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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been pitted against some of pop culture’s most terrifying adversaries for as long as they have existed. Even though the Foot Clan and Shredder may be well-known, the Turtles’ other terrifying foes have had an equal impact.

The terrifying yet little General Krang is a prime example of this, which makes it all the more stunning that his rule has ended horribly practically as soon as he returned to claim it. Moments after Krang arrives on Burnow Island in his brand-new mechanical form, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game #5 (by Tom Waltz, Vincenzo Federici, Alex Sanchez, Matt Herms, Heather Breckel, and Shawn Lee) picks up.

The battle soon turns in the more seasoned and vengeful Krang’s favour, but it can also change just as quickly when the unwary Kleve seizes the chance to complete what Ch’rell could not. Kleve eliminates Krang’s power over the Utroms on Earth with a single shot.

From his debut in the original 1987 animated series, Krang has been a mainstay of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. As the brains behind several genuinely huge conspiracies, not the least of which have focused on the equally enormous Technodrome Even now, Rat King has glanced towards the Technodrome, hoping to see the entire planet burn, while Krang has his sights set on utilising it to terraform Earth.

Any ambitions he may have had are obviously completely destroyed now that Krang is no longer involved. The Rat King will also need to change his own if he hopes to succeed in his diabolical mission.

Given how improbable it is that the Rat King will ever try to seize control of the Technodrome for himself, it is more likely that he will look for Ch’rell to take Krang’s place in the Armageddon Game given the connections the former Colonel has among them. But, there is absolutely no chance that Ch’rell would accept such a proposal, especially because he already has access to everything he could possibly need.

Ch’rell almost immediately launches his attack on the city where the rest of his foes are based, armed with an army of Triceraton-clad Utrom soldiers and all the resources Burnow Island has to offer. Even while time is swiftly running out, there is still a chance that the young Triceraton Seri may be able to mobilise her own people to the point that they can put an end to Ch’rell’s campaign of bloodshed.

The next Utrom invasion must be stopped before the Armageddon Game begins if the Turtles or anyone else is to stop it. The Turtles, Triceratons, and everyone else will be suffering from this transition of power inside the Utrom ranks for months, if not years, given that it simply doesn’t seem feasible. That is, unless Ch’rell’s strikes end the Earth before they do.


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