Eximius: Seize the Frontline - AXR Commander Guide and starter build order

By Tren

A fundamental information to AXR commander and a starter Construct order

Fundamentals of command

When beginning because the commander you’ll nonetheless spawn as an officer, to switch to command mode press “Q”.

This may shift you to the highest down command view and grant entry to the commander interface.

You’ll start each match with 6 Scouts(fundamental fight/help hybrid infantry) and three Demolishers(Fight/Anti construction infantry)

Any of those models can be utilized to seize Useful resource Factors(RP) and Victory Factors(VP)

Scouts are low-cost fight infantry that may achieve help talents reminiscent of scanner and mine clearing as soon as upgraded by way of the infantry tools improve.

Demolishers are low tier fight infantry with anti-structure demo packs, they are often upgraded at tier 2 with rocket launchers by way of the infantry tools improve.

If you’re enjoying with AI officers it is strongly recommended to not assign them infantry.

AXR infantry is fast to provide and comparatively low-cost, nevertheless they’ll solely be constructed by way of the HQ which will likely be busy developing buildings, unlocking unit upgrades and later developing automobiles so it’s best to maintain your HQ working consistently to keep away from getting caught waitng for the HQ construct queue to be clear.

to assist with managing your models and buildings I like to recommend utilizing the Ctrl teams(Ctrl+[1-9]) that is particularly helpful for managing your manufacturing buildings however is elective.

For controlling infantry you could have 2 choices

Transfer or Assault transfer

relying on which you give will change the models behaviour

Transfer orders will trigger the infantry to prioritise reaching the ordered location, ignoring cowl however firing on the transfer, that is greatest used to achieve a location or to hurry a enemy, however remember your infantry will go away themselves uncovered whereas on the transfer.

Assault transfer orders (“F” for Assault transfer orders) will trigger infantry to prioritise partaking enemies, in the event that they encounter an enemy they may cease their transfer order and discover cowl or assault these enemies, that is higher to keep away from over extending into enemy forces or holding at lengthy vary.

Financial system

Commanders have 3 sources to work with

Credit – Core useful resource used for many purchases

Energy – Tech sources used for analysis and superior models

Provides – Assist sources used for Name ins and particular tools

You’ll start the sport with 5000 credit, 1000 Energy and 0 Provides

You may enhance your useful resource revenue by capturing RPs throughout the map, every RP shows the related useful resource

Every Credit score RP offers +10 Credit

Every Energy RP offers +5 Energy

Every Provide RP offers +5 Provides

All + values are supplied per second

Any locked down RP offers double useful resource revenue, RPs may be locked down by ordering a MULE to lockdown the RP (500 credit and 500 energy) or by deploying a Energy Reactor close to to a RP.

Along with capturing RPs you’ll be able to enhance your Energy revenue by developing Energy reactors(1400 credit), chances are you’ll assemble a most of 4, every one generates +3 Energy or +6 if deployed close to to an RP, the Reactor will glow white whether it is in vary whereas deployed(just one reactor per RP).

AXR are an influence dependant faction, needing it for each their tech and devoted fight models, Ironguards.

When you have locked down half the RPs you’ll find you can’t spend your Credit quick sufficient to maintain up with revenue.

Don’t be disheartened, however each time your HQ shouldn’t be busy constructing queue scouts to utilize the spare credit.

as a rule you’ll be able to afford to unlock a significant tech with round 2000 energy and is a greater metric for monitoring your useful resource administration.

Provides are associated to highly effective help powers.

Starter Construct order

Entry the HQ and order MULE>Energy Reactor>Energy reactor

Place the Energy reactors in your 2 closest/most secure RPs

order your Scouts and demolishers to seize RPs, with the primary order given for the closest energy RP

Order your MULE to the Energy RP and order it to lockdown the RP as quickly as it’s captured

As quickly as you could have 1000 energy order the fabricator out of your HQ

Order the HQ to Construct 5 scouts after which construct 2 extra Energy reactors, should you can not discover protected areas to set them up set them up inside your base partitions

As quickly as you could have 2000 energy construct the analysis module and place it inside your base partitions

From right here you could have 3 improve choices for the analysis module

  • Robotics computing module – Unlocks Knight Ironguards(Generalist Heavy infantry) and Heavy infantry upgrades
  • Mechanised computing module – Unlocks Sigma tank(Tank destroyer) and car upgrades
  • Tactical computing module – Unlocks Specialists/Templar(Elite infantry)

Nevertheless you might also select to delay this and concentrate on tier 2 with

Omicron tanks (generalist gentle tank)

Rook Ironguards (Anti-infantry Heavy infantry)

Demolisher AT weapon upgrades

being obtainable from the analysis module

The simplest to be taught is the Robotics and Ironguard as a consequence of their straight ahead AI and robust upgrades

Private strategies and suggestions

  • AXR HQ ought to be producing always
  • Ironguards have excessive DPS however a major reload time, so lone Ironguard are simply overwhelmed.
  • Ironguard have shorter view vary than infantry, be sure you preserve scouts close by to help
  • AXRs main restore instrument is the restore drone, it has a brief cooldown and low price, use them early and use them often
  • AXR models profit vastly from the well being upgrades on the HQ(particularly tier 3), however you’ll be able to’t afford all of them, solely get the upgrades you NEED.
  • AXR’s tankiest unit is the Ironguard Rook, if you want to maintain a place use them
  • Ironguard Knights dash when out of fight and makes them extraordinarily harmful when coming spherical corners
  • Omicrons are all spherical raiders however they have to be consistently micro’d and supported(restore drones)
  • Robotics divisions Ironguard cores are cheaper, quicker and decrease pop price than regular Ironguards at the price of harm and sturdiness, they make for excellent shocktroops to cost and overwhelm the enemy
  • should you want combating energy ASAP spam Demolishers, they’ve a really quick manufacturing time and when upgraded are in a position to threaten most targets(however they die actually quick)
  • Stealth division’s best asset is their phantom drones, remember stealthed models are solely detected when:
    -in shut proximity
    -In sight vary of Level defence turrets

    This implies you’ll be able to kill enemy models with out being seen by way of ambushes(sure, you’ll be able to shoot with out being noticed)

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