wights. It took a person generally known as the Last Hero to rally humanity and the Children of the Forest collectively. In the Battle for the Dawn, humanity defeated the White Walkers and created the Wall to include them within the furthest north.

14 The Andal Migration And Invasion

Several thousand years handed between the Battle for the Dawn and the Andal Invasion, and so they weren’t clear of blood. However, within the Age of Heroes, Westeros was cut up into a whole bunch of petty kingdoms. Wars have been small affairs and whereas some handed into native legend, they have been by no means as important because the conflicts that got here earlier than and after.

The subsequent main battle was the crossing of the Andals. A race of people from Andalos in Essos, they developed the Faith of the Seven and invaded Westeros in a non secular campaign. With iron weapons and stone castles, they outfought the First Men’s bronze weapons and wood forts. They established six kingdoms and solely the North was dominated by First Men.

13 Large-Scale Wars After The Andal Invasion

With Westeros organized into a lot bigger kingdoms, wars between them turned a lot higher. In the millennia that handed between the Andal Invasion and the Targaryen Conquest, the borders of Westeros shifted near-constantly, with the continent by no means figuring out true peace.

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The Stormlands spent a time period dominant, swelling their borders to incorporate the Riverlands and proving victorious over Dorne and the Reach. However, nobody kingdom proved unassailable. The Riverlands, specifically, modified fingers continuously. Towards the top of those wars, the Iron Islands was one of many strongest kingdoms, developing Harrenhal within the Riverlands.

12 The Targaryen Conquest

Following the Doom of Valyria, the Targaryens have been among the strongest Dragonlords nonetheless residing, having carved out a petty kingdom for themselves in Dragonstone and Blackwater Bay. A century after the Doom, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya used an insult from Storm King Argilac Dundarron as a pretext to invade, which they deliberate lengthy prematurely.

Despite their small military, the usage of dragons allowed the Targaryens to dominate Westeros as Valyria had many kingdoms in Essos. Many kingdoms have been crushed, notably the Stormlands, the Reach, and the Westerlands. Others, just like the North, surrendered. Only Dorne was spared, though Aegon styled himself Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

11 The Many Dornish Wars

Upon subjugating six kingdoms, Aegon started to attempt to develop into Dorne whereas preventing different threats to his reign. Although there weren’t many Dornish and no dragons, they have been in a position to maintain off the Targaryens within the First Dornish War. They used the terrain, trickery, and poison to blunt Targaryen assaults and compelled Aegon to conform to a truce with a mysterious letter.

Several different conflicts known as ‘Dornish Wars’ would comply with, however many of those have been far smaller affairs, missing the huge warfare of the primary. Most of them resembled raids or wars of retribution fairly than outright makes an attempt to beat Dorne. Consequently, they barely depend as wars in comparison with the opposite conflicts in Westeros.

10 The Faith Militant Uprising And Maegor’s Civil Wars

Aegon’s son Aenys I Targaryen couldn’t maintain Westeros collectively and angered the Faith of the Seven into an armed rebellion towards the Iron Throne. The Faith Militant rose in revolt and Aenys died of sickness, incapable of dealing with the disaster. His brother, Maegor ‘The Cruel’ Targaryen, took the throne and fought towards the Faith.

Maegor proved brutal in preventing the Faith Militant, however he could not outright extinguish them irrespective of what number of he slew. Simultaneously, he needed to take care of claims from his nephews, Prince Aegon and Prince Jaeherys. This battle noticed a few of Westeros’ earliest fights between two dragons, effectively predating House of the Dragon. Jaeherys would take the throne after Maegor’s dying and made peace with the Faith Militant.

9 The Conquest Of The Stepstones

King Jaeherys was generally known as ‘the Conciliator’ for his means to finish conflicts peacefully and for stopping them earlier than they might occur. As such, his reign was lengthy and peaceable, with none wars troubling Westeros. The subsequent main battle could be began by Prince Daemon Targaryen, a serious determine in House of the Dragon, who conquered the Stepstones alongside House Valeryon.

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Daemon proclaimed himself King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea, which put him at struggle with Dorne and several other of the Free Cities of Essos. Even after Daemon deserted them, varied factions fought over the Stepstones, till the Sealord of Braavos made a tenuous take care of King Viserys for the Iron Throne to assert them.

8 The Dance Of The Dragons

The topic of House of the Dragon, the Dance of the Dragons was one of many greatest wars in Westeros historical past, and an occasion that massively splintered Targaryen energy. Following King Viserys’ dying, the succession is cut up between his daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen and her half-brother Aegon.

The struggle divided Westeros. Many kingdoms of Westeros had lords sworn to completely different factions, Rhaenyra’s ‘Blacks’ or Aegon’s ‘Greens’. It noticed the deaths of most of the Targaryens’ dragons and ended with Rhaenyra’s son Aegon III on the throne following her defeat and Aegon II’s homicide by his personal Small Council.

7 The Conquest And Failed Holding Of Dorne

After the Dance of the Dragons in House of the Dragon, Westeros had relative peace all through Aegon III’s reign. This ended when his son Daeron Targaryen, generally known as ‘The Young Dragon’, determined to aim one other conquest of Dorne. He succeeded and earned the submission of Dorne’s the Aristocracy, however its commoners refused to undergo him or his steward, Lyonel Tyrell. Ultimately, a large rebellion started, forcing Daeron to return.

This time, nevertheless, Daeron was betrayed at a negotiation and assassinated. Dorne’s submission was short-lived as Targaryen forces have been expelled and King Baelor ‘The Blessed’ Targaryen negotiated peace. The Targaryens misplaced over 60,000 males of their ill-fated try to carry the dominion, which was as a substitute introduced into the Seven Kingdoms by marriage.

6 The First And Subsequent Blackfyre Rebellions

King Aegon IV Targaryen was not king, targeted primarily on indulging his lusts. He conceived an excellent many bastards and legitimized all of them on his deathbed. The most notorious was Daemon Blackfyre, who challenged his half-brother Daeron II Targaryen for the Iron Throne. It was the primary real try to usurp a king for the reason that occasions of House of the Dragon.

Daeron and one other bastard half-brother, Brynden ‘Bloodraven’ Rivers, fought towards Daemon and fellow bastard Aegor ‘Bittersteel’ Rivers. Ultimately, Daeron gained with Daemon’s dying and Aegor fled to kind the Golden Company. They would make a number of extra makes an attempt to beat Westeros, every weaker than the final till the War of the Ninepenny Kings.

5 The War Of The Ninepenny Kings

One of the latest international invasions of Iron Throne territory by the point of Game of Thrones, the War of the Ninepenny Kings noticed the top of the Blackfyres. The Band of Nine, a gaggle of warlords consisting of Maelys Blackfyre and eight different warlords, had resolved to work collectively to assert kingdoms.

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Rather than let the Band of Nine come to him, King Jaeherys met them on the Stepstones. Although the struggle did not threaten Westeros, it served to win glory for most of the characters current in Game of Thrones, together with Tywin Lannister and Edmure Tully. Ser Barristan ‘The Bold’ Selmy cemented his ability by slaying Maelys himself, ending the Blackfyre risk.

4 Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion

Robert’s Rebellion laid the foundations for Game of Thrones. King Aerys II Targaryen confronted a pointy decline over his reign, alienating many lords together with his cruelty. When his son, Prince Rhaegar, married Lyanna Stark in secret, Aerys’ brother believed him kidnapped and rode to King’s Landing to threaten Rhaegar. For this, Aerys killed Brandon Stark and his father, Rickard, earlier than demanding Jon Arryn kill Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon.

Jon Arryn refused and declared an open revolt towards Aerys. Ned and Robert returned to their homelands and rallied their armies, aided by the Tullys of Riverrun. The struggle ended when the Lannisters sided with Robert, sacking King’s Landing. Jaime Lannister slew Aerys, permitting Robert Baratheon to assert the throne on account of his household’s blood ties to the Targaryens.

3 Balon Greyjoy’s Rebellion

Despite being nominally on Robert’s aspect in the course of the Rebellion, the Greyjoys of the Iron Islands weren’t loyal to the Iron Throne and declared themselves an unbiased kingdom six years after Robert’s ascension to the Iron Throne. In a gap strike, they burned the Lannister fleet at anchor, limiting the flexibility of the Iron Throne to battle again.

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Despite preliminary success, the struggle swiftly turned towards the Greyjoys. House Stark, House Lannister, and House Baratheon counter-attacked, utilizing the fleet of Stannis Baratheon, Master of Ships. Balon Greyjoy was crushed however allowed to maintain his lordship. His son Theon was taken hostage by Eddard Stark and raised alongside his youngsters at Winterfell.

2 The War Of The Five Kings

Brewing all through most of Robert’s reign, Westeros erupted into open warfare following his dying. The topic of Game of Thrones, the War of the Five Kings noticed the Lannisters seize management of the Iron Throne, Stannis and Renly every press their claims, the Ironborn elevate in revolt, and Robb Stark declare independence for the North and Riverlands. The outcome was the only largest civil struggle in Westeros for the reason that time of House of the Dragon.

As the Five Kings battled their manner throughout Westeros, different conflicts broke out. This contains the Night’s Watch’s battle with King-Beyond-The-Wall Mance Rayder, Daenerys Targaryen’s invasion of Westeros, and the resurgent risk of the White Walker. Eventually, it ended with King Bran I Stark on the throne, following Daenerys’ assassination by the hands of Jon Snow.

1 The Great War

Many of the conflicts surrounding the War of the Five Kings have been merely theaters of that struggle, however the second try by the White Walkers to wipe out humanity shaped a separate battle. Beginning past the Wall, the White Walkers got here south from the Land of Always Winter, killing Wildlings or forcing them to unite underneath Mance Rayder’s banner.

After defeating Rayder’s military, Jon Snow started to guide the battle towards the White Walkers, hoping to unite the Wildlings with the opposite individuals of Westeros. After a number of battles at Hardhome, the Land of Always Winter, and Last Hearth, the White Walkers have been stopped at Winterfell. The North, Vale, Ironborn, Wildlings, and Targaryen forces got here collectively to carry them off, and Arya Stark slew the Night King.

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